Right wing extremist Mike Ancheta (under investigation for assaulting me) intimidated voters, harassed poll workers, refused to wear a mask, barged in the voting area, electioneers, & films someone voting.

The entire voting floor had to be vacated just so he could vote alone. 1/
Volunteers tell Mike Ancheta that he can vote without a mask outside. He refuses. So they accommodate him & tell him that they're clearing out the voting center just for him. He isn't concerned with how safe others feel, so other voters are inconvenienced. He keeps harassing. 2/
Mike Ancheta decides not to wait for other voters to safely vacate. He barges in without permission but is stopped by a poll worker. He harasses and interrogates her and tries to get her full name (Ancheta has a history of stalking and doxxing). 3/
During the previous exchange, there is a voter visible behind the volunteer. Mike Ancheta is illegally filming that voter while they are still voting. This (& Ancheta's other actions) is voter intimidation and it has been reported to the California Secretary of State's office. 4/
Mike Ancheta illegally films the voter yet again and tries to intimidate them. Ancheta repeatedly lies and says he isn't recording the voter. Ancheta threatens the voter who asks to be kept off the internet, to which Ancheta responds: "don't act up and you won't be." 5/
Mike Ancheta finally votes, and continues to harass. He asks for a candy after his tantrum and prepares to exit the voting center. 6/
Mike Ancheta leaves and is faced with a line of voters he has inconvenienced. They boo him. He responds by yelling "f*** you" and "f*** Newsom" and tells people to vote yes on the #RecallElection. This is voter intimidation and electioneering, yet again. This is very illegal. 7/
And no, the saga does not end there. Mike Ancheta returned to the voting center later, with friends, in order to harass and intimidate even more voters. Only now does he wear a mask. 8/
At one point, Mike Ancheta even enters the volunteer’s office in order to continue to harass and insult poll workers. The poll workers call 911, but it does not seem like any law enforcement ever responded while Ancheta was on scene. 9/
For background context on violent extremist Mike Ancheta, here he is in the 8/14 brawl with Proud Boys & other MAGA militants. He assaulted multiple people in front of the headquarters of @LAPDHQ. He also attacked a bystander high school student during the 7/17 Wi Spa clash. 10/
As stated at the top of the thread, Mike Ancheta assaulted me while I was reporting on an anti-vaxxer rally. He hit me from behind as a mob encroached on me. He punched me repeatedly until I had a concussion and fractures in my nose and eye sockets. 11/ independent.co.uk/news/world/ame…
Here is Ancheta stalking journalist @andrewkimmel during an 8/30 far right rally regarding the #RecallElection and mask/vaccine mandates. 12/
Note the orange armband Mike Ancheta wears to identify himself with other militants and Proud Boys at the rally. Violent Capitol rioter/DC insurrectionist Tony Moon also has been seen at these far right rallies wearing a matching orange armband. 13/
For verification, here is my conclusive proof that the individual in this video and all of these other incidents is Mike Ancheta. Yes, he accidentally filmed his voter information right before voting. He tried to edit it out before uploading, but it can be seen for one frame. 14/
By the definition of the state legislature, the actions of Mike Ancheta on 9/14 constitute a corruption of the electoral process. Complaints have been filed regarding this incident to the office of California’s Secretary of State Dr. Shirley N. Weber. 15/ leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_di…
The ANTIMASKERSCLUB (Mike Ancheta is a member) is now sharing these videos on Telegram and falsely claiming that Ancheta was denied the right to vote for not wearing a mask.

Mike Ancheta was given multiple options to vote without a mask, and literally filmed himself voting. 16/
One of the ANTIMASKERSCLUB members who goes by “Adam Gabrail” on Instagram calls for the poll workers to be executed. The anti-masker movement has become increasingly violent and volatile.
Ancheta responds. He accused me of giving out private voter info even though he posted this info about himself on a public IG profile. He also brags about assaulting me, referring to himself as a “manly man” & falsely claims I attacked first, which is not supported by videos. /18
The false allegation that I “attacked” first during the Harlowe assault has been thoroughly debunked by videos from the far right mob themselves. Here is the clip showing Ancheta shoulder checking me from behind as I film and then attacking me. /19
Another right wing anti-masker went to this exact same polling place & pulled the same routine, almost verbatim. “Bentelligent1776” engaged in similar harassment & invasions of privacy. He also illegally filmed other people voting. It’s likely he went here because of Ancheta. /20
He was at the 7/22 violent anti-mask rally against the Cedars Sinai Breast Cancer Clinic. Other anti-maskers ended up punching & bear macing a breast cancer patient here. (vice.com/en/article/pkb…).

