How I'll STILL be paid $120K+/year in 5 years for a business I quit over 10 months ago.

The business model I used to make $1.1M+, win 2 big industry awards, and build a music Empire.

A thread.
FLASHBACK to November 2020

After making over $1M & winning multiple awards in the music biz

I was 3 months & 4 albums deep into what I thought was a big money-making play

Creating the BEST modern music label in music-for-TV/film history

"Uncivilized Music"

This was my Baby.
1 day I spoke to my friends Russ Emmanuel (CEO of Sony/EMIPM) & Daniel Holter (CEO of The License Lab)

They told me something that changed my life

"Ty, it'd take you 5 yrs to break even on Uncivilized or any other label"

See, the thing is

We created & SOLD our music to labels
Creating and DISTRIBUTING our own music thru our own label

Would've taken 5 yrs to break even

I was heartbroken

the music industry moves SO DAMN SLOW
Takes time to create music. build your catalog. Create connections in Media.

And even AFTER your song's placed.

Takes 6-12 months to be paid for an American song placement

2-3 years for foreign placements
So basically.

If I built Uncivilized Music (the only way I could've passed $1M yearly rev in my music agency)

It'd take 5 WHOLE YEARS just to break even

fuck. that.

My goal is $100M by 30

So I quit the music biz in Nov' 2020 & never looked back

A bit about me:

I built Shut Down Music to 8 employees, 50+ artists, & made $600K revenue last yr

We won 2 industry awards (LA Emmy & Mark Award)

Had our music in 10s of thousands of TV shows, movies, video games, & ads
How did my love of music start?

I've always been a hip hop FIEND

I started my hip hop blog Dungeons of Rap at 14

Interviewed famous Underground Rappers

Like Masta Ace, Reks & Jon Connor

300 unique daily visitors at our height
Funny - I actually used THIS SAME ACCOUNT to run my blog 9-10 yrs ago hahaha

Check the tweets below
Then I started producing music

Downloaded FL Studio and FELL IN LOVE

Sampled Teddy Pendergrass (60s/70s soul legend) in my first ever song

Spent 6+ hrs everyday making beats for the next 4.5 yrs
Hustled HARD

Sent my beats everywhere...

Produced for Paul Wall & G Herbo in high school

Changed my producer name from 3 Raw to Handmade to Showtyme

Then I produced for Sportscenter, Fabletics, the NBA, NFL, Universal Music, Sony, tons of TV shows, movies etc
Eventually I built Shut Down Music into an Empire.

HOW did I build SDM?

And how the hell do I still get paid $10K a month in royalties almost A YEAR after I disbanded it?

Let's get into it 👇

Find the best artists & producers

Use my well-trained ear for executive production

Create the best hip hop, pop, and EDM in the industry

Sell each track for $100-1,400
Split back-end royalties with our clients and musicians

Quick vid below of our workspace


We went through 5-10 intense revisions per song

The rest of the Industry made mediocre music (putting it nicely)

We strived for Perfection.
We were Successful

2020 LA Emmy: Short Sports Promo (WON)
2020 Mark Awards: Best Pop Track (WON)
2019 Mark Awds: Best Pop Track (NOMINATED)
2018 PMA: Best Hip Hop Track (NOMINATED)
2018 Mark Awds: Best Hip Hop Track (NOMINATED)
2017 PMA: Best Electronic Track (NOMINATED)
Mercedes-Benz, Warner Bros, Red Bull, Universal Music, Speedo, Fortnite, HBO, The Disney Channel, Ford, Doja Cat, Pandora, Sky Sport, Bolt24, boohoo!, Hulu, CBS

Literally every MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL team

and many, many more
check out just a smalllll piece of our placements:
In September 2019, I signed a $200K/yr JV label deal with Universal

Called "Front Runners"

Took 17 months to get the deal through

We made the BEST modern music in the game

Link to our label below…

Pics are me /w the Universal crew 2018-2020
We had 2 revenue streams

1) Upfront Fees
2) Royalties & Sync Fees

Upfront fees are simple

The money we made upfront from selling our songs to Sony, Universal, Red Bull etc

Royalties/sync fees are what we got paid AFTER songs were put in TV shows, ads, video games and movies
We created both full songs (with vocals) & instrumentals (just beats, no vocals)

