I am a big fan of Pathfinder, Starfinder, and PF2.
I am a big fan of, and friends with, tons of brilliant people within @paizo. The company has my support.
I am a big fan of @AmazonChique, and @Delafina777, and @erikmona. They all, as individuals, have my support.
So many people have privately asked me about this in past few days, it's just a timesaver to be public about it now.
I am sincere in my support of all those people and companies.
Anything beyond that and from my perspective the answer is "its complicated."

