[A Smallanyana Thread]
Ministering Spirits:

- Beings that attend to the needs of who they are assigned to.
- Beings that administer sacraments that connect mankind to the Creator.
- Beings assigned to teach, give advice to, warn of impending danger, protect and fight for the one they are assigned to.
Ministering Spirits:-

Also called "Izithunywa ZoMdali"/ "Izinthunywa ZikaMenzi"/ "Izithunywa ZokuKhanya"
Monitoring Spirits:

- Beings assigned to monitor the conduct and behaviour of the one they are assigned to, to listen in on the conversations and to document the hidden secrets of the one they are assigned to.
- Beings assigned to observe and report to the next rank of beings whose purpose is to torment the ones they are assigned to.
- Beings assigned to uphold covenants and contracts, especially in families and bloodlines.
Monitoring Spirits:-

Also known as "Izithunywa ZobuMnyama"/ "Imimoya Yobumnyama"/ "Imimoya Emibi"
The ministering spirits, serve in and under the Kingdom of the Creator. These Beings sole purpose is to serve Mankind, and the needs of Mankind.
Serving Mankind doesn’t necessarily mean they serve one’s personal needs, but one may be used to be the bridge to fulfilling someone else’s needs.
They also protect us from Monitoring Spirits, but this also depends solely on us as human beings and what we expose ourselves to because our actions and decisions give legal ground to spirits to bind us – sometimes in chains that might take a long time to break.
Monitoring Spirits are laser-focused on their mandate, to destabilize mankind and give power to the Kingdoms of Darkness. To open portals for spirits to function in this realm (the material).
Monitoring Spirits at times work with people to fulfill their mandate. These are people who have pledged allegiance to the Kingdoms of Darkness and the destruction of order to mankind.
Monitoring Spirits are data collectors, they collect receipts on you. They record and store moments to be used later against an individual.
The war between Ministering Spirits and Monitoring Spirits is well documented across most religious belief and global spiritual system. They are called by different names according to the part of the world one is in.
The Nguni refer to them as “Izithunywa”, which simply means the “Messengers”. The term “messenger” doesn’t only allude to the Light, but it also alludes to Evil. What defines these Beings is which Kingdoms they serve.
In February, I deep an extensive teaching on Angels, Izithunywa. Below is a link to an introduction to that teaching 🙏

Niphile Bomakhi 🙏🧡👑 Ukukhanya nokuthula kubenani.

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25 Aug

[A Smallanyana Thread]
Growing up ekasi, the Lord's Prayer was the first prayer I was taught at home then went on to recite it every morning at school assembly. There was nothing much really to this prayer, just another prayer my mother taught me (or so I thought).
I started to be more analytical of prayers I was taught as a child as I grew older.

Words have the power to free or to bind, even when we plead ignorance.

There was something more to this prayer, The Lord's Prayer, that was liberating.
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17 Aug

[A Smallanyana Thread]


The PROCESS, the JOURNEY to becoming sound or healthy again. Usually requires consistent physical care, a physical and spiritual awareness in guarding thoughts and actions, and "medication" that assist the system to get back to optimum function.
Seasons: (In the context of this teaching)

Just like there's 4 divisions of the year (winter, autumn, spring, and summer) marked by particular weather patterns resulting from the earth's changing position with the sun - so is our life patterns.
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3 Aug

[A Smallanyana Thread]
Promise: a declaration or assurance that one will do something or that a particular thing will happen

Vow: a solemn promise (made with deep sincerity)

Covenant: Agree by lease, deed, or other legal contract. Also characterised by sealing with blood making it irreversible.
Words that come out of our mouth are a binding force that can either propel us forward or pull us deep into muddy waters. It is this very truth that should render us a people who do not take their own words lightly.
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26 Jun

[A Smallanyana Thread] 📖
Humans aren't just creatures of habit, but of order as well (of course "order" being interpreted as per individual, because what is orderly to me might not be for the next person).

Most prefer the routine of religion, in their variety thereof, because of the certainty it gives.
You go to a congregation at least once a week. You are taught by an ordained minister, in whom trust has been put to be able to lead the "flock" to pasture. You study from the preferred Holy Book of your religion.

It's a life-long "school system" that has stood firmly.
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15 Jun

[A Smallanyana Thread]
Many things have been said about Angels from various other sources, and in our previous threads we extensively covered the different dimensions of Angels and their relation to us, human beings.
Angels are the Almighty's Messengers. In all Biblical Scriptures, The Torah, the Qur'an, and teachings from religions of African descent it is clear that uNkulunkulu uses Izingelosi/ Izithunywa zakhe to answer our prayers, to deliver our blessings, healing, deliverance, etc.
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10 Jun
PROPHECY: Go Deeeeeeper? 👀

[A Smallanyana Thread] 📖
Prophecy in its true essence is a Word from uMvelingqangi given to an appointed prophet through their "angels" meant for edification, a fore-warning, a negotiation with a people/ community/ nation, an announcement of a life altering event for an individual or a nation.
The Source of true and genuine Prophecy is the Almighty BUT all kingdoms have their "gods" and the people that serve in those kingdoms hear from the messengers/ izithunywa sent to them by those gods.
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