Average instr we paid musicians $200-300 & sold for $300-600

Average vocal we paid musicians $400-600 & sold for $500-1K+

We split back-end royalties/sync fees with our musicians and clients
That was the issue with this Biz model

We weren't building an Asset

B/c we sold every song we had

We were making our Clients rich

But WE were just getting by

$600K rev last yr but only $150-200K profit, skimming by on $6-12/hr VAs & 23-yr-old western kids as employees
Fast forward to NOW

Quitting was the BEST decision I've ever made

I'm on track to clear $300K profit this yr

Things looking wayyyy up

Got a multi-million dollar play in the works 🤫

Teaching others how to scale their agencies like I did
I dismantled Shut Down Music in November 2020

Why do I still get paid $10K+ a month from music?

BECAUSE of royalties, sync fees, & neighboring rights

My songs are STILL pitched & placed as you read this

My royalties will be at $8-12K/month for 3-4 years then slowly drop
Sync & neighboring rights total about $1K a month

Nothing crazy

Plus - I had a backlog of 300 pre-made songs I didn't sell yet when I quit music

I'm STILL getting paid upfront fees selling those

And have only sold 50-60% of em 'till today
Here's a playlist I made of my agency's best songs…

Let's play a game

Guess 3 songs from here

If one of em is one of my 5 faves, I'll send you my 40 secrets of successful agencies cheat sheet for free
I can ALWAYS hop back into the music game

But making $$ is so hard & slow

Why would I subject myself to that?


and you wanna know more about my biz model

Hit my DMs and I'll be an open book for you
Here's a link to ALL my royalty statements 2019-2020:…

I get 4 statements a year, all $22K-$36K

Emails & agreements /w clients:…
Feel free to look me up on

BMI pays my royalties

Taylor Swift, Kanye, Doja Cat are other artists with BMI.

I have over 3690 works registered /w them. About 2K songs total over my 9 year music career

Link to my song catalog:…
Shut Down Music earned $1M revenue from 2016-2020

Now $1.1M because of over $100K in royalties in 2021

My music royalties I'll receive in the next few decades will total $500K-$1.5M

So in actuality, SDM as a company made $1.6M-2.6M+ revenue
What a journey.

So glad I'm here now

To help you do what I did

But WAY quicker

So comment your BIGGEST TAKEAWAY from this thread

And I'll give you my Client Onboarding Checklist free

Missed a nomination

2019 Production Music Awards - Best Pop Track

These judges were fucking dumb though

I should've won 10+ awards with the type of music we made

Some of the music beating us was objectively horrible

• • •

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11 Sep
If you're in marketing, sales, business, Whatever

Study these 'till u know em all by heart…


I took one on edX 3-4 yrs ago

Still apply the concepts I learned today

Useful is an understatement
This is the REAL 48 laws of powder
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18 Aug
Met a 12 yr old Bahraini kid Ahmed balling at the park y’day

By chance he’s in this pic on the right

Told me he wanted to b successful

So I gave him my course Big Money Skill Mastery for free

He finished it in less than 24 hrs


I have no doubts
Ahmed’s family is rich

But he still has the DRIVE it takes to succeed

At just 12 yrs old

Respect to Ahmed 🤙🏼
Oh ya Ahmed was draining 3s too

I kept telling him “make 2 in a row or it’s luck” and he made it almost every time 😂😂
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16 Aug
My 40 Secrets cheat sheet is worth more than a $500 course

I’m giving it away for FREE

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10 Aug
Giving away 3 copies of Big Money Skill Mastery

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little Sneak peek 👀 ImageImageImage
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29 Jul
Entrepreneurship vs. 9-5 jobs.

Why i chose MONEY & FREEDOM.

The FINAL debate.

A thread.
First off, who am I?

Serial entrepreneur

4+ failed companies

Couple uber successful ones

Made $50K a month in the music industry with my team of 8 employees & 50+ artists

worked w Warner, Universal, Red Bull, Mercedes-Benz, Fortnite etc
Many Extreme ups & downs

I made over $1M with my agency

Won 2 industry awards (LA Emmys, Mark Awards)

Changed the Music game, found lots of success

Got that out of the way

NOW... what does the life of a typical 9-5er look like?
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The OFFICIAL Cold Outreach Master Resource List.

A thread.
Do cold email or LinkedIn outreach? Omni-channel?


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