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14 Sep, 10 tweets, 2 min read
You know, Star Trek TV shows went on a long hiatus between the end of Enterprise and the start of Discovery, and one thing I now realize I didn't miss during that sad period was CONSTANT GEEK ARGUMENTS ABOUT HOW MUCH STAR TREK SHOWS SUCK
I haven't started watching any of the New Trek yet but from what I've heard, I should avoid:

Discovery, because it sucks/isn't trek
Picard, because it sucks/isn't trek
Lower Decks, because it sucks/isn't trek
And it's not looking good for the other two or three ones on the way
I'm pretty sure if I go spelunking in Google News, I'll find that also should avoid:
The animated series
And hell, the original series too, why not?
I've talked to all the fans (yes, all of then) and we've correlated all the opinions and it turns out the only good Trek was Star Trek: Shinsei Shinsei, the Star Trek Manga
Also by the way if you foolishly think TOS or TNG are good, you should know that:
1. The original version is terrible, the effects are horrible and dated, and
2. The updated version is horrible, the CGI ruins the vintage feel of the show
Fucking Star Trek. It ruined Star Trek!
I did see someone sat that the best new trek was The Orville, which... I don't know if it is or not, but it seems like the kind of opinion that is specially designed to get everyone on all sides to hate you.
Like how I like to say that between vi and emacs, my favorite text editor is sublime. No one likes that.
anyway since not enough people are mad at me for this thread, I'm just gonna say that ALL TREK SUCKS WATCH BABYLON FUCKING FIVE

• • •

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14 Sep
The telephone was invented around 1876 and in 145 years since we've managed to make it able to do anything but transmit the human voice
I ordered some sandwiches earlier and got two calls about how they are out of and would I like to swap it for another ingredient? they've got and, and some.
I have no idea what is missing, off which sandwich, and what they are going to replace it with. I couldn't hear that part. I repeatedly said I couldn't hear them and asked again, but I didn't hear the responses
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14 Sep
honestly the best, perhaps only, way I've found to manage having multiple bluetooth devices and a single pair of headphones that talks to all of them?

I turn off bluetooth on all the devices I don't want to use.
like I need to get in on a work call?
KVM to my home computer: bluetooth, off.
pick up my phone: bluetooth, off (WARNING YOU MAY NOW GET THE VIRUS)
pick up my work phone: bluetooth, off.
this is slightly annoying. but it seems to be the most reliable way
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14 Sep
Sublime Text: perhaps the only program that lets you easily unlicense it, for some reason.
are you tired of having the commercial version?
do you miss the "hey register this please" nag popups?
(the real reason you might need this feature, and why I just used it, is that if you need to upgrade your license you unlicense it first)
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14 Sep
the internet is too small.
I was trying to find an image of a line from Red Dwarf: "Don't give me that Star Trek shit, it's too early in the morning!" and I google image searched (part of it), and got this result. Why is this annoying?
this image.
You see how it's got kinda ugly weird borders on the Impact font?

Yeah that's because I didn't have photoshop at the time and was making all my memes in Inkscape.
IN, LIKE, 2006. FOR 4CHAN.
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14 Sep
it was suggested that I should add the Hilton Hotels Training Game to the death generator so I went and go it and it's a bit... wow.
this is the most game
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14 Sep
So for Keyboards 4.0 we're dropping all the locks. No scroll, num, or caps lock.
You want to talk in uppercase? You hold shift. You want to break your numpad? Too bad. You use Excel and think you need scroll lock? OUT!

So what 3 emojis/other unicode do we get keys for instead?
My personal vote is ❤️💾🎶
But that's mainly because emoji support for 🏳️‍⚧️ is very inconsistent. (Twitter implemented it based on a draft, I believe)
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