I've been meaning to write this thread for a while. The attacks on "new math" and "Common core" were early iterations of the current breathtakingly stupid anti-vax and anti-mask stupidity. Bear with me. A thread.
In 2015, the most pathetic, racist, neo-confederate a-holes in the country were railing about "common core." nbcnews.com/meet-the-press…
I am on record as NOT A FAN OF GWB, but Common Core was an aspect of No Child Left Behind (a GWB initiative) in which the Feds tried to impose on States a minimum educational standard in math, comprehension and critical thinking.
If you ask yourself the question - "who would oppose rigorous standards in math, critical thinking and reading comprehension?" you immediately arrive at the obvious: Russia, China and the (stupefyingly maddening) evangelicals and fundamentalists.
Because DOG FORBID the citizenry should ready the Constitution, the Holy Bible (or the Q'uran) and actually wonder WTF those things were actually saying.
The War on Common Core is a perfect disinfo op - the policies were based on very strong science and policy - the opposition was like a ghost - it seemed organic, but was it? Of course it wasn't. thedailybeast.com/the-incredibly…
I say this - it was a very stupid, evil disinfo op - knowing with certainty that many people I really, really like - with caring spirits and a loving nature - bought into the attack. Because PAID OP HORSESHOE BS.
There is a lot more I could say on this topic, but to bring it 'round to the present ... there are Very Powerful People that want the American public dumber, more isolated, sicker, more ignorant than a quality public education would provide.
The attack on Common Core was part of that. The evangelical home-school movement is a part. The "tax money to religious schools" thing is a part. The "tax money to private schools/vouchers" thing is part of that southerneducation.org/publications/h…
EVERYTHING that this vile, evil creature did was an effort to prevent US children from learning crucial facts, citizenry, critical thinking and math. Because FU Betsy. FU all the way. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betsy_DeV…
The Stupid Governors of The South - embrace the pandemic, vouchers, private schools, religious upbringing, homeschool nutters - all of that. Why? Because the United States is weakened every time a child misses out on Common Core, climate science, and gets religious BS instead.
If you dig this kind of thing, please follow. The liquor store gives me a free bottle of wine for every 100 followers.
So to bring it to the NOW. RU/Gullible/Stupid attacks on mask mandates and mandatory vaccines ... are just a present day iteration of the ongoing effort of The Evil's desire to diminish the US by attacking our (previously excellent) system of public education.
So please join me in doing everything that you can in saying F YOU, EVILS, public education is the schizzle, and we are going to make it better so that we have more future prosecutors to put your dum/evilazzes in jail.

Dirk out.
Like death and taxes, one can count on foreign bots to drop by and confirm that your perspective is correct with their nonsensical objections.

• • •

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If Justice Barrett is sincere (lolz) in her concern that SCOTUS will be perceived as partisan, I am sure she will come out in favor of expanding the number of justices to assure that a broad array of view points is represented.
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I'll take shxt framing for $500, Alex.

Can't news organizations or opinion writers EVER see what is going on? cnn.com/2021/08/17/opi…
So just looking at the top line - it's not that bad, and the picture at least highlights the Trump era capitulation meeting, and highlights the plight of the Afghan people as it should. But egads it goes down hill from there.
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I am deeply sorry for the people of Afganistan. Their misery was orchestrated to hurt democracy and damage the United States. The Taliban are horrible. Their enablers in the US and abroad are pure evil.
Trump and Putin offer nothing positive to the earth. Their sick genius is the troll - the ability to concoct schemes to embarrass and weaken good people and good institutions. They are happy to team up with monsters to do so. They like the suffering they cause.
Every troll is "heads I win, tails you lose." No matter what outcome, they would attack. You can be absolutely certain that they don't care about the women and girls of Afghanistan except as tool to weaken us - the people who try to stand for good.
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