After being earnestly accused of being on the payroll of Rang org by one consummate, overly confident contrarian, I’m asked the following ? by someone Younger and idealistic..
“Why concern yourself so much w/the turning of the world? You aren't going to stop it from doing what its gonna do?”
My answer: If you were walking a path & the only difference between u traveling that path & choosing a different one is determined by ur awareness of whether or not someone is laying traps for u, what difference would it make when choosing that path, & decisions you made?
If you know where the traps are, would you not navigate around them.

My point ultimately is to teach media literacy, which requires a burden of knowledge, particularly in the psychology behind language & the algorithms utilized in our search engines & social media.

What doesn’t seem to really sink in with most people is that these are active acts of war. Not just organic byproducts of, “a fucked up world“

Clearly we as a society lack grossly in an understanding of this. What fucking difference does it make? How much do you value democracy? You’re a bit younger, and maybe don’t have an experiencial memory, but it wasn’t always like this.
The amplified partisan schism has actively been orchestrated over a long duration of time, accelerating in recent years, via a proxy of dynamics both domestic & foreign & there has been a psychological methodology behind it & I’m trying to communicate what it’s nature is.
Because most people think they know what modern warfare entails, but divorce that understanding from the fundamental understanding that we are decades into the age of information, because…
…most people are utterly naïve to the fact that new technologies are always incorporated into new methods & means for conducting war;….
Means that happened to be the cheapest & though don’t necessarily involve an abundance of spilt blood, they do destroy in more abstract, slower means, and if ignored demise is eminent. Period

How would you like living in an autocratic theocracy disguised as a democracy? Forget the silly argument of capitalism versus socialism, think about what it would actually mean to live in a theocracy?
We have some good examples, that just happens to be a few of the countries that we’ve been conditioned to vilify.
(What better way to stoking chaos, distraction and weaken the opponent’s resources, a stronger Geopolitical power, then to coaxing them into internal hyper partisan strife.)

Clearly we have an epidemic of misinformed idiocy. I just happen to have a teachers impulse, and a lifetime determination trying to reconcile an understanding between the subjective and the object. It sounds pretentious, but that’s how I’m wired.

Why do I do it? What difference does it make? You tell me.

Here’s thing, something that hasn’t really sunk in with a lot of you, it seems.

A foreign power has been actively engaged of explicit acts of war against the US & the west, against liberal democracy in general, for a few decades;

All under the guise of being one of the worlds newest democracies & economic partners, while perniciously working to coax domestic entities into working in tandem, some unwitting, others witting,…

…up to a crescendo to where it has essentially captured one of the two major political parties of the US government on both local and federal levels. And also managed to corrupt trust in academics and media, both externally and internally.

Meanwhile dip shits, some very intelligent dip shits, want to either keep retreating to their pretty partisan populists which ultimately only serve the enemies of their ideals, or stupid ‘deplorable’ dense worlds of
“I don’t know, it’s just what I believe.“

I promise you, This. Is. A. Make. Or. Break. Point. In. Time. Not just for liberal democracy, but ultimately for the fucking species, because….

…do you think a theocracy, or autocratic regime is going to give a fuck about preservation of resources or tired antiquated non-linear socio economic structures? Personal freedoms?

THERE IS NO BINARY STRUGGLE BEYOND Some form of autocratic cleptacracy or theocracy VERSUS liberal democracy & the international rule of law.

And you fucking idiots on both sides of the spectrum, reflexively in opposition to nebulous concepts like the Deep State, New World Order, Globalist blah blah, are too stupid to understand that….

what that really means is opposition to the fact that we have the technological reality that facilitates a global fucking economy, which requires global standards of laws & regulations for the sake of leveling the playing field, so that, ideally,…

…one country can’t provide a bunch of tax havens and loopholes over another, where every country across the world is in a race for the lowest tax rate which does absolutely fucking nothing for the greater good.

I am not interested in opinions. I don’t expend a bunch of energy into expressing my opinions as assertions.

I learned at a very young age that opinions ultimately mean nothing beyond the immediate emotionality of them.

Granted we each have our own limited perspective, but some of us make a point more than others to try to see the world as objectively as possible with an inherent, or active understanding of our subjective limitations. (Otherwise known as empathy)

Sure we all have our ‘personal truths’ but those truths mean absolutely nothing without the truth that we find between us.

If all you give a fuck about is your own personal feelings it doesn’t fucking matter how woke you think you are, or how spiritually righteous or godly you think you are, you amount to being a shitty person nonetheless. Period.

If you think we’re the most intelligent life on this fucking planet, fucking act like it!Fold up your fucking maps. Open your fucking eyes. See the territory for what it is and let’s go forward, for fucks sake!!!

Why does it matter? Ask yourself that fucking question, I already know the answer.

*”these” being disinformation & it’s infrastructure

• • •

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