I'm just now getting to reading the new info from Peril re: Milley, etc.

Sometimes I hate being right.

We were a handful of people choosing to do the right thing away from all of this going down the drain.

And I deeply hope I'm wrong, but I can't argue with the conclusion that things could easily get worse. We can't even do basic public health messaging in this country without it becoming a cage match to the death (quite literally) between sides.
This is why hyperpartisan messaging of any type bothers me. Don't get me wrong, one side is decidedly going down a much, much worse route. But anything that sows & encourages division and us vs. them thinking just hits me as very unhelpful for our long-term survival as a country.
I don't have any magical answers, though, and I do see why the divisive things are out there.

I'm just expressing how it hits me. I get tired of it all.

• • •

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13 Sep
Apropos of this thread, here's a short thread illustrating how little control you have over your own image.
A few years ago, I was approached by a book author who wanted a headshot for inclusion in their book. I didn't see the point & politely declined.

A little while later, the author came back and said they & editor thought it was needed - in part to have a female represented. I just really didn't want to have a headshot published, so I politely stuck to my position.
Next email is the author emailing back, with an unflattering screen capture attached from a public talk I did that was posted to YouTube, saying this talk is public and they will use this image with or without my permission, but still want my permission.
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13 Sep
This is genuinely terrifying. Women are already targeted for online harassment, and professionals are expected to have photos up. I've had my headshot photoshopped into a gas chamber and other disturbing things.

The additional problem with porn fakes is that it could cost women their livelihood (while gas chamber photos are demonstrably false) if women aren't believed when they are targeted.

Women are often not believed when they are targeted. Institutions are set up to NOT believe us.
And unlike white men who *actually* masturbate on zoom calls, we're less likely to get hired right back after having fake porn disseminated.

So yeah. This is really bad unless there are major adjustments in how society views & reacts to things. (I don't think there will be.)
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10 Sep
I went to CVS this morning to get a prescription and a flu shot. While I was waiting, I saw first-hand the work pharmacists are doing to get anxious people across the COVID vaccination line. These people are heroes, y'all. It takes whole villages. 1/7
While I was waiting, the woman (over 65, Black, so definitely in demos we need vaccinated!) was clearly very anxious and the pharmacist was talking her through the paperwork. The pharmacist is also a Black woman, so I'd imagine that representation mattered too.
And then she said yes.

When it came to the final "yes" the woman prayed out loud to Jesus "let whatever needs to happen, happen" And said yes. But then there was a bit of a wait - the pharmacist was REALLY slammed. (pharma told me later she had a tech out today)
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9 Sep
I'm likely to regret diving into this, but Jessica is talking about living in Leon County, Texas - which is the same place I grew up and talk about in my recent @FiveThirtyEight piece, so I obviously have THOUGHTS.


Some of Jessica's points are similar to what I'm trying to communicate - the vast majority of the people who talk about groups/areas have no idea what those lives are actually like. Everything Jessica has said about Oakwood is true (it's about 15 mi from Buffalo, my town).
A few examples from my end: My high school typing class - IN 1999! - was taught on 1970s typewriters. White-out and all.
In 2000, we had ONE computer lab for the entire school. A few teachers had a single computer in their room. High school, folks.
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31 Jul
This is a good review from @GallupNews ... but it's really weird to mention other studies without linking back to them (while linking back to all of your own stuff).

@GallupNews Like, obviously we all want to increase traffic to our own work, but if you're going to cite others, you should link to it!
The PRRI/IFYC survey cited is here:


And the full WSJ article on white evangelicals is here:
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8 Jul
HUGE, HUGE data nerd alert! We @PRRIpoll released the first-ever "Census of American Religion" this morning. By combining data from 2013-2019, and doing small area estimation modeling, we have estimated religious affiliation for EVERY COUNTY in the U.S.!!

@PRRIpoll The report starts with an update of religion trends using 2020 data - notably, trends are shifting.

Unaffiliateds have leveled off, white mainline Protestants have ticked UP.
@PRRIpoll The second half of the report focuses in on individual religious groups by county. We identify the places with the most and least religious diversity. Give the maps a few seconds to load - then roll over to find your county!

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