// omegaverse, consensual somno

omega SJ who just gets super sleepy during his heats, still goes to bed with pajamas on and everything, but he gives alphas NJ and JK permission to use him in his sleep.

"hyung," JK chokes out.

SJ's ears are red. "just be, ah, you know. nice."
he slicks up of course, responds to their touches and gets aroused in his sleep. but he can't be bothered to open his eyes even when he's drifting in and out, just hums or moans soft and high and lets them arrange his body how they want.

NJ and JK are so good to him, careful.
they unbutton his pajama top but don't take it off, just enough to play with his nipples, all sensitive and stiff. they take turns fucking him deep so their knots swell inside, instead of trying to force them in.

they kiss and nuzzle and SJ's pillowy lips stay pouted in sleep.
JK whines when he comes, NJ quietly growls. JK sucks SJ off while NJ eats him out, cleans their cum from him.

when SJ does stir awake, he's resting back against NJ's chest while JK slowly rocks into him, breath catching when SJ suddenly tightens up around his cock. "h- hyung."
"thirsty," SJ murmurs, so JK reaches for the water, letting NJ hold the bottle to SJ's lips even as JK continues to fuck him. "how long—"

"five or six hours," NJ says.

"ah, fuck. n- no wonder i'm so wet down there. NJ-ah, can we order food?"

NJ smiles down at SJ's puffy face.
"yeah, i will. do you want JK to stop?"

SJ looks down to where JK is kneeling between his thighs, his eyes wide, skin a little damp with sweat. SJ swallows.

"no, he can finish. almost done, baby?"

JK moans and with a few rough thrusts he's spilling inside SJ, falling forward.
SJ catches him with an 'oof,' rubbing over JK's back. "mm, good alpha. did you breed me full?"

"hyung," JK gasps out, hips jerking. the breeding talk gets him worked up more than anything.

"you're both my good boys, huh?" SJ glances up at NJ's face, smirking, and NJ blushes.

• • •

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13 Sep
// demons

SJ accidentally summoning demons TH + JK (he was trying a new recipe! it went v wrong!) & thinking "holy shit they're hot is this how i diе?? what a way to go"

but they're chill, they just eat all his food & ask him lots of questions & have no sense of personal space
they're more like his curious non-human dongsaengs than dangerously attractive immortal beings, to the point where it always startles SJ when they use their powers, when their eyes flash or JK suddenly pins SJ to the couch, growling into his neck, "sorry, hyung, your scent is..."
"my scent?"

"okay, like. i swear i'm not going to eat you—"

"it never gets less unnerving when you feel like you have to tell me that," SJ laughs awkwardly, and JK just blinks.

"but your human scent. it's so tasty, like, ah." JK buries his face back against SJ's neck, licking.
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13 Sep
every time i see that clip of tae watching jm rehearse filter..........

all i can think about is stripper jm dancing for shy birthday boy tae - his bright, bashful smile, his teeth sinking into his lip nervously, how fast his heart would be pounding when jm says he can touch
tae has no idea that jm is in shock over how handsome tae is - people don't just buy their extremely attractive friends lap dances??? jm almost feels shy himself, but he's good at hiding it, channeling that crush into showing off for tae instead.

and tae is just,,,,,, Gone
"it's really okay if i touch?" tae asks, eyes wide. he looks 𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘰𝘤𝘦𝘯𝘵. it's driving jm crazy.

"mm, i'm comfortable with it so it's fine. you're a good boy, aren't you, taеhyung-ssi?"

"ah, right," tae says, voice coming out embarrassingly breathy. "i- i'm a good boy."
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13 Sep
i don't know if this will be helpful to anyone, but i decided to do a little roundup thread of my writing from the past week, since i wrote... a lot. definitely too much lol.

this is for 9/5 - 9/12 ! Image
jinkook ▪️ 2700 words ▪️ bottom!SJ, a/b/o, presenting, scent kink, knotting, multiple orgasms
namkook ▪️ 5300 words ▪️ bottom!JK, canon, first time, size kink
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11 Sep
// jink00k, hybrid, pet/owner

SJ who helps strap bunny hybrid JK onto their sex machine bench before SJ goes to work (in his home office) (just for a few hours) and tells JK he can come as much as he wants but he has to keep count of his orgasms if he wants SJ to fuck him later.
✧ this was written for @shookyncreme who asked for jink00k hybrid fic 🥺💖 i hope u enjoy!!
✧ other kinks: voyeurism, spanking, patronizing dirty talk, JK self-lubricates, SJ has a big dick, yay
JK agrees excitedly. "i will, p- please."

after SJ is finished working (peeking occasionally at the live feed, a camera set up to film JK) he unstraps his messy, trembling bunny.

"there you go, sweetheart," SJ says gently, brushing tears from JK's cheeks. "that's my sweet bun."
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10 Sep
// vm!n, ⚠️cnc, husband/bride roleplay, see below ⇣

JM was TH's first everything.

first kiss, first blowjob, first love. JM is inexperienced in a lot of things too, but TH likes knowing JM was the first for him.

"you're mine," TH tells JM.

JM laughs. "is that how it works?"
✧ the 'cnc' refers to 'rough husband and shy, protesting bride on their wedding night' roleplay
✧ it's sillier than it sounds & they have safewords
✧ words like 'pussy, clit' are used to refer to TH's bits in the roleplay & there's a smidgen of breeding kink (all fantasy)
"mmm. you took my first kiss, you ruined me for my future husband, JM-ah. so you're all mine."

JM's still laughing, but he's blushing, too. he's pleased. TH can tell.

their playing around takes many forms - roleplay, TH guesses he should call it - and is only sometimes planned.
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9 Sep
remember that time jimin sat in jin's lap
// vampires

somewhat bratty new vampire JM who feeds from SJ's thigh ("hyung will do it") and something about having SJ's blood inside him makes him so clingy and affectionate and yes fine a little bit feral horny too

JM: hyung you feel so good inside me 🥺
SJ: asjdhfajhdshdfk;
this is them
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