Please stop saying “American democracy was saved.”

That statement is demonstrably false. We are still very much on track to become a fascist dictatorship. We have no federal voting rights protections. The constitution has been nullified. The Jan coup attempted *barely* failed.
The majority of white America has soundly rejected democracy. Even the liberal white elite spend immense energy expressing sympathy for the GOP fascism & condemning ✌️wokeness✌️which is just dogwhistle anti-Black racism. Nothing is protected right now except structural whiteness.
We keep telling you this. We’ve told you for years. You follow us. You copy & paste our tweets into articles without consulting us or paying us. You react to us with vague general criticisms of this platform. You do everything but listen. You carry on as we continue to be killed.

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16 Sep
I honestly think it’s hard to wrap our minds around just how extreme global wealth inequality is.

If you can put your hands on $4K worth of cash & assets, you are wealthier than 50% of the world.

But the wealthiest 62 ppl have more wealth than the poorest 3.6B ppl combined
It actually is an issue of literally a handful of people maintaining a chokehold on the vast majority of global wealth. They also control industries and directly influence global policy.
We could literally demand that the top 50-60 wealthiest people alone have their assets redistributed & it would bring a couple billion people in the world out of poverty. That’s just redistributing the private wealth of the top richest individuals
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16 Sep
People need $ for rent, utilities, food & healthcare. We don’t need a network tv show about activism. We need the wealthy ppl who own the conglomerate media outlets to stop hoarding wealth & we need a direct influx of liquid cash to lowest wage earners. It’s not complicated.
If you’re looking for a place to put $, I can direct you to entire apartment complexes that are about to evict several families. Pay their rent for them. We really don’t need to put $ into anything else. Just wire them cash.
We don’t need bureaucracies, celebrity judges, agencies, application forms, etc. Folks need repairs made to their housing to bring it up to safety code & they need cash for their basic necessities. Why are we doing everything but that?
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16 Sep
“The conspiracy” has never been to get us all vaccinated, but to leave us to die from COVID while blaming the disproportionate number of Black & brown deaths on Black ppl having “pre-existing conditions”, “vaccine hesitancy” & a lack of infrastructure in majority Blk nations. 1/
Let’s remember how this all unfolded— the Trump admin ignored & dismantled a pandemic response plan that Obama admin had put in place. The outbreak is the result of gross incompetence, not an elaborate plot to create a pretext for vaccination requirements. 2/
Remember also that refusal to wear masks didn’t become a cause célèbre for whiteness & the right til AFTER data showed Blk & brown ppl wld die from COVID at disproportionately high rates. Only then did white supremacists begin pushing for everything to carry on as usual. 3/
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16 Sep
*rubs temples*

The constant use of vague terms— “progress” “change the world” “make change” & the attempt to make these things politically neutral is very dangerous, in fact. What are we changing? Why? Who is the opposition preventing this change? 1/
So let’s take climate change for example.

The goal is to send a selected activist to G20 summit to meet w/ imperialist leaders who are currently engaged in violent campaigns against indigenous communities & who are stealing natural resources to accomplish…what, exactly? 2/
There is nothing politically neutral about poverty, health disparities, environmental justice, etc.

We’re at a point where this popular strain of feel-good do-gooding—“I’m not political, I just want to make change & progress” 🌎💗™️ is actually dangerous 3/
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16 Sep
The agenda is to identify specific people & causes that don’t actually challenge the status quo of racism or capitalism & to promote that as the definition of activism. This effort to make activism a non-threatening, pop culture fad is a response to Black uprisings 2012-now
It’s good that ppl pushed back on the original concept so strongly that they’ve attempted to re-tool it, but the original format betrays the true motive. It’s not about inspiring ppl but about cheapening & diluting the concept of activism to be colorblind racist & pro-capitalist
They will handpick causes that feed into a whitewashed narrative devoid of race & class analysis. Selecting celebrity judges who appear ✌️diverse✌️further serves the “we’re a post-racial society” messaging that is so prevalent in this era.
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15 Sep
Black superstars building their wealth off of Black ppl & selling Black culture to white audiences & then using their platforms to legitimate the very people & systems that are killing us deserves more scrutiny than folks ever want to give it.
And that’s another example of how they’ve managed to organize us around a celebrity-influencer structure that is perpetually counter-revolutionary
Part of the strategy of building cult-like followings around celebrities & brands is having the ability to mobilize rabid fans to attack anyone who criticizes the celebrity/brand.

Much of modern US culture is now organized in this way incl politicians & political parties
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