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FDA Fiction — Fictional Approval of COVID-19 Vaccine

Many have correctly noticed, that the FDA has not approved any of the COVID-19 vaccines. All currently used Covid-19 vaccines are EUA.
2/ Ask those who say that Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine or its equivalent are approved:

Why would the FDA approve a vaccine not available or even known in the US instead of the same or equivalent one from Pfizer, which has been used for 9 months?
3/ The FDA letter contains a paragraph:

“Please submit final container samples... You may not distribute any lots of product until you receive a notification of release from the Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER).”

BioNTech will submit no samples.
4/ There is already a surplus of Pfizer’s product in the US, its manufacturing continues, and its EUA was re-issued on the same day. BioNTech has no intent to distribute COMIRNATY in the US.

Even if it submits samples, CBER Director Peter Marks would not give any release!
5/ He is not suicidal. It takes many years to approve a new vaccine. BioNTech/Pfizer submitted data for "up to six months."

Public concerns have been ignored
6/ The amount of positive evidence cannot justify approval of a douche!

The negative evidence is the height of Mount Everest!

The scientific method has been ignored
7/ The application was filed on May 18. Is 3 months period sufficient for approval? What has ever been approved in DC in 3 months?

The EUA is sufficient for manufacturing & distribution of the vaccines.

The only rationale for the FDA approval was to mandate them!
8/ So they resorted to the fictitious approval. Then the infamous Denise Hinton re-issued EUA to Pfizer.

This is illegal, too. EUA is issued only if there is no approved medicine or vaccine. Here, there is an (allegedly) approved vaccine which is exactly the same as Pfizer's!
This is a web of lies.

The locations & times are redacted from the published "approval letter"
@drsimonegold even COMIRNATY approval is fiction

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19 Aug
1/ Personal hygiene is important, especially in times of pandemic. We to clean our hands. We should clean our oral & nasal cavities, oro- & nasopharynx, too.

Povidone-Iodine can be used on all these surfaces. Listerine is for mouth rinsing & gargling.
2/ Mouth rinsing, gargling, and nasal irrigation with Povidone-Iodine (PVP-I) is safe and effective for prophylaxis, early treatment, and prevention of transmission of COVID-19.

It is not even repurposing. PVP-I has been used for decades as a broad-spectrum antiseptic.
3/ PVP-I is widely used in India to protect HCWs & patients against C19.

In a clinical trial, PVP-I prevented ~90% of #COVID19 hospitalizations and deaths.

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8 Aug

1/ Vaccinated persons might present a higher coronavirus transmission risk than unvaccinated persons.

C19 vaccines are injected intramuscularly to produce systemic immunity. They do not produce strong or lasting mucosal immunity.
2/ Exposure to the coronavirus produces both mucosal & systemic immunity even in asymptotic persons.

It was known from the start that the current COVID-19 vaccines do not provide sterilizing immunity.
3/ Now the rise of vaccine resistant & more infectious variants would created the problem of asymptomatic shedding from vaccinated persons.

This was confirmed by direct measurements (Chia et al. 2021).
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19 Jul 20
@kksheld RE: Apparent increase in C19 cases & hospitalizations

1/4 PCR tests show false positives when they detect harmless RNA fragments of the C19 virus, long after the person overcame C19. More testing & more post-C19 people => larger share of false positives.
2/4 Newer PCR tests are likely to be more sensitive. Thus, they are likely to give a larger share of false positives in persons who overcame C19, with or w/out symptoms.

The increase in C19 hospitalizations might be explained by more willingness to hospitalize C19 patients.
3/4 When hospitals are ordered to turn away non-emergency patients because C19, they fill in the empty beds with C19 patients.

Also, $GILD produced a lot of Remdesivir. It should be used on somebody, shouldn't it?
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16 Jun 20
Yes, #Hydroxychloroquine is the game changer against COVID-19!

On March 19, Trump "touted" it.

Doctors around the world started using it immediately.

Two weeks later, the global (outside of the US) COVID-19 mortality reached a plateau. Ten days later, it started to decline Image
In the US, seditious Democrat-Socialist governors (New York, Michigan, etc.) impeded access to Hydroxychloroquine, causing tens of thousands of deaths.

In late April, a few countries (UK, Canada, Sweden etc.) reduced or stopped the use of HCQ. They had higher #COVID19 mortality
Social distancing measures and the March lockdowns did play their role in the achieving mortality plateau and reversal, but Hydroxychloroquine was more important.
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5 Apr 20
Published on March 21: "Teva Pharmaceutical said Friday [March 20] that it will immediately donate more than 6 million doses of hydroxychloroquine ... Teva will donate the drug in sulfate tablets through wholesalers to hospitals across the U.S."
March 20: "Pharmaceutical company Bayer has responded to the ongoing outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus ... by donating millions of tablets of an anti-malarial drug that could be used to combat the disease to the United States government."
Other companies announce hydroxychloroquine (HCL) donations & production ramp up

March 24: @realDonaldTrump mentions HCL in a briefing

March 25: AMA issues a strong statement against prescribing HCL to #COVID19 patients under pretext of its shortage
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28 Feb 20
The business model of , , & is GULAG or worse.

They treat us not as customers, but as inmates. Instead of customer service, they have content moderators — the equivalent of prison guards, which is the most common job in these companies. Image
2/ Their focus is preventing us from saying or doing forbidden things. They also try to prevent the inmates from escaping. Their products are designed for addiction, but they also take hostages. One cannot leave if his friends are held by it.
3/ But they have erected the walls, too. & GOOGL banned @getongab from their online stores. They went as far as to collectively attack Mastodon & @fsf because they allow decentralized communities competing with
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