OT7 AU where the maknae is caught watching porn in the living room and the boys, instead of telling him to turn the TV off and go watch it alone in his room, sit next to him and...start discussing about porn videos and categories.

Shenanigans ensue.
Before we start:

- I'm writing on the spot, as always, so ignore typos and stuff ;-;

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- It's OT7, so, you know, tension. A lot of that.

Jungkook knows it’s a stupid idea.

It’s the most stupid idea he’s had in a long time, and one time he ate six cups of ramen in one sitting thinking he could finish them easily.
That decision though, that dumb idea he had one boring night, is nothing compared to what crosses his mind today. This is definitely the most stupid idea ever.

But still, he does it.
Unlocking his phone and sliding his thumb down on the top right corner of the screen, Jungkook presses on one of the many options and, a moment later, he’s sharing the screen of his phone with the TV. The one in the living room. The one all seven of them watch.
He does it quickly, feeling his heart beating faster as he opens the web browser and types the only thing he can think of right now.
Jungkook keeps his head down the whole time, eyes glued to the screen of his phone, going from one website to another, scrolling down different videos until he finds one that catches his attention.
Then, as he presses on the play button, he lifts his chin up and looks at the TV screen.

“Woah,” he says, and immediately swallows down. Jungkook checks his phone again, makes sure the quality of the video is the highest one available, and then looks back at the TV.
It’s stupid. Believe him, Jungkook knows this is stupid and nothing to be excited about, but /woah/.
It’s not the first time he’s watched porn. Over the past years, the maknae has visited many websites, he’s watched hundreds of videos (some of them good enough to download them or watch them for a second round), so doing this again...is nothing to be excited about.
It’s almost boring, even.

What’s so impressive about this is the size.

The size of the screen.
Jungkook watches videos on his phone most of the time. Sometimes on his laptop, when he wants to use both hands to make himself come. And he’s always appreciated the difference between those two devices. It’s always more...exciting, so to speak.
Jungkook can’t explain it. He simply likes it.
The idea of watching it on the TV they bought a few weeks ago started the same day they brought it home.
They all stayed around that day, watched a few movies together, a variety show. They talked about the resolution, the audio, stuff like that. They agreed it was good money spent, but all Jungkook could think about was staying home alone for a few hours so he could try something.
Simply curiosity, you could say. That’s what brings Jungkook today, here, with his phone next to him on the couch and a fucking porn video playing on their huge TV.
“Woah,” he repeats, distracted with the quality of the video. Then, blinking slowly, he pays attention to what he’s watching, and Jungkook quickly grabs the remote to turn the volume down a little bit.
It’s not too loud, but it’s… Well, it’s moans, wet noises and many curse words. It’s fucking porn, of course it’s loud.
/Now what/, he asks himself. Jungkook was curious about one thing, and he knows now. So what does he do next?
Does he stop? He doesn’t want to.
Does he keep watching this video? Maybe. He could do that. It’s one he’s sure he’s watched before, a couple of times, or maybe more, so he knows it’s good. It’s the type of video he knows he can jerk off to and it’s...it’s honestly interesting to watch it on TV.
The quality really is amazing. But he’s not sure. Jungkook is risking enough just watching it, and if he pulls his pants down now… Well, he can do it quickly. Jungkook knows he can. But a two minutes handjob right now? It doesn’t sound so fun.
Is he even turned on at all to do that? Well, he’s watching porn and his dick seems to be interested, so.

Yeah, he is turned on.
“Aish.” Jungkook lifts his hips a little, pulls his pants and underwear down and curls his fingers around his cock. It’s still soft, but he gives it a little stroke anyway.
Gently, with his eyes glued to the TV screen and licking his lips as he watches the blond man in the video get on his knees, and four other guys stand around him.
Wet, gagging sounds coming from the speakers fill the room, and Jungkook licks his lips again. He’s never given a blowjob before. He’s never had the chance.
The few men he hooked up with before came as soon as Jungkook tried to jerk them off, or they simply wouldn’t let him, getting on their knees instead. And Jungkook, distracted with a sloppy blowjob, never complained. But he’s still curious.
Looking at how easily the man on the screen deepthroats one of the guys before he pulls back and takes another dick in his mouth, he’s curious. Would he ever be able to do that? He’d love to try. It doesn’t seem easy at all, but he’d love to try.
The guy in the video (the one on his knees) looks small. Thin, small and flexible. And Jungkook can’t help but get jealous of him. He’s very flexible too, and he’s not exactly big. But Jungkook still is. Big arms, big thighs… Big everything.
He doubts anyone can easily wrap their arms around him, lift him up and throw him on the couch to get behind him a second later, and fuck him the way these guys are doing with the smaller one. Jungkook is too heavy for that.
He likes himself though. And the few guys he’s hooked up with (and, well, millions of people around the world who know about him) do too. He knows he’s hot. Jungkook knows how good and pretty his body is and he has no issue with that.
He just wishes, on moments like this, to be smaller. To be tiny. Just so a big man can do what these guys are doing to the cute blond one.
Jungkook’s dick twitches a little, more interested now, and he brings his hand up close to his mouth to spit on it. The blond man on the screen is moaning louder, repeating curse words as one of the guys makes him sit on his dick and fucks him faster, rougher.
The moans stop very quickly though, as the three other guys stand around him and fuck his mouth one after another. They’re not even a little bit gentle about it, pulling his hair, keeping his mouth open and slapping their dicks everywhere on his face.
They call him names, remind him how filthy he is, and Jungkook has to swallow down hard. He’s not the biggest fan of degradation, but he can see why the blond man likes it so much. He’s the center of attention, their little play toy they use however they want.
All the eyes are on him and he likes that.

Jungkook likes it too.
He starts with small, little strokes, with his eyes always on the screen. Jungkook doesn’t need to work too much to get himself hard. The video is...more than enough. But he wants to enjoy it a little longer.
He runs his fingers up and down, gives his cock a light squeeze and moves his thumb in little circles on the tip. It gets wet very quickly, and he can’t even try to be surprised. He likes what he’s watching.
The whole big screen thing and four guys railing the fuck out of a pretty blond man… He does. Jungkook likes it.
He watches these kinds of videos pretty often. More than any other category in all websites he can think of, this is what turns him on faster. It’s what he likes.
Jungkook’s breath hitches as one of the big guys holds the blond one in his arms and quickly lines himself up to fuck him that way. He opens his mouth, speeds up and almost moans when a second guy gets behind him and pushes his dick slowly inside, right next to the other.
The blond man’s face twists in pain for a moment, but it’s only that, a very little moment. The next few minutes, he moans and cries between them, mumbling something about how good it feels, how deep they are and how close he is to his orgasm.
Jungkook, with his cock twitching in his hand, is close too. A minute. Maybe two if he wants to last longer, but oh, he’s close. He keeps his eyes on the screen, not even blinking so he doesn’t miss the moment the pretty blond guy comes. He wants to come at the same time.
“What are you…” Jungkook, startled, with his cock still in hand, turns his head to his right to see Hoseok standing there, eyebrows raised and eyes on the maknae, then on the TV screen.
“Hyung?” It’s Jimin, coming right behind Hoseok. He stops too, looks at Jungkook, then the TV screen. A surprised laugh escapes his lips. “Woah, is that… /Oh/.”
Jungkook doesn’t know if he should pull up his pants first or turn off the TV. He doesn’t know anything. He stays there for a minute too long, feeling like his heart is about to explode.

Oh, this is fucking embarrassing.

• • •

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