This is him with the four anti-maskers who trespassed on @CD6Nury’s home. /21
He refused to wear a mask and barged onto the voting floor without permission. He claims they’re denying his right to vote even as they tell him he can vote without a mask outside. He’s told it’s illegal to film when other voters are voting but he keeps filming & harassing. /22
“ANTIMASKERSCLUB” also promoted this secondary video. Yet again; they push the false claim that the person filming was denied the right to vote for not wearing a mask— even when they, too, are offered multiple voting options & literally film themselves voting inside anyways. /23
I received a phone call from the office of California’s Secretary of State. They confirmed that there is a police report about this incident and that the office is investigating Mike Ancheta specifically. /24

• • •

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SCOOP: LA based far right streamer Christopher Brow (@wysiwygtv) participated in the #January6th DC insurrection/Capitol riot. He deleted his stream, hiding unseen evidence of assaults on police, Capitol breaches, & him trespassing.

I've obtained the footage & I'm releasing it.
Christopher Brow: "This is what being an American is about!"

After filming the opening assault on police & barricade rush, Brow moves forward & goes beyond restricted fences, trespassing on the lawn of the US Capitol. At 1:25 he falsely claims that nobody in the crowd is armed.
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Exactly a year ago today, a secretive joint operation between @LAPDHQ and @LASDHQ took place at 3 AM.

It was the raid of the Black Unity 24/7 autonomous protest camp in Grand park— one of the longest lasting autonomous protest zones in the nation. No media was allowed on scene.
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Brown journalist here: I can’t safely report on @POTUS.

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It would be my 1st time reporting on a President. But pro-Recall right wingers greenlit me for attack on sight.
Many of my colleagues are on scene & I implore you to watch their coverage. But we need to talk about the state journalism is now in.

I’m unable to report on my own President due to credible threats to me by white supremacists & far right extremists who ARE allowed to be there.
It’s easy to think that I could just go anyways. Threats, intimidation, doxxing be damned. But last time I did that I was ambushed & hospitalized by Proud Boy affiliates. Just for holding a camera. This danger is very real— and it’s not proportional.
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#BREAKING: GOP frontrunner for the CA Recall election @larryelder posed for a photo with violent far right extremist & Capitol rioter/DC insurrectionist Tony Moon in Monterey Park.

Tony Moon assaulted journalists & stalked them, even showing up to their homes to intimidate.
Tony Moon (@RoofKorean7) can be seen in @loisbeckett's piece for @guardian about increasing violence against media from far right extremists.

In the image, Moon is attacking @StatusCoup journalist @TinaDesireeBerg. THIS is who @larryelder just posed with. theguardian.com/world/2021/sep…
Here is Tony Moon showing up to journalist @emilymolli's home alongside other far right extremists in order to attempt to intimidate her. These are the kinds of violent far right extremists that @larryelder associates with.
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23 Aug
Fuck it. Thread on LA based far right extremists who were in Portland today. Let’s start with DC insurrectionist, FBI informant, & Proud Boys fangirl Kennedy Lindsey. She was arrested at the Capitol on Jan 5 and had her weapons confiscated. Then she breached the Capitol on the 6.
Here's the "Based Spartan" a white supremacist and homophobe named John Turano. He's a regular at political. street brawls in Los Angeles, and was also profiled by VICE's "The Rise and Fall of an Alt-Right Gladiator."
Don't forget @TomasMorales_iv (who has had me blocked since before I even knew him lol) a white nationalist, friend to LAPD, & wannabe propaganda minister for LA chuds.

(Oh, & editor to editor: your cutting isn't very good, Tomas.)
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