You should be very concerned about your attention span getting shorter

People in past could focus for hrs on end, they could easily wait for days & weeks

Now people cant focus enough to watch a vid thats over 1min & get anxious waiting for a 5s ad to finish or a page to load
The problem is 2 fold

- short attention span & impatience decrease your ability to delay gratification and you need to be able to delay to get the great stuff

- not being able to focus doesnt allow you to get deep immersion which is what you need to perform any task well

- spend time each day & as much time as possible w/out social media & electronics (they train you to have shorter attention)
- progressively increase time spent reading
- play strategic mind games like chess or go
- mediation & breathing practices
- more time in nature
Spend as much time as possible developing skills

Take the time you spend entertaining yourself & dedicate it to a craft

Anything, instruments, dance, art, trade skills, combat, language

A practicing mind is a focused mind.
Going from novice to expert will teach patience

• • •

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12 Apr
Everything on the Internet is Porn

Your goals & visions should only exist in your Minds Eye

You should only be able to see them by manifesting them into reality

Constantly viewing a life you dont live isn’t motivation, its a masturbation that robs you of focus & imagination
Avoid looking at girls, cars, houses, muscles, all of it

Isolate yourself from fantasy

Allow the idea of attaining these to torture your mind until you are forced to bring them into reality, leave yourself no choice but to experience them irl

This is the fastest way
You have no idea how weak your drive is because you’re constantly satisfying yourself with mental masturbation

Cut off all the stimulus for 90 days and watch how DRIVEN you become

Watch how you become obsessed with the real thing and how indifferent you become to the fake
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18 Mar 20
There are 6 STRESSORS we deal with daily

- physical
- chemical
- electro-magnetic
- psychic
- nutritional
- thermal

We have CONTROL SYSTEMS that help us manage this stress and maintain homeostasis

- limbic
- hormonal
- visceral
- nervous
- musculoskeletal
- other sub systems
Bad things happen when your systems cant manage the stressors (injury/disease)

Which is why you should not only WORK OUT but also WORK IN.

Exercise is a physical stressor that uses energy & vital nutrients

If you are stressed & start working out hard you ADD stress to the body
WORK IN exercises help your systems manage and REDUCE stress

They actually INCREASE the amount of Energy in the body rather than use it

We produce energy with movement and a WORK IN exercise is one that uses less energy than is being created
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4 Mar 20
Tesla was red pilled af

“The world has experienced many tragedies, but to my mind the greatest tragedy of all is the present economic condition wherein women strive against men..This growing tendency of women to overshadow the masculine is a sign of a deteriorating civilization” Image
“Now the soft-voiced gentle woman of my reverent worship has all but vanished. In her place has come the woman who thinks that her chief success in life lies in making herself as much as possible like man--in dress, voice and actions, in sports and achievements of every kind."
“Our civilization will sink to a state like that found among the bees, ants & other insects. a state wherein the male is ruthlessly killed off. In this matriarchal empire which will be established the female rules...The male is considered important only in the continuity of life”
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24 Feb 20
Get a Clear Definition of what something means to you, it will be easier to focus on

Ex. To Me

Being In Shape means

Not being in shape means
Low Energy
Wasted Potential
Mental Weakness

We do a lot of “activities”

But we are Human Beings not Human Doings

Get out of the “doing mindset” by getting CLEAR Definitions of what it all means

When you go a level deeper you will find or create Meaning in all that you do

This is how you develop and stay on Purpose
Be Things

Do Not

Do Things
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13 Jan 20
I keep getting asked this same question

“How do I journal?”

And since none of you know how to Google I’m going to rob you of the self discovery process and answer this once and for all

First let me address the real answer to this question:


You have to STOP this constant pondering, its procrastination

I never ask these type questions. I just START

I bought a Journal, started writing, no permission necessary.
As far as actual “methods” for journaling I do a few things

- Goal Set
- Morning Pages
- Self Discovery
- Recaps

I don’t have a step by step structure for you to follow because structure is for novices, I operate off FLOW.

Instead of a guide here’s an explanation of each type
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7 Jan 20
One of the first things I check out on a Woman is the way she walks

Bad gait, bad foot strike (pronation/duck walk) are a NO GO for me (for various reasons)

I preach on the importance of Feet & Hips often

But I havent talked about how they can impact your SEX Life

Did you know that studies have shown that a woman’s ability to have vaginal orgasms is directly correlated to her gait?

I’m sure you didn’t

The reason: there is a direct correlation between Mental & Physical blocks and Sexual Function

Women with fluid gaits orgasm easier
When a woman has locked hips & goofy feet it compromises fluidity

It compromises the FLOW of ENERGY

Relaxation plays a huge role in arousal & ability to experience climax

Having locked hips is literally opposite of being relaxed (learn about how stress is stored in the hips)
Read 7 tweets

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