· 13 Mistakes That Make You Look Weak And Less Attractive ·

[And how to fix them]

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A lot of men don't realize the mistakes they do that make them look weak.

And when a man looks weak he immediately looks less attractive which won't help with the ladies.

And these are the most common mistakes men do 👇🏼
1] Soft Voice

When you're talking with a soft, silent voice you're losing your masculine side.

You also look and sound like there's no confidence in you which is repulsive to her.

Work on your voice - don't allow it to make you look weak.

Speak up!
2] Fear

Every man has fears - weak ones are showing them while strong ones are working on them quietly.

No woman will feel safe with you once she sees your fears.

How to fix this? Face your fears.

3] Bad Posture

This doesn't look important but it is.

A lot of handsome men lose their attractiveness just because of their bad posture.

Workout and find the best exercises which will help you to straighten your back.
4] Bad Eye Contact

A woman can feel your dominance through eye contact.

She will even test you by holding long eye contact with you - if you remove your eyes, you failed.

Don't be afraid to hold long eye contact.

The key is to not quit first.
5] Look Down

When you're walking, talking with someone, crossing the street... Don't look down like you're struggling with confidence and depression.

Always have your head up - walk proudly and don't be afraid to show your confidence.
6] Lose Clothes

A lot of men are hiding their good looking bodies behind baggy clothes.

You think you do, but you don't look good in it.

Find yourself a fitting style that will point out your muscles and not hide them.
7] Making Fun

Don't make fun of others - you're acting like a child.

Joke and tease your girlfriend/friends in front of them when you are hanging out.

That's how you "make fun of someone properly" - you do it in front of them and not behind their back like a weak person.
8] Weak Handshake

You can judge a man just by his handshake.

It's always good to feel strength through it - it tells you a lot about someone.

Even women like to feel a firm handshake by a man - she immediately has some respect for him.
9] Bad Walk

If you're a man and you walk like a woman - you will lose respect.

Don't do any ladylike walk, especially if you're jacked - no one will take you seriously.

Walk with confidence, like you're the biggest egoistic guy on the planet.

And you'll see all the respect.
10] Give "Réumé"

A weak man will try to make someone like him - he'll fake himself just to be "approved".

Don't do this, especially not with women.

She’ll have a low opinion of you and no respect.

She would rather want to make you like her - and not the opposite.
11] Indecisive

Weak man's words:

"Whatever you want"
"Wherever you want to go"
"Do you want to...?"

Strong man's words:

"We're going to..."
"Let's grab a dinner..."
"Wear a red dress and be ready at..."
12] Masculinity

No masculinity, no muscles, no strength.

Your masculinity is giving you strength - so EMBRACE it.

If you want to be weak as a woman - become feminine.

Workout, have a good posture, deep loud voice, a good style, and high confidence.
13] Neediness

The worst thing you can do is show a woman you NEED her.

Remember; she wants to feel WANTED.

Out of all women you chose her, you wanted her.

A weak man is needy.

A strong man can control himself.
Thank you for reading!

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