Newsom's victory isn't surprising, but it should be disconcerting. The Democratic party in the state is essentially a political mafia, one that requires kowtowing to party bosses up and down the chain for any hope of being "made" and then shuffled into seats as they open.
You see the consequences of this ideological stagnation in nearly every woeful metric. California is living off the fumes of its past glory. The state is crumbling and everyone who lives there knows it, even the ones running the place.
The cities are congested, filthy, and uncomfortable. The third largest state doesn't have enough housing because of building codes and licensing laws that make it prohibitively expensive to build affordable housing: this isn't Manhattan, space is plentiful.
That's because Democratic NIMBYs have prevented development and redevelopment throughout the country from the state to the local level.
While the state boasts about being the fifth largest economy in the world, it's been trying to build a high-speed rail line between its two largest metros for over a decade and has made no progress.
The rest of its infrastructure is in horrible shape: schools, roads, grids, irrigation systems. Nothing works properly, as evinced by the regular blackouts, poor schooling, and insane levels of traffic.
Its largest metropolis, Los Angeles, is horribly mismanaged because it is run by a council that is a microcosm of the state legislature: a den of backdoor politics with a powerless mayor (i.e. a single person who can be held responsible for successes and failures).
Law enforcement has been turned off and misdemeanors/petty crime (often the precursor to greater crime) have been effectively decriminalized by ambitious ochlocrats pandering to their virtue signal-obsessed donors.
Married to the spiraling homeless crisis throughout the state, another incredible policy failure, a massive crime wave awaits - and the early signs are already apparent.
People are realizing that "the weather is so nice here" and "the beach is beautiful" are not sufficient reasons to convince themselves to sit in traffic for several hours a day, send their kids to bad schools, and pay an arm and a leg for it all. That's why they are leaving.
I don't usually write about California politics but I spent many years working in it and saw how the sausage is made and I see how it's now poisoning that great state. If you want to see how a liberal democratic woke society is governed, look to California.
One day they will write about the Democratic party machine in California of the past thirty years and how it achieved only what Tammany Hall could've dreamed of - and how, in the process, it ran the state into the ground.
P.S. The Democratic party in the state is only helped by the thoroughly incompetent state GOP. Often, it's not that people like the Dems, it's that the state GOP is wholly unable to cultivate cadres that can challenge the status quo.
There is a reason the last recall was won by a world-famous actor who was barely a Republican and why the main candidate this time was another public personality not from the party establishment. The CA GOP is the best opponent the CA Dems could possibly wish for.
/end rant and end discussion on California politics, back to national and international issues./

• • •

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Frederick Douglass's story is extraordinary. To understand what he meant by the quote below, read it.…
"He would at times seem to take great pleasure in whipping a slave. I have often been awakened at the dawn of day by the most heart-rending shrieks of an own aunt of mine, whom he used to tie up to a joist, and whip upon her naked back till she was literally covered with blood."
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About 2,000 years ago, a man walked into the Temple in Jerusalem, overturned the tables of the merchants, and drove the money-changers from there. This man, Jesus of Nazareth, the salvation of humanity, publicly rejected the prevailing hypocrisy and wrongs of his time.
Decades prior to Jesus entering the Temple, thousands of miles away in a city called Rome, a man named Cicero delivered the Phillipicae. These were a set of orations that scathingly criticized Marc Antony, one of the triumvirs following the assassination of Julius Caesar.
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An interview with Armenian national hero and third president Serzh Sargsyan has premiered. It promises to be a good one.
Sargsyan says he didn't lose to "these guys [Pashinyan], I lost to much more powerful forces."
Sargsyan says that the infamous line, "Nikol Pashinyan was right, I was wrong," was a reference to Sargsyan being wrong that Pashinyan wouldn't have risked the lives of others and that Pashinyan was right that he would indeed do anything to achieve his end: power.
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Many Diasporans won't see the problem with this because it's become so normalized in the West but the production of cannabis is going to be disastrous for Armenian society. And, for the record, I don't find the economic argument compelling.
OK, obviously some context is necessary given the replies I've been getting here. The reason this is disastrous for Armenia is that this is the first step in realizing the stated objective of this government's officials that marijuana be legalized.
This wouldn't be unusual as the reluctance to legalize hemp production in other places has largely been tied to the expectation that this would eventually lead to marijuana production/legalization. Also, hemp production makes illegal marijuana production hard to enforce.
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I just watched the @res_publica The Future of Post-liberalism seminar with @Phillip_Blond, @PatrickDeneen, @Vermeullarmine, Ryszard Legutko, @NJ_Timothy, and @moveincircles as moderator. I recommend watching it in full but here are some highlights.

First, #postliberalism is a new idea and this was a good intro/discussion about where it should go. I discerned two camps: international post-liberalism represented by @Phillip_Blond, @Vermeullarmine, and @PatrickDeneen and a national kind represented by Legutko and @NJ_Timothy.
The case for international #postliberalism was made early on and succinctly by @Phillip_Blond: post-liberal universalism is needed to respond to liberal universalism. I agree with this b/c liberalism been successful and difficult to challenge due to its insistence on ubiquity.
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