Political Analysis: Chris Christie is maneuvering. His speech was a type of public pondering; a question, deployed like a fisherman’s net, hoping to scoop up affirmation to the great question at hand. Should Christie mount a second Presidential campaign. All campaigns are rooted
in a theory of the case. Sometimes that foundation is set in concrete and other times a soft sand. Put aside the criticism of the various absurdities captured by @amandacarpenter and others and look squarely at Christie’s strategic calculus. He will draw the line at the
Insurrection and the generalized insanity that is the default setting of the Trump led movement. From that spot, Christie is betting there is a GOP market for a tamer Trump. Him. Original recipe if you will. This belief is predicated on the idea that what will follow Trump will
be an echo as opposed to an amplification. I think that is unlikely to happen. Timing is an under appreciated virtue in politics. There was a moment where Christie could have become the GOP nominee in 2012. It passed. Ten years on the GOP is a cult of personality
teeming with extremism, racism, malice, conspiracy theories, cranks, violence, fascists, militias and misinformation. It is the singularly greatest driver of American weakness and division. It’s nativism, ignorance and hysteria have had a profoundly terrible effect on the
country and are at the core of a historic disaster that has killed hundreds of thousands unnecessarily. America’s faith and belief in democracy has been poisoned by Trump’s lies and the repetition of them by a thousand lesser liars. The extremists are emboldened, advancing and
raising record amounts of money. They have succeeded in the first wave of assault against voting rights with hundreds of pieces of legislation advancing and passing, obliterated abortion rights, mainstreamed the big lie, whitewashed 1/6, and constructed an alternate reality
while the redistricting maps end the Democratic Majority before the first vote is cast. Christie, seems to have forgotten another lesson about Trump’s rise from 2015-2016. Roger Ailes was the King. Presidential wannabes quaked at his disapproval and groveled for his favor.
Trump basically told him to go Fuck himself and rolled over Fox News. The King is dead. Long live the King. There is no way around Trump for Christie. His speech seems predicated on the idea that either his audience is too stupid to know who he is talking about and will grow
with enthusiasm for the Christie cause as it slowly reveals itself,(hey, it works for the Scientologists) or there is some type of reverence and hushed sensibility about saying the names of the people out loud who are the architects, perpetrators and chief threats today of the
misdeeds the former Governor is warning about. Either way it all leaves behind a thin gruel. Choices in our life cannot be undone. Christie’s 30 minutes of idolatry, standing behind Trump as he raged, ranted and raved, with a gaze that matched Nancy’s in intensity of affection
will pay no dividends other than as a reminder of what happens when politics warps people.

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15 Sep
During the last 20 years, starting with CIA Officer, Johnny Micheal Spann, the first American killed in combat in Afghanistan and including General Mark Milley’s fellow Green Berets who charged the Taliban on horseback, the United States has placed hundreds of thousands of young
Americans into impossible, treacherous and lethal circumstances. Mark Milley, a Princeton graduate who volunteered to serve his country in uniform has risen to the highest possible position in his chosen profession. He has commanded soldiers at every conceivable level, served 2/
in combat with valor and has never done one thing in 41 years of uniformed service that would lead any person of good faith and good will to question his honor, commitment to duty, probity, rectitude and loyalty to the United States. Yet, the General finds himself in an 3/
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During my political career I have had occasion to think a great deal about the elements that combine to create conventional wisdom, tribal responses and the type of media sorting around the dispositions and character of secondary actors like Pence. Since Trump is so odious, there
was always a ready audience to believe that Pence was better. Trump was an amoral stumblebum who found his way through instinct and the freedom that comes from being unmoored from any sense of common good, noble purpose, sense of ethics or weight of shame. His ignorance was
combined with a type of performative nihilism, neo fascist posing and combative idiocy that formed a cult of personality strong enough for 35 percent of the country to abandon faithfulness to the Republic. Pence is one of them. His cynicism exceeds even his extremism and
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The 43rd President of the United States of America stood on some of this nations most hallowed ground today, on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 atrocities, at the impact site of United 93, where we enshrine an act of American martyrdom, heroism, defiance, love, fierceness and
patriotism. He spoke important words. For as long as the United States endures as a free nation we must all remember the blood sacrifice made in a Pennsylvania field that saved the Capitol of the United States from annihilation on 9/11/01. At this spot, lives of ordinary
Americans ended in an instant, after a vote, a charge, a death struggle and victory. In that instant, forever, that soil became part of a story made sacred by the ultimate sacrifice and act of love one human may ever offer another. Each life sacrificed saved not just countless
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“Times they are a changing’” Robert E. Lee became an American when I was four years old on August 5th, 1975. Upon being made an American for a second time, through the restoration of the birthright he repudiated with treason ,105 years after his death, President Ford said this 👇
“ General Lee’s character has been an example to succeeding generations, making the restoration of his citizenship an event in which every American can take pride”. The removal of the Lee statue from Monument Blvd isn’t an erasure of history. It is a remembrance of it. We have
arrived at a settling of the record. When the cornerstone for the monument was laid Col. Charles Marshall, a Lee adjutant said Lee was a defender of the Constitution and the Union as it was before Lincoln destroyed it. He also spoke at the dedication of Grant’s monument in
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.@EdwardGLuce should be a regular must read for any person interested in the qualities of sobriety, thoughtfulness, historical perspective, honesty and common sense in the commentary surrounding our tumultuous times. Much of the political media covers politics with the
breathlessness of an X games commentator fresh from the student radio station. The overall effect is to create a type of undertow, a rip tide that pulls the whole of the population towards stupid. That’s unfortunate and frankly unsolvable but the good news is that it remains
relatively low on the list of escalating National crisis. All Presidents are tested by crisis and the accumulation of events. The American Presidency is a character test. It reveals its occupants fully. For example, some say the President is stubborn. What will be revealed
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Did a walk about around one of the prettiest cities in North America today. 1/
walked by the US Embassy and saw this memorial plaque commemorating the friendship and gratitude of the American people for the great kindnesses and decency shown by the Canadian people on 9/11/01. (2)
Also walked by the Saudi Embassy and took this picture 👇Amazing! A literal ray of light. A beam. Maybe it’s a sign that after 20 years and the end of the Afghan War, the American people and 9/11 families deserve the declassification of all information around Saudi involvement.
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