Advaita Vedanta Explained – Philosophy of Non-Dualism
Basic philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, in one word, is: ONENESS

Consider an ocean, which has countless number of drops
All the drops together
form the ocean

Each drop has exactly the same property of the water as that of the

Yet, the drops feel that they are seperated from the Ocean
When the drop realises,
that is it just like any other drop in the Ocean

And it is an essential part of the Ocean,
then it is said to have achieved Realization of self
At the heart of Advaita is the concept of unity

The Sanskrit word Advaita means "not
two," or nondual

This philosophy asserts that there is something essentially intelligent and awake in each of us

And that that something is no different from the
essence of this creation
Advaita’s approach is fundamentally experiential

With guidance, practice and self-
examination, we can experience deep peace and connect to the underlying
consciousness that govern everything
Advaita transcends a religious framework

It is a philosophical and spiritual tradition
of self-exploration and self-discovery

Advaita can lead to complete self-realization

In other words, Advaita can lead to a
blissful experience of the fundamental unity of consciousness
When they see the diverse variety of living beings situated in one single cosmic spirit

And understand all of them to be born from it, they attain the realisation of Brahman
Brahman is indivisible, yet it is equally present in all living beings

This whole universe is Brahman

That from which beings come forth

That into which
they will be dissolved, and that in which they breath
This Self of mine is that Brahman

You are that absolute reality which is the essence of all and rules everything
One should indeed see, hear, understand and meditate over the Self

He who has
seen, heard, reflected and understood the Self, by him alone the whole world comes
to be known
The goal is to manifest this divinity within by
controlling nature, external and internal

Do this either by work, or worship, or
philosophy, by one or more or all of these

And be free
There is no sin in you, there is no misery in you, you are the reservoir of omnipotent

Arise, awake, and manifest the Divinity within
Whatever was, is or will be, either formed or formless

In short, all this universe is
superimposed on Brahman, the supreme Self

It is all-pervading and

• • •

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