@johno0910 @RebeccadiGirola @SabraLane @leighsales OPCAT? How far SA progressed? Seclusion, restraint & chemical restraint torture under #UNCAT according to reports from former UN SR Torture
Why promote ED + medical model as pathways despite concerns RE: youth?
Hickie misreports SSRI data
@johno0910 @RebeccadiGirola @SabraLane @leighsales media engagement led by self proclaimed "MH leaders"

not engaged on placebo FX & withdrawal FX of SSRIs Akathesia gets no attention in Aus. correlation on youth suicide ignored for no "causal link" despite poor/dubious correlative data in "benefits"
@johno0910 @RebeccadiGirola @SabraLane @leighsales UK peak body in psychiatry finely led by political campaign from thousands of iatrogenic damage sufferers, doctors & other professionals to acknowledge withdrawal & safe taper.
Refused to acknowledge previously.
But *no* attention in Australia
@johno0910 @RebeccadiGirola @SabraLane @leighsales Why do you continue to promote Ian Hickie? Who openly maligns human rights reports?
And *Does* have conflicts of interest?
Please see this series of exchanges in the Lancet between Hickie & Survivours
@johno0910 @RebeccadiGirola @SabraLane @leighsales Important information on the progress of OPCAT in SA, including detention in medical model facilities for "mental illness" where torture is rife, often legalised & no international reporting mechanism.

@johno0910 @RebeccadiGirola @SabraLane @leighsales no evidence coercion & medical model "interventions" produce better results c.f non coercive & non-medical trauma informed crisis support options for suicidality, self harm & what is called "Psychosis/mania" under medical model but evidence to contrary
@johno0910 @RebeccadiGirola @SabraLane @leighsales So please media, stop listening to the loud, clanging voices of these medical model "MH leaders"
Please look at the *substantiated* problems with their behaviour, their spreading of misinformation & their direction away from information that doesn't suit their personal agenda.

• • •

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17 Sep
@natashaeusher @SonjaCowling With respect, been facing this issue in Australia, for many decades, we have already been through process of clinicians & "mental health" sector making noises of "doing better". But here, as there, we haven't seen recognition o real problem:some people don't want what you provide
@natashaeusher @SonjaCowling What happens, is that a movement of consumers/survivours and ex-patients who have existed continuously since 1960s but are usually ignored, occasionally get public attention. Then the very people who exploit them, take control of the narrative with "we must do better"
@natashaeusher @SonjaCowling But you are *not* "doing better", you are resituating yourselves, falsely, as "experts" on people with disabilities, exploiting this false reputation to control access to support, which human rights guidance we fought for is what we choose *free from undue influence & pressure*
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17 Sep
@mentalhealthadv @Psychunimelb @SimonKatterl I think it is an instrument of violence, abuse & exploitation. It actually claims to be an instrument of social control. The allegation is that people with disabilities should be assumed to pose "danger to self or others" & should be detained for existing.
@mentalhealthadv @Psychunimelb @SimonKatterl In Victoria, MHA2014 took out the criterion "must have refused or be unable to consent" despite claims being made of a "capacity test". Even means by which acts are negotiated is exploitative. The act, and the predjudice against disabled people is a source of power to clinicians
@mentalhealthadv @Psychunimelb @SimonKatterl The claim in most states is that people lack "decision making capacity" are unable to weigh up information & make decisions, bit MHA doesn't provide decision making support, it violently punished people for opposing neuroleptics despite their poor cost/benefit profile in RCTs
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14 Sep
@PatMcGorry We have been calling for there to be non detention based,rights compliant, trauma informed, person centred (user controlled) crisis support pathways available for some time, & especially as a matter of urgency since beginning of pandemic. Psych wards are like prisons.
@PatMcGorry When you speak of "shadow pandemic" it's deeply concerning @PatMcGorry despite a medical model of trauma & distress being unsubstantiated & outdated, you continue to advocate it be imposed, on everyone, against their will & despite whether it helps or causes further harm
@PatMcGorry Psych wards are places of detention, where standards do not meet the National Quality and Safety standards, clinicians are not trained in contemporary trauma, and have poor understanding of trauma. They also have poor understanding on RCTs of the medication they prescribe
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13 Sep
Mentally preparing to write a complaint to state MH service. Stalled on giving me a copy of NDIS documentation. Today got it and found out why. Bless their socks if they didn't write down in it that they overtly demonstrate contempt for their own policy

Compare: 1/
The policy:
We want to hear from you and welcome the chance to resolve any concerns
you can be assured that
• it will be handled sensitively and confidentially
• it will not affect the quality of your ongoing care
• special needs and circumstances will be taken into account 2/
The reality:
"when people and organisations do not live up to .. ideal.. can respond in a defensive conflictual manner and frequently lodge complaints with higher authorities.
This has often alienated those around .. and led to service disengagement"
(denial of service)

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13 Sep
You forgot to use inclusive language
"Mental ill health" is a term that only applies to persons who have identified with the medical model & chosen to conceptualize their trauma/distress as an illness or health issue
Supposed to say "mental ill health or distress"
@NMHC Dr Michelle Blanchard will not succeed in addressing real stigma and discrimination if she persists in "branding" people who have found a medical model harmful, with medical model terminology.
This is exclusion and it is also harmful domination & discrimination.
@NMHC People with Psychosocial disabilities are not branded cattle Property of the Psychiatric profession. We are diverse human beings. Who don't deserve to be stigmatised (marked) for others' benefit.
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12 Sep
@johno0910 you made me feel afraid you wanted to sue me @johno0910 you need to own that please.
You also need to own the fact that I never intentionally made any baseless accusations against you and you misconstrued my tweet that was not baseless to mean something different from intended
@johno0910 What's been lost is lament trying to make that you, rosenberg, hickie & McGorry - among many others - jockey for power and manipulate agendas, attack better access& exploit gaps, push for medical model based programs and digital health - and many other things - is not unfounded
@johno0910 If the problem were unfounded, you wouldn't have seized on the fact that you aren't invested in digital health (but hickie is) misconstrued a tweet that was ambiguous (didn't say which of the four did which things being lamented) then falsely accused me of making false allegation
Read 9 tweets

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