"If you claim to be a liberal or leftist and you’re against free speech, you are the contrarian. If you claim to be a liberal or leftist and you insist that language and feelings are more important than material conditions, you are the hot take artist." freddiedeboer.substack.com/p/lets-take-th…
"... very little change is happening despite all the noise - which is of course an indictment of social justice politics, not a defense. That the woke are powerful enough to hurt but not powerful enough to help is precisely why our current condition is so untenable."
"I never advance any policies or political strategies that I don’t believe in. But I also think that “savvy” politics matter, if I’m understanding the term correctly, because the point of politics is to make material change in the world &you have to be savvy to be able to do so."
"So I am interested in what I think is right and also what I think is effective. The great frustration for me and others is that the space where we fight out what “the left” is going to be has recently instituted strict rules on what can and can’t be expressed."
"In the simplest sense, wokeness will lose because wokeness is extremely unpleasant for the vast majority of people; it empowers a small class of priests and puts everyone else under its thumb. That's not sustainable."

• • •

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11 Sep
OK, sometimes you guys have weirdly amazing hacks for problems. What do you do when you're besieged by noise in multi-unit housing? I already sleep with earplugs and head between two pillows, and a fan running.
But I'm not getting anywhere near enough sleep due to car alarms going off for hours in the dead of night (more than once), Paul Bunyan living upstairs (will feel bad if neighbor turns out to have two wooden legs and weighs 350# but...), and subwoofers.
Also have tried White Noise Generator app (but maybe there are better ones?), podcasts I've listened to a thousand times (Dan Carlin), and melatonin 😳
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10 Sep
This is exactly the convoluted, overly-clever twists and turns friends of mine who came out as trans took.
The harder it was for them to accept that they were "really trans," the more complicated the rationales, the longer the lists in favor and against, the more doubts and hesitations they experienced, the more convinced they became.
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9 Sep
Phobia indoctrination instills irrational fears in members of a controlling community and uses those fears to manipulate members, discouraging or preventing them from questioning the group's beliefs or leaving the group.
Here's what phobia indoctrination looks like in the trans community:
- Telling community members that anyone who questions gender identity or transition (even if from a place of genuine care and concern) hates them, 'denies their existence,' or even wants them dead.
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8 Sep
#TERFs is trending. So, for the curious, here's what it takes to become a #TERF. Ask a few questions, tug on a few loose threads, and voila, you're a TERF!
Yes, it really is that easy! Dig into one of the questions that's been nagging you (what does TWAW mean? if gender's fluid, why permanently medicalize gender-nonconforming kids?) and you can become a TERF before lunchtime today.
Contrary to popular belief, there's no need to be a right-wing reactionary. In fact, liberal women who've devoted decades of their lives to progressive causes like gay rights and environmental activism make the ideal #TERFs!
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7 Sep
Watching my friend transition has been sobering. My friend made up an entire backstory, so that if anybody ever asked about their childhood ​they wouldn't 'out' themselves by revealing anything that actually happened to them.
They cut off their breasts and wear lifts and use a stand-to-pee device. They sprinkle mildly misogynistic banter into water-cooler conversations to better blend in as your standard millennial tech bro.
They're thrilled when they 'pass' and crushed when they don't. They constantly adjust the way they stand and walk and hold their hands to appear more masculine, rather than just comfortably occupying space.
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