1/20 This is a fun piece about the different breeds straight out of Mount Olympus. @incooomfinance had one of the most autistic launches just quite recently. And I want to show you the psychedelic card deck they created, which is one of the most sought after in their class.
2/20 At opensea.io/collection/inc… you can find the whole collection. The thing is, these NFTs entitle you to passive income products developed. Holding NFTs provides you with cash flow in the future. 🤯
3/20 The decks include different suits and deck types, just like in your favourite poker deck. Though the decks in this collection have a certain cultural twist to them. Let's check out the psychedelic deck here now.

4/20 The previews here may not capture the vertical format well so you likely have to click the images to see their full beauty. Here we start with a psychedelic Ace.
5/20 Here is the psychedelic 2.
6/20 Here is the psychedelic 3. This one is special to me. Just for the culture.
7/20 Here is the psychedelic 4.
8/20 Here is the psychedelic 5.
9/20 Here is the psychedelic 6.
10/20 Here is the psychedelic 7.
11/20 Here is the psychedelic 8.
12/20 Here is the psychedelic 9.
13/20 Now we enter the high cards. These get more and more autistic. Here is the psychedelic 10.
14/20 Here is the psychedelic Jack. Look at the Olympus / $OHM reference in the middle of that gracious ape. Holding a banana like freshly captured yield. Simple and beautiful.
15/20 Here is the psychedelic Queen. That may be my favourite. There is none available to buy right now. She is kinda classy.
16/20 Here is the psychedelic King. You can buy one for 33.33 $ETH right now. The autism is strong with this one. The historical background of this card is pretty funny. Only few remember the early incooomer memes.
17/20 And now the kicker, you get extra yield if you have a straight or a flush or some other hand. This element of gamification makes it quite fun to trade cards. The presale sold out within 3 blocks anon. 😂
18/20 Initiatives like Incooom Finance make the Olympus ecosystem and its community even stronger and you just got to love to see the ohmies grinding and vibing. Considering the diamond hands the floor should rise quickly and it will just get harder to get your hands on any card.
19/20 You thought this is over anon? Here is the bike4peace homage in form of the psychedelic Joker. Min price 15 $ETH right now. Notice the pussy amulet in honour of all the women he loved along his way of biking the world. 🫂
20/20 That was it for now frens. What a time to be alive. Let me know what deck or card you like the most and what aspects of the gamification you find particularly intriguing. Lub y'all ohmies.

• • •

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10 Sep
1/20 It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Data Porn Friday oh yeah. And, we got some juicy metrics to share, despite Liquidation Tuesday. 😂 The broader market shit the bed, but not your favourite reserve coin.
2/20 Our treasury is recklessly absorbing all $DAI in the universe. We are top 24 $DAI holder, sitting on almost 30 million $DAI alone. This does not account for the over 70 million $OHM / $DAI LP we own. More than 1% of all $DAI in existence is ours at this point. 15% incr WoW. Image
3/20 Market cap is sitting above 611 million as of time of writing, coming in at an over 25% increase WoW. It would be awesome to hold the 600 million line from here. 😍 Image
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1/25 A lot of people know already what @OlympusDAO bonds are and how they perform for the protocol. In this thread I want to explain several pitfalls that bonders face when playing the bonding game on the secondary market. Let's reveal the madness. 👇
2/25 Bonds are swaps over time. The instantaneous exchange of two tokens is a swap. Adding the component of time to a swap creates a form of futures contract. This kind of derivative is called a bond in Olympus lingo.
3/25 Due to the deferred nature of a bond the aspects of entering and exiting a bond become massively important when designing a bonding strategy. The entry into a bond is like a "zap-in". The exit of a bond is a continuous "claim and stake" across the vesting period.
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1/20 It's data porn Friday ohmies. Some of you may can't see it anymore, but I don't give a shit. All systems online. The engines are firing on all cylinders. brrr brrr

And today, we celebrate the ten thousand. 👇
2/20 Ten thousand say this thing will not go to 1 $DAI. Ten thousand say @OlympusDAO is going to be a top 33 #DeFi protocol in the future. Ten thousand say our Discord is fire. Ten thousand say the next ten thousand are about to wake up.
3/20 @OlympusDAO is about freedom and sovereignty. One of the most important metrics for us is market cap. 500m will happen the next weeks, one way or the other. This one is so bullish it is not even funny anymore.
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1/34 I was blown away by the ohmies inquiring my brain farts about inverse bonds. Even had to make up shit like uh dis typo anon gib likes. Y'all rock and for your support now a thread about inverse bonds and why #OHMISBACKED. Now I had to. 👇

2/34 As a reminder a bunch of buzzwords to get you vibin'. What we do here is ambitious. All of this is new territory and the predators are knocking on the door of the dark forest. Making money is cool but did you ever do something for the greater good?

3/34 Bonds in one sentence. You buy $OHM at a discount in exchange for magic internet money. Just note that bonding is a very competitive sport. If you claim and stake before every rebase you may well outperform the 5 day ROI of staking by 1% or 2%. iykyk

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@OlympusDAO 101 👇

- Why $OHM?
- What are bonds?
- What is runway?
- What if runway goes to zero?
- What is risk free value?
- Why does the staking APY fluctuate?
- Where to go from here?
Why $OHM? Our monetary systems on nation state levels have failed us big time. $OHM may be described as a gold standard hybrid backed by a basket of hard assets. What people can rely on is the risk free value backing $OHM at all times, providing security below the premium paid.
There is a need for sovereign and censorship resistant reserve currencies that maintain purchasing power within the confines of the economies surrounding us. There is a need for reserve currencies guarded from speculation and guided by sound monetary policy.
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30 Jun
@ohmzeus always said to bet big on people you believe in. Maybe this is why bera doesn't stand a chance against the titanium reinforced. This thread is for the people who chose to take the red pill.

When we come together there is a sense of unity in the air. At this point I am not sure how much the money is even a driver anymore for the ohmies to all march towards the same goal: to send a message from Mount Olympus.
It is possible to run a mad scientist experiment, only to wake up one morning and realize that what we are doing does actually work and is so much bigger than the sum of its parts.
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