Take a look at this article, paying close attention to this part:

"A Twitter spokesperson said in a statement to The Washington Post on Tuesday that Minaj’s tweets were “not in violation of the Twitter Rules.”

What this should tell U is that the Washington Post & other media outlets tried to get Nicki Minaj banned from all her social media platforms. They go out of their way 2point out her platform with "millions of online followers." This shit is maddening.
Who dafuck is WaPost or any other mainstream media outlet 2get an artist shutdown on social media. This is about societal control. The media is dividing this country in a very sinister way. They expect celebrity& any other person of import w/a big following 2B on accord w/them.
The fact that U would go directly 2Twitter about something Nicki Minaj posted is absolutely deplorable & it shows U just how adamant mainstream media is about pushing vaccines on this society. Meanwhile, none of them hv yet 2report on Dr. Fauci's "untruthful testimony" 2Congress.
4yrs, a few networks hv controlled the flow of information in this country. W/the advent of the internet & social media, those days are long gone. There are youtube influencers w/more followers than TVpersonalities & people like Joy Reid are nothing in the grand scheme of things.
In my perfect world I would draw a line right down the middle of society b/t mainstream media & social media& anytime any1 crossed that line, I would smack dashit out of them. Stay in yo motherfucking lane. U are on television b/c U are a gatekeeper NOT b/c U care about people.
The internet is destroying gatekeepers. I'm glad Twitter had the gall to tell the WaPost 2shut dafuck up & stay out of grown folks business. Meanwhile, here's praying 2white Jesus that Joy Reids career crashes & implodes. Perhaps Guyana & Congo are hiring.

• • •

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16 Sep

Why does Joy Reid still have a job? For the same reason that Charlemagne the God still has a job. I am no fan of cancel culture, but I am always curious when some people manage to hold onto a job for the exact thing a ton of other people are fired for.
For instance, Joy Reid's past posts are filled with virulent homophobic remarks, but somehow she got by unscathed when the gay mafia has just about taken out everyone else. But why? How did Joy Reid survive something other people were destroyed for?
Or what about CharlemagneTG who essentially admitted live on air that he drugged&raped a woman Cosby style. Yet somehow da me2 mafia did not come 4him. But why? Why hv so many other men been destroyed over such accusations, but Charlemagne went unscathed?
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15 Sep
NickiMinaj did NOT say the Covid vaccines causes Orchitis or swollen testicles. She said her cousin experienced Orchitis immediately after taking 1 of the vaccines. There is no way that Dr. Sanjay Gupta can make any diagnosis on a patient he hasnt treated.
This is irresponsible both journalistically&medically. Allow me 2introduce U 2 the so-called "Goldwater Rule" which was developed by the American Psychiatric Association in response 2over 1,000 Psychiatrists becoming so politicized during the 1964 presidential election that they- Image
were making armchair mental diagnoses of Republican nominee Barry Goldwater despite him never being one of their patients. This rule prohibited psychiatrists, who are also medical doctors, from giving any professional opinion about a public figure they have NOT actually examined.
Read 8 tweets
15 Sep
See this shit? This is why I don't post on Facebook anymore. I knew it. I've seen celebrities & other people w/huge followings post all type of wild shit that NEVER GOT CENSORED, but my political commentary & civic education was routinely censored.
It got 2the point where FB was preventing my followers from sharing my content & in the aftermath of George Floyd protests, they were vigorously censoring Facebook Groups surrounding many of the posts on racism & white supremacy even when I was even paying them 4advertising!
Facebook would even overrule group moderators on groups the moderators founded. I discovered that even though a moderator approved a comment 4 posting, Facebook stepped in & blocked it. This shit was maddening. Put simply, Facebooks picks winners & losers, but NOT 4 celebrities.
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14 Sep
I've been arguing 4 sometime that da vaccinated are just as contagious if not more contagious than the unvaccinated. CDC has now confirmed that "vaccinated individuals infected w/da deltavariant may B able 2transmit the virus as easily as the unvaccinated"
This means that a healthy virusfree individual can be made more contagious simply by getting the vaccine. This is why the CDC has now done an about face instructing even the vaccinated 2wear masks but check out what theyre not arguing 4: QUARANTINE, which-
-could save more lives. Meanwhile, media outlets are still quiet about Dr. Fauci's "untruthful" testimony to Congress about Gain of Function research that purposely made coronaviruses more lethal. This is NOT conspiracy theory. Research this for yourself.
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13 Sep
I've said it b4 & I'll say it again: feminism & sexuality are white supremacy's biggest footholds in the black community. The closer black people get 2 wypipo, the more we mimic their values & principles. There is no black run country on Earth where this type shit is allowed. ImageImageImage
Put simply, integration fucked black people up. This is why I would have preferred "Separate but Equal," if in fact we were financially made equal through reparations. Desegregation meant white values being superimposed onto black people, shit I've always been against.
The more money black people get, the more celebritized they are, the closer their money & status allow them to increase their proximity to white people, the more epiphanies niggas start having about what is deemed fashionable, in style and exactly what is socially acceptable.
Read 7 tweets
11 Sep

So on da eve of ChrisWebber being inducted n2 the BasketballHallofFame, UnivofMichigan's AD claims Webber is lying? Fine. Juwan Howard should resign as head coach asap & no black basketball players should have shit to do w/UM from here on out.
I wish I had a brigade of Negroes willing 2move like Jewish people move thru da world. Dey stick 2gether& dont fuck w/nobody who fucks w/dey people. Not us. Well not most of the time. Once upon a time at the Univ. of Missouri, some Negro football players-
forced out a couple of white boys at da top of shit, but that's an isolated case. However, dem niggas made history and showed what black power looks like when black people truly stick together for a common cause. There needs 2 B waaay mo collabs like dis.
Read 25 tweets

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