Paizo has a well-earned reputation for inclusion in mainstream tabletop. And all that is 100% the hard work of ground-level folks: developers, freelancers, and especially editors.
Management views... well, the president still refers to gay employees as "little f*ggots"
That isn't to say "don't buy their books and don't play their games." All companies are like families: some good people doing their best, some awful people usually in positions of power, a creepy uncle or two.
And the ground-level people are there because of a genuine LOVE of gaming and community-building. I am not exaggerating much when I say almost any Paizo employee could get a better salary working Fast Food.
If you do interact with them, make your feelings clear: That you buy Pathfinder or Starfinder BECAUSE the queer and racial and accessible content is important to you, and that you want their employees to be treated better
Some of my favorite people in the world still work at Paizo.
But some of my other favorite people don't, because they got forced out for being uppity, or because they burned out fighting their managers, or burned out having to constantly work extra freelance to pay rent.

• • •

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12 Mar
Cis women who complain that trans women’s narratives often sound like sanitized stereotypes of womanhood seem to ignore the fact that 1) society barely tolerates anything but sanitized womanhood even from cis women, and 2) they eagerly dogpile every messy account of transition
You want to know why the stereotypes of trans women are girly girls who check all the “woman stereotype” boxes?
Because until maybe 15 years ago, if we didn’t demonstrate all that shallow bullshit to male gatekeepers, WE WEREN’T ALLOWED TO TRANSITION!
By the time we got our letters, got our hormones, & got our surgery and didn’t need to conform anymore, cis people stopped paying attention b/c we had passed that entertaining disaster stage. Every watched while we held our breath and no one looked when we were allowed to breath
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12 Feb
UK transphobes are in the news again fighting against trans rights and access to healthcare and safety after last year's decimation of self-ID, which would allow trans people to change their legal documents w/o a humiliating review by a panel of cis people…
Now they're targeting both minor access to transition care and informed consent to medical assistance, making it harder to exist at all as a trans person.
For those who don't know, informed consent is the system where you tell someone about the medical condition they have & medications to treat it, & let them decide how to approach their treatment. It's very accessible & become the defacto method of transition the past 15-20 years
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7 Nov 20
With the Biden/Harris win, I see a lot of trans people parroting the same misinformation campaign about Kamala Harris, claiming she argued to house trans women in men's prisons as CA attorney general.

This isn't true. The truth is, like the truth always is, more complicated...
First, the headline: No, Kamala Harris did not argue to imprison trans women in men's prisons. They were already in men's prisons.
It's been law in CA to house trans inmates based on their sex designated at birth, a law that only changed TWO MONTHS AGO.…
What Harris did was be attorney general while the state was arguing in court against two trans inmates having the GRS paid for by the state Department of Corrections inn 2015. Harris was not personally involved with the case but has accepted responsibility for it and apologized.
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6 Nov 20
One of the most difficult things the left is going to need to do—especially if we believe in restorative justice—is to shift our thinking on Trump voters from soulless monsters to be feared and mocked to seeing them as a deeply propagandized population of a rival state.
And no, that doesn't not mean we forgive everything, "reach across the aisle," and compromise on their wants. Because they don't know what they want. They've been conditioned for generations to be told what they want.

Right now they are dangerous.

But their agency is suspect.
And no, I'm also not saying they're innocent little woobies devoid of blame or accountability. That propaganda works because it prays on existing bigotries and fears.

But it's still propaganda. They've been heavily brainwashed from birth by their parents and schools and media.
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6 Nov 20
Okay, we have a new president. Now the hard work begins:
-Abolish the Electoral College
-Re-instate the Fairness Doctrine to kill propaganda networks
-Police Reform/Abolition
-COVID Relief
Start looking for local orgs pursuing these same goals and ask how you can get involved.

Call your (new) Senators and Reps. Write Biden and Harris.

If you have media connections, start working them
Remember the Republicans got where they are TODAY by starting 40 years ago, building up propaganda networks and brainwashing voters, working local elections so they could control election boards and district maps.

None of the problems of the last 4 years will be fixed overnight
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26 Sep 20
Okay, real talk:
It looks like things are going to get really bad for minorities in the near future, and they probably won't get better for a while.

It's easy to give up all hope, so lets talk honestly about what's coming and what we can do to survive.
A lot of queers who only came out in the last 10-15 years have never dealt with the kind of world that's coming, and it can look hopeless staring down the gun at civil rights rollbacks. And I won't lie: it's really, really gonna hurt.

But our community can survive.
I transitioned in a conservative backwater in the '90s. I endured discrimination, humiliation, violence, poverty, and sexual assault. I don't say that be be depressing, I say that because I survived hell thanks largely to the power of community and mutual support.
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