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Xinjiang, a place with tremendous potential, yet underdeveloped, and burdened with multiple problems.
An autonomous territory of PRC, with area of approximately 1.665 million km²
(About 2,560 Singapore), it is the largest province in PRC and has a population of ard 25 mil.
Natural Resource in Xinjiang from in.china-embassy.org/eng/ssygd/xbdk…
Xinjiang has abundance of resources, but despite that, it was underdeveloped. During late 70s, China although was focused on development, it had to start with near sea areas, eg, Guangdong, Fujian.. cont
as Import/Export, Manufacturing has to be prioritised. These are driving tools to kick-start the economy. Inland areas, thus, will have to take a back seat. Xinjiang, due to its geographical reason, is one of the later place to be developed.
Strains from poverty had already started to show in the 80s. When one can't fulfil one's basic needs, one is easily radicalised. This is common in the global south, including XJ esp due to it proximity to areas that have extremists.
There are terror attacks by extremists, as early as in the 90s till as recent as 2016.
As radicalisation on innocent people by extremists exist, and there were plans to develop Xinjiang, what any sensible Gov will do, is to ensure elimination of radical ideas, and at the same to train/educate the population so that they will ready for the opportunities.
These took place almost simultaneously. Subject matter experts were brought in from developed provinces to help start the development. It make sense, as it minimised the need foreigners. And that explains the increase of other ethnicities in Xinjiang, esp Han Chinese.
"Concentration Camps" that MSM always talked about, are nothing more than a combination of deradicalisation or radicalisation prevention centers + vocational institutes. Why separate when they can be combined to save time and resource?
Mind, these are for adults who need jobs.
It is easy for any nation to mandate education for children. But what about adults? They often need to pay if they want to upgrade themselves. Yet at that juncture, Xinjiang needed the locals to be skilled and educated for jobs that were going to be available, in their homeland.
You may not like it, but they need it. And a certain level of mandatory measures were needed. China is unlike US, where they will just leave the people homeless. They are like Singapore, where everyone will have a roof over their heads. Teaching how to fish beats giving a fish
Facilitating re-education, and deradicalisation require lots of effort, time, and money. And thus, @WorldBank was involved.
"The development objective of the Xinjiang Technical and Vocational Education and Training Project for China is to improve the quality and relevance of project schools to produce students’ skills that respond to the labor market demand in Xinjiang"
Of course, we don't deny there are prisons for serious extremists. But which nation doesn't have?
Below is the deradicalization program of Indonesia.
With all this considerations, re-education programs in PRC makes more sense and is more humane and any other deradicalisation program in other parts of the world. It comprises of so many needs that people of Xinjiang needed. Not just Uyghurs. But Xinjiang locals, Chinese citizen
My laziness got the better of me.
This tweet is to say my thoughts. Not to educate. Please feel free to rant with me. 曱甴 and Fake Yogurts from East Turdshitstan can fuck off though.
As usual, this is my favourite tweet from @ComradeMeowgo , showing how normal working in Xinjiang is, as in any developed cities.

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