I followed a Nigerian religious hashtag and felt quite sad. I think serious mental issues are being masked with religiosity. These are not happy people. Their participation felt forced. I remember a time I was invited to a church service with a testimony session, it was all weird
People coming up to outdo each other with mundane accounts of things you shouldn't ordinarily see as miracles in a sane society. People have been conditioned to experience so much adversity that a ray of light is welcome with joy. Something has to give soon. There’s much trauma.
Life is to be lived and not endured. While endurance may be a virtue, suffering is not. I used to look at very wealthy people who seemed happy and asked ”why not me?”. The answer was simple - work towards it. I also learned that success was a function of your mental state.
If you are pessimistic always and find the devil in everything, you will almost surely fail. If you are optimistic and find joy even in little things, you will be in a better mental state to succeed. Success attracts more success. People really don't like to be burdened.
Self-pity achieves zero progress and may even get scorn instead of help or attention. Keep a small circle of confidants who will give you confidence. Confidence is the key to it all and that is what I gain from my faith. I try to eliminate fear as much as possible. Even scorn it.
These religious organizations and their members all seem to be thriving in fear. I don't see any reason why I should be fighting a devil I can avoid. I think evil senses fear like feral animals. God’s blessings are real but you can be blinded from seeing them with fear.
Prof Osuide’s words still ring in my head - The Devil is powerful but God is more powerful. The very existence of evil means that there must be an overwhelming counterforce of good. Seek for that force ALWAYS and evil will not come near you.
I also see everything in probabilities after reading ”Black Swan.” In Nigeria, good is now a black swan occurrence. This is why many choose relocation. They do so to reduce the probability of bad things happening to them. Those probabilities can also be reduced by cooperation.
The real benefit of religious organizations is community but it is often hijacked by wrong leadership. If Nigeria is going to improve, it is going to come from action by religious communities to effect change. Their acquiescence and endurance are why things remain that way.
Religion is a problem not in the way people think it is in Nigeria. It is a problem because it removes the bias towards action to improve circumstance. This is why the so called evil people thrive. They have a bias for action and dominance.
True deliverance is the elimination of fear, escape from dominance, and a bias towards action.

Be delivered today from organizations that keep you in bondage to accumulate wealth for a few. Your mind can also Japa from the wrong religious leaders and be free. The true Japa.

• • •

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15 Sep
My joy is in saying no to deals even when everyone else says yes because I have seen something that changed my mind. I dont do FOMO or party rounds.

When founders see this thing as a game to get ahead instead of being committed to mission, it is a red flag for me.

cc: @kenju254
My simple philosophy - Deals no dey finish.

Find the one that won't give you sleepless nights and an ulcer while managing founder disputes or wondering if the person you funded is a thief.
Every dollar you allocate to a potentially problematic founder is one you deny another who can do better with less hassle.

This thing is not warfare. It should be enjoyed.

This is why I do it with friends only now.
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15 Sep

True capitalism is anchored to sustainability. It is the bedrock of impact if impact is defined as the sustainable progress of humanity.

We sometimes confuse altruism with impact but it is NOT! It can be a path towards impactful outcomes if done properly.
Altruism can breed dependence and sustained altruism is impossible. It is a wild and crazy thought but the most sustainable thing in humanity is self-interest. If people are shown how to make personal progress, they are more likely to follow the path than remain dependent.
This is why initiatives like Opay confuse people. How come those we think are the poorest needing help are doing so many transactions? Simple answer - sustainable capitalism. Sometimes confused for subsistence and survival capitalism. African trade routes existed for centuries.
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15 Sep
Are people at Owambes really celebrating or scheming?

Nigerian parties are typically always a social ladder.
I have helped my uncle arrange parties where there was a reason for bringing people together. One of them led to Econet Wireless Nigeria, now Airtel Nigeria. We had 5 governors there and got them into a room to hear a pitch. A company was born from the pitch.
I think intentional celebrations need to be better organized than chaotic Owambes. I don't think we have extremely good event organizers yet. I hired a wedding planner for my wedding and he was a disgrace. We need Olivia Pope type organizers and fixers.
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13 Sep
Surprised that people missed the point of @Noahpinion thread on Nigerian aircraft carrier.

“If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”-Antoine de Saint—Exupery.
That quote helped me a lot when I started managing people. Like sailors, people build for what they desire the most.

The only problem with the aircraft carrier example is our military. Changing them will take a whole lot more than yearning for aircraft carriers.
Moon shot thinking is how Americans and their allies won the second world war and a lot of inventions came from out from the conflict. Radar, the microwave oven...so many others. That was because the US military and others collaborate with civilian scientists. Ours do not.
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13 Sep
Are you hoping someone can mentor you because you feel the person is successful and it can rub off? Is apparent success the best way to assess people? I think it is not.

The best mentor is not just one who brings experience but empathy, understanding, and most importantly truth.
Peer mentorship from those who don't judge or see you as competition has been the most ideal in my experience. It is why the @villagecapital model has intrigued me a lot. I really want it to be standardized and widespread in all areas beyond entrepreneurship. It already happens.
Whenever I need a brutal and genuine assessment of a situation, I don't go to older people, I go to my best man and also my cofounder. They know me well enough to cut through any bullshit and they know also that I will not stop if I am passionate about something.
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13 Sep
Google has penetrated Africa in the last 10 years in unimaginable ways. They have mapped places and put business on the map. They have also provided infrastructure for access and funded local communities to produce developers of products and entrepreneurs. Even funded some too.
They have done all of these things ahead without first making money and others are benefiting tremendously. According to Bill Gates:

“A platform is when the economic value of everybody that uses it, exceeds the value of the company that creates it.” Image
They will monetize it and recover their costs eventually but their impact on lives especially mine and others will continue to experience exponential growth. That is what true innovation does. It creates outsize impact not just measured quarterly revenue. This is what is look for
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