Seen a lot of hopeful creatives burn out & fall away in the course of my writing career.
All of them were talented. But the talented failure is an old story.
Here's 1 lesson up & comers can take from others' failures that will most help them avoid the same fate ...
... Know what your time is worth.

That's it. Successful creators price their time correctly.

How to do it right takes some unpacking ...
... Newbie creatives start out w/ a starving artist work ethic. I know b/c this was my business plan:
1. Grind 7/365 for years with little or no expectation of a reward
2. ???
3. Success! (What's that mean? I'll know when I see it)
Dumb. At best I treaded water
Then I learned...
... Succeeding in the art business means treating your art like a business.
I'd heard that before but didn't get it till someone asked me 1 simple question:
"How much do you want to earn each month?"
I was like, "What?" ...
... My income varied month to month depending on sales volume & client interest.
I assumed both were too unpredictable for me to set a desired monthly income.
It was gently explained to me that this kind of thinking was ass backwards ...
... *Start* w/ a desired monthly income in mind.
Base that # on the $ you need to cover all your expenses, enjoy the standard of living you want, & set some aside for investment & savings.
Yes, this is a 'Sit down w/ a pencil & paper & figure this out' prompt
Then ...
... figure out how many days you can work each month & how many hrs you can work each day w/o going insane.
Time yourself to pin down how many hrs it takes you to output 1 deliverable you can get paid for ...
... That will tell you how much you should earn/charge per deliverable.
Handy shortcut: every $75 you earn per day pretty much works out to $25K/year.
It ain't 20booksto50k, it's [# of books yielding $175 in daily sales] to 50k.
Yes, that does mean ...
... A lot you will be busting your humps working every day at first.
What most newbies miss is nobody can maintain that level of output @ consistent quality levels long-term.
That's why a lot of new authors/illustrators/YouTubers burn out.
To avoid burnout ...
... Make a weekly schedule. Once you've gotten past the initial grind & have some momentum, we'll give you a treat & give you Sundays off. Divide your weekly earnings quota by 6. Divide that # by how many hrs you can work daily w/o going nuts (be brutally honest) ...
... That # is how much you should charge per hour.
Every minute you work, you should picture a meter running in your head. The # on that meter @ the end of the day should go on a mental bill for your services ...
... Yes, that even goes for indies selling through KDP. Picture yourself submitting an invoice to Amazon for Writing Services Rendered.
What if you earn less than your daily # from Amazon?
Here's what ...
... Do what any worker who's earning less than he's worth should do: Take your services elsewhere.
Or at least pursue additional income streams that either a) don't take extra time or b) earn more.
"But Amazon's the only game in town!"
Loser thinking👆
Here's winner thinking ...
... If the rules are against you, change them or find a new game.
Don't think "I'm an indie author who sells books on Amazon"
Think "I can produce valuable deliverables people will pay me for"
Once you've got your income streams ...
... Go to your weekly schedule, zoom in to the daily level, & draw up an hourly schedule just like you would at a day job.
Again, make it realistic according to your known limits. If your quota is $150 daily & you can work 10-hr days, you need to pay yourself $15/hr ...
... That way you can live like a 1st world citizen & not have a nervous breakdown after grinding 7/365 for 10 years.
NB: 10 yrs is about what it takes to earn a middle class living. Best of luck!
Pro tip: If you're having trouble identifying skills & deliverables you can charge for, my friend & client
has a course to teach you just that
If you want to have a successful home biz, start here

• • •

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