Yesterday, we removed followers from Jacob Rees Mogg's Twitter Account with our #BlockReesMogg campaign and helped to #ReportToryBots that are used to influence elections. For the second day @Jacob_Rees_Mogg suffered a net loss of followers 👍 Block Rees Mogg
As proof that there is and ongoing Twitter Bot generation program propping up the Prime Minister, his following leapt by an unprecedented (almost exactly double) rate, having been halved the day before by #BlockBorisJohnson and #ReportToryBots.

Our Prime Minister is a fake 😡 Block Boris Johnson
But it isn't just @BorisJohnson these Fake Twitter accounts are artificially boosting the following of. With over 300 fake far right bots generated a day, they follow multiple accounts: Leave EU, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Ricard Tice, Claire Fox

Who"s funding these right wing bots? Right Wing Bots
Not only are our elected representatives lying about followers but they are also sharing that following all across the right. Media and campaigns which should be 100% separate to Government are part of the same bot program.

We did amazingly, but what we found out is horrifying⚠️ Bot Farm
We need to be very clear about this

Our Government must be paying for (presumably with our money) or having a Domestic or Foreign #ToryDonor pay for:

Election-Rigging Assets

They are buying the next General Election right now! This is why Boris Johnson's confident of +10 years Cambridge Analytica
Unless we do something together then that is what will happen.

We need to unite and work as a campaign, from today until the day of the next General Election.

Cross Party, Cross Issue, Cross Policy

To get the lying, corrupt #ToryCriminals out and keep UKIP/RefUK out (Tories). Nigel Farage and Steve Bannon
Show the Public with screenshots and hashtags that we have blocked these #ToryCriminals and it works 📷

Use these:

Block these:

Follow these:
@Angie_RejoinEU Jacob Rees-Mogg's followers dropping
Today I started to #ReportToryBots in @sajidjavid's account and I see the same accounts I have already Reported and Blocked from


Even our Health Secretary is at it. Is this what our 10% NI #ToryTaxHike is being spent on? Bots for the Cabinet? Sajid Javid Bots
As more and more people start to #BlockReesMogg, his follower count continues to fall🥳

If as many people block the Leader of the HoC today as the last 2 days, @Jacob_Rees_Mogg's profile will show 433.7k instead of 433.8k followers.

This is even though his new bots arrive daily Fall in followers for JRM
Sajid Javid's Plan B:

1) Communicate caution (except Tory MPs)
2) Wear face masks indoors (except Tory MPs who aren't strangers)
3) Vaccine passports (except Tory MPs who want #NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere)

Because Plan A worked to stop #COVID19 🤦‍♀️

My plan is #SajidJavidBlocked
Jacob Rees Mogg's follower count keeps falling from
433,898 on Monday @Jacob_Rees_Mogg

That is because of YOU retweeting #BlockReesMogg.

Keep doing it and eventually only bots will be left following him 😆
Every bot we report, every one of the #ToryLiars we get another voter to block and stop being radicalised to hate migrants by... the closer we get to winning a GE and witnessing the Arrest of Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and their friends.

#SajidJavidBlocked is now on the Twitter selection list!

You know what to do 😉 #SajidJavidBlocked on the Twitter selection list
The only way we are going to stop the #ToryCovidCatastrophe is by getting #SajidJavidBlocked, #BlockReesMogg, #BlockBorisJohnson and #ReportToryBots to get the #ToriesOut

Screenshot and share your blocks with 👆hashtags. Here's why this strategy works:
Now, Stage 2 is to take our block *back* to the profile we blocked using the reply function to express our democratic voice.

#BlockReesMogg #BlockBorisJohnson #ToryTakedown
Once you have done that, you can look at the @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Follower list and help to #ReportToryBots, the same was as we did the Prime Minister:
New bots are currently arriving quickly to the @Jacob_Rees_Mogg account to hide the losses of earlier today

Over the past few minutes, the increase of in Fake Followers has replaced around 75% of his losses today through real people who #BlockReesMogg

It's shocking to witness!

• • •

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16 Sep
The Tories are passing a law (the NHS Bill) which will remove your rights to healthcare

Privatisation means high costs & lower wages.

This thread will explain why so you can share it with your friends and do something to help make Tories scrap this Bill.

Higher Costs:

At the moment you pay National Insurance. The Tories just raised this to make you think the NHS cost too much. They didn't raise tax for rich people, just you.

Tory News like Spectator have attacked GPs/NHS, leading patients to abuse NHS Staff.

Their hope is that they trick you again just like they did when they told you £350M a week for the #NHS and there was instead a £600M a week loss of trade by leaving the EU

They are liars.

Their #ToryDonor friends will own the NHS suppliers and set the price

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16 Sep
Jacob Rees-Mogg makes jokes about #WearAMask
150,000 people have died

He says the other people don't work as hard as him

I think he's referring to his botfarm which generated 70 bots yesterday to give him 43.1% Fake Followers on Twitter

I wonder if Jacob Rees-Mogg was reclining at 4am while the botfarm as churning out his bots to keep his account from reflecting all the blocks he got yesterday?

You know, like @Jacob_Rees_Moog does while he's in Parliament, not following #WearAMask
Or maybe he was overworked as he was looking after his $6.8 Billion Hedge Fund?

Go to his Twitter profile, #BlockReesMogg and tap "View Tweets". Now you can reply to him EVERY DAY & tell him, in front of his followers how unchristian he & buddy Farage are…
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16 Sep
Take the Campaign to Sajid Javid

In support of #ScrapNHSBill + @EveryDoctorUK happening NOW

Let the #ToryShambles of a Health Minister know how you feel about #NHSPrivatisation

Reply to @sajidjavid to encourage his followers to block too with #ScrapNHSBill + #SajidJavidBlocked Every Doctor UK Van - Live ...Sajid Javid Blocked
Let Sajid Javid's constituents know how he is failing them. These people elected @sajidjavid and he will not #ScrapNHSBill

Give his local newspaper a story @BromStandard by telling them what you think of their local MP.

Let's makes sure he isn't reelected!

#SajidJavidBlocked Image
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15 Sep
At 4am you will see an unprecedented bounce in @Jacob_Ress_Mogg's followers. This is further proof that we are removing his follower base and they are being replaced by Bots.

I will show you tomorrow when the figures are in. But just check this out.

30th June vs 15th September ImageImage
In the pictures above, you can see @Jacob_Rees_Mogg gained 445 New Followers between the two dates.

However, he gained 4,339 New FAKE Followers.

Which means he lost 3894 VOTERS and replaced them with Bots.

We are effective with #BlockReesMogg, keep doing it.

You are winning.
Wait for the BIG bounce tomorrow AM when I report his follower count. It will be bigger - like Boris Johnson's was right after #BlockBorisJohnson.

Because they are running a program to replace at X rate every day. So when we hammer them, their algorithm is playing catchup 🏃‍♂️
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15 Sep
Thank you for your work on #ReportToryBots this evening with our test

I have deleted the thread to protect everyone from retaliation from botfarms 👍

You can also delete your replies (HH:MM) to clean up completely :)

We expect about 12 hours for the account to be taken down 👍
After witnessing the literally millions of fake right wing accounts on Twitter in #ReportToryBots

..I hope you now have your eyes open to the fact that its a big smokescreen. Fake support.

It's designed to demoralise you to stop you from going out and voting. DON'T let it work
The entire Election system has been based on Propaganda since 2016.

The biggest strategy of SCL Elections was to stop the opposition voting, not get their side to vote.

This propaganda works. Even if we got the electorate to ignore it alone, we'd win.
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14 Sep
Why Trending #BlockBorisJohnson is Important

I just wanted to explain to some of my followers who have refused to help trend this hashtag. Their reasons generally centre around the idea that they want to challenge him on his tweets in order to help educate his followers.

It is extremely important that we do challenge his propaganda but not trending the hashtag for this reason is highly illogical, because:

1. It isn't just us that follow what we trend, it will be his followers. Its for the ones that follow the crowd, the persuadables. If we

trend #BlockBorisJohnson then thousands of people who are don't know what #GTTO means but are angry at the Tories for a variety of reasons will block him.

This includes anti-vaxxers, people who wanted a harder (?!) Brexit. If you can think outside the box for a minute and

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