Really want to emphasize this part for users of *all* platforms:

"Pegasus can turn on a user’s camera & microphone, record messages, texts, emails, calls—even those sent via encrypted messaging & phone apps like Signal—& send them back to NSO’s clients"…
This particular exploit is iPhone-based, but it's so important that activists/organizers understand that even if you're using a "secure" encrypted chat, your security is only as good as your overall operating system (and your personal/group op-sec).
End-to-end encryption is just that-- end to end.

No matter how secure the encryption is relaying the message between devices, that encryption is not going to protect you once it reaches your end (or the end of the person you're communicating with).
That can be as simple as a cop reading through your group chat when your phone is seized, or as complex as a program designed to read and transmit your messages to an outside agency/group/government once they're recieved.
As a rule of thumb, just don't transmit stuff you can't afford to have law enforcement see.

Think of encryption as a delay tactic-- use it, sure, but use it assuming cops will see your stuff eventually.

The advantage is, they hopefully won't see it instantaneously.
Hopefully is the key word, though.

You just don't know.

Assume that if it's enough of a priority, they will access it, sooner or later.

Hope for "later," but don't count on it.

• • •

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2 Sep
Have you figured out that we live in a patriarchal, white supremacist country yet?

And that wealthy capitalists are pretty much fine letting the people saying the quiet parts loud take over, just as long as it doesn't interfere with profits?
Have you figured out that our entire economy was literally built around extracting unpaid labor from women and non-white folks?

That the more fascists strip women and non-white folks of economic & bodily autonomy, the easier it is to extract un- and under-paid labor for profit?
Have you figured out that fascism is built around the political equivalent of breaking the game of democracy, exploiting the freedoms it allows as a means to an end of the elimination of freedom?

Have you figured out that fascism enlists capitalists to help break the game?
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1 Sep
Everyone shut up about Jill Stein already 2021 challenge
If your mega-funded mega-establishment candidate who entered the race with every possible advantage and you're trying to blame a fringe third party candidate for her loss, you're telling on yourself/her

And if you're *still* defending Jill Stein at this point, what why stop
HRC ran a bad campaign with a shitty platform & arrogantly ignored the grassroots and labor voices on the ground in particular

Jill Stein is an unserious person who casually flirts with disinfo discourse for clout

Stop stanning politicians, especially these two
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30 Aug
Trying to put my finger on why this comic bothers me so much.

What irks me, I think, is that misses the "how."

Yes, GOP complicity/corporate $ enabled the rise of popular disinfo culture.

But the "how" is as important, and that "how" is exploiting existing white supremacy.
It feels a lot like an exercise in externalizing blame.

It wasn't just the GOP and corporations tolerating structural racism and treating organized white supremacist extremism like an exception and a novelty rather than a logical extension of US political culture.
Yes, corporations and the GOP and the far right exploited that reality, but Dems and the rest of us enabled them by allowing that reality to exist unchallenged.

And when you let a political reality based on lies stand, you create a breeding ground for disinformation.
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30 Aug
And like, not just self-styled ones.

The paid folks, too.

When I was working in labor justice organizing, high level national staffers for climate justice orgs would be like, "well workers in [energy industry] don't deserve to feed their families, they made a deal w the devil"
You could say, well, I organize with some of those workers, the devil was the only one in town paying a living wage.

And they'd say it didn't matter.

They didn't deserve to be able to pay their kids' dental bills or whatever.
Seriously, this was a high level national staffer for one of the most prominent climate justice orgs in the country.
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26 Aug
I have so many questions, many of them mechanical
Did it work
Did it backfire like a faulty weapon
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23 Aug
I will never forget the two young white women who came up to a mostly-Black BLM splinter march last year and told everyone we needed to go to Art Museum area "to defend Black people getting attacked" and led us straight into a police arrest chokehold.
Literally as we hit the arrest trap I watched one of those two women walk away down a side street unscathed and unbothered.

Police chased everyone else down, but not her.

The other woman wasn't on the arrestee bus, either.
I'd never seen them before, I've never seen them since.

I'm 100% convinced they were cops or working with the cops and were sent in to tell us "everyone's going here" so police could round us up like cattle.
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