On behalf of all California Democrats who have been trying to keep everyone calm about the Recall Election aka waste of taxpayer money, consider this my "Cleaning out Bookmarks" thread of pettiness:
#NoOnRecall won by double digits this evening because California Democrats ignored this "advice" offered by a gambling and probability election pundit who is based out of NYC.

Listening to Blue Checks can be hazardous to your election prospects.

Turnout in the early voting period of this election exceeded all turnout in the 2014 midterms, and hit the 40% benchmark before election day. We are on pace to shatter all turnout records in an off-off year election in the middle of September.

You live in Orange County, the vaunted former home of Richard Nixon and sacred suburban bellwether. It must be difficult for you to watch it vote to retain the San Francisco Democrat as Governor by doubt digits. I'm sorry Hugh.

Another data guy saw a vocal white minority, admit that turnout is uncertain but give the advantage to Republicans for no reason, and allege that things aren't "perfect." The results have arrived. What's your read on it now?

Well Chris, it looks like to promote the #BuildBackBetter agenda and ensure that the recall is soundly defeated by double digits.

You might not know this, but CA is in wildfire season, and it's good to see the President reassure people.

@IsaacDovere, since California has a knack for anticipating America's political future, does that mean many other Republicans can expect to be defeating in humiliating fashion?

@IsaacDovere @BillKristol, you gotta step outside the Beltway and talk to some regular Californians. @Schwarzenegger could have told you this recall stood no chance.

@IsaacDovere @BillKristol @Schwarzenegger Meanwhile, @jaketapper is sharing articles with effusive praise for @GovRonDeSantis while insisting to everyone he's a serious journalist. President Obama nailed him dead to rights in that roast.

@IsaacDovere @BillKristol @Schwarzenegger @jaketapper @GovRonDeSantis @ShawnHubler lives in Sacramento and this is her read on the prominence of some AM radio guy in a state with a finely tuned Democratic machine? I guess she doesn't have any access to anyone of import in the state capitol.
I don't know who this guy is but if you're following him, you should do so immediately. I don't trust these so called allies who shit on longtime Democratic leaders (with a long history with the @vp) for clout.
@Kevin_Faulconer - you're losing San Diego by double digit margins. That's your old city right? Wow, first you let the football team leave and now they're voting against you huh? 2022 GOP primary is gonna be rough buddy.

@Kevin_Faulconer The GOP used to be better at the chicanery. Now they just grift on Youtube, like @benshapiro.

Good evening @miriampawel: Given that the recall has been defeated by more than double digits and will likely exceed Governor Newsom's 2018 margin of victory (23 points, first Dem to flip OC since Earl Warren in 1950), do you regret writing this op-ed?

Good evening Shane, this is a good but as you say, non-comprehensive list of political journalists who sold the public horserace coverage that never really existed due to historical voting behavior. People should not listen to them for news about CA.

I am unfamiliar with @PuckNews. However, the editorial decision to publish these crude remarks about homelessness and the Democratic Party means the reading public is not missing much if they avoid it for accurate coverage of California affairs.

That felt great. I feel great. I’m very satisfied with the result and I’m excited to dig into the county data to see where Democrats can continue to gain territory.

Keep following me if you want to learn more about the complex politics of the great state of California.

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16 Sep
Five GOP incumbents have already retired, with the possibility of three more to follow. One of the incumbents running for re-election doesn't want to run any more.

Meanwhile, Dems only have one incumbent to worry about. So where are all the Republicans in Retreat articles?
This is a crippling political asymmetry that is further borne out by failures of the @NRSC to recruit top tier candidates for races in NH, NV, AZ, and GA.

@ChrisSununu might not run, @AdamLaxalt is incompetent, and @HerschelWalker? Really?
@NRSC @ChrisSununu @AdamLaxalt @HerschelWalker If RoJo retires, who does Wisconsin GOP call on to run for his seat? @ScottWalker? Seriously? How is this incompetence not bigger news?
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16 Sep
National Democrats would be foolish to read much into the:

(1) GA Senate runoff;
(2) WI Superintendent special;
(3) OC Supervisor District 2 special
(4) NM-1 Special;
(5) NH House District 7 Hillsborough special
(6) CA gubernatorial recall

By James Hohmann
Considering Raphael Warnock is up for re-election next year, can we start reading into what winning statewide in Georgia means, James?

What does a statewide win in an off-year in Wisconsin say about Wisconsin Democrats and @RonJohnsonWI's position as the new Dean Heller?

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16 Sep
Welcome to all my new followers. My feed is mostly:

-Promoting the interests of Biden-Harris admin,
-Keeping folks apprised of the progress on federal judges and SCOTUS in general,
-Fundraising for Dem Senate candidates,
-Hot takes on California politics
I used to drag people a lot more when it was still primary season.

Last night was the most comprehensive dragging I've done of the punditry in a long time. Glad you all enjoyed it, and I hope it gives you a sense of how little I think of political journalists.
One thing you should know is that I am very stubborn and opinionated. Some call it conviction. For example, at no point did I waver from my position that Gavin would win by double digits.

This puts me in conflict with people who want to Doomtweet every time anything happens.
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14 Sep
This might be the first time in NFL history where at least one team in every division has a Black QB as the starter.

Except for the NFC North, until @justnfields takes over permanently for Andy Dalton.
@justnfields NFC West and East have TWO Black starting QBs (@K1 is the best QB in the NFL not named Tom Brady, don't quote me)
@justnfields @K1 Jameis in the NFC South. Justin Fields in the NFC North. Both need to be named starters, but that's where things are heading.
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14 Sep
Good morning. It is #ElectionDay in California. Here are the final early vote numbers before the polls open for the #NoOnRecall election. We had a final surge of more than 415K votes after @POTUS' rally.

Dems: 4.5M (+176K)
GOP: 2.2M (+141K)
Indies: 1.9M (+97K)
@POTUS Nearly 40% turnout in just the early vote. I have no idea what the E-Day returns will be, but this shit will be called moments after the polls close.
Needless to say, rumors of Democratic disengagement in off-year elections by the punditry were completely, utterly wrong.
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13 Sep
Do Floridians and Texans always have this weird jealousy about California outclassing them in every measurable metric? Because I wasn’t aware of it until just now.
Like, sorry we create the arts and music you enjoy, have a larger economy, better higher ed, superior climate, and more job opportunities. Is this because our Democratic leaders also look like movie stars?
Add up Texas and Florida’s combined GDP and it’s still less than California’s.

They only exceed us in population if you add them together 🤣
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