"I can be a better man"

"He don't deserve you"

"A real man would never treat you like that"

Don't be this guy. Never throw dirt on another man to get with a woman. Infact your conversation should never include another man...
This shit got popular with them RnB dudes who'd sing about being better than another man, that's some simp ass low key hating shit. Only a sucker with no game has to belittle, spread lies about another man, or compare himself to another dude just to get the attention of a woman
These be the typa dudes that be gossiping about other dudes. You know those guys who be male bashing & women worshipping, just so they can get some attention. Shit is sad, as a man, get a woman on your own merit not talking down another man...
Game (confidence & conversation) is all you need to get down with a woman. If you ever find yourself talking about another man, you're actually inferior to him. You're a hater, trying to dim his light so yours can shine. Pathetic excuse of a man...
And why even be competing for a woman in the 1st place, that's some misplaced focus. Too many single women out there to be trying to snatch a woman from another dude. It says a lot about your character, have some integrity!!!

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16 Sep

On the pic, me & my manager (realized I needed one to grow the brand). We need to embrace the power of SYNERGY - coming together & merging different skills sets. The ME ALONE SYNDROME is flawed, too many weaknesses...

Photo Creds: Vigorous Youth Image
Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes & Andrew McCollum. All of them are actually wealthy although only Zuckerberg stands out. Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone & Evan Williams but we only know Jack
I can go on & give you many examples of many billion dollar listed companies but the point is what is one common factor. They were not founded by an individual & those which were, the individual ended up having to create a team...
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15 Sep
A 9 year old boy just committed suicide after his mother insulted him. The mother is very much shocked that her son would end his life over something "little" like that. Because mental abuse is never taken seriously...
At the same time it confirms what men have been saying before, it takes a man to raise a man. A woman simply can't raise a boy into a man. Because she simply can't communicate with the boy in a way he would relate & comprehend the lessons being taught...
This isn't being soft but believe me, as tough as men are, when it comes to words they're weak. Men fight physically with their fists & women fight pyschologically with their tongues. At some point in time, we'll have to recognize mental abuse is a reality....
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15 Sep
One day you'll kiss your bride in front of her 6 exs, 3 besties who have also hit it, the 1 night stand guy who only bought her a cider, an old dude who she'll introduce as her uncle. They'll all eat your food recklessly like they did your wife...
And she'll shed tears, tears of joy, shocked that even after all those d🍆cks ran through her, there was still some foolish out there willing to pay for what others got for free. And some tears of sorrow as well, that she's now expected to ride just 1 d🍆ck...
But does it really matter, her past doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter that somewhere in some dudes phone gallery they're pics & videos of her nude. It doesn't matter that your d🍆ck will always be compared to other dudes...
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14 Sep

Nothing alpha about sleeping with other men's wives. Keep off another man's wife whether she's not happy going through a divorce or whatever story she tells you. You may think you've got game or getting away with something free & easy but you're putting your life at risk
Have heard far too many stories of many men that died as a result of scornful husbands. Believe it, when the husband finds out he's not going to think logical (that it's his wife who is the problem) he's going to deal with you...
Whether she's happy or wants out, he's still claiming her. Stay off any woman who is married, the reward is not worth the consequence if the husband finds out. You will be killed & we shall use you as an example...
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14 Sep

If you don't understand OR underrate the power of story telling. Remember, Lucifer had you not only liking the devil but justifying him. For so long, mainstream media has been the main tool in shaming & taming masculinity....
TV is not entertainment, it's social engineering, there's a reason the shows are called PROGRAMS. Subconsciously you're being programmed from an early age inorder to be receptive when you become a fully grown adult. Much of what is on tv, movies & magazines is agenda...
If you observe you'll notice much of the content on tv/movies/magazines/music it involves pushing the LGBTQ agenda, feminism, sex, violence, depression. Hypnotizism is what happens whenever you become an addict of mainstream media...
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11 Sep
Again, reading of another young man who committed suicide after a girl cheated/dumped him. This is what happens when a man LOVES a woman instead of UNDERSTANDING her. Many young men continue losing lives because they have been sold the lie that is love & bought it....
The fairytale of forever & ever. Many men believe it when the woman they're with says "i love you", yeah she may mean it BUT here's the catch, for NOW. Women are emotional beings, whatever they say or feel is in the NOW not forever...
Yes, that girl you're planning to build your happily forever after, can & will leave you, as her options expand. It won't matter how long you've been together OR how much you've sacrificed for her. Women just don't care, they're only loyal to their emotions...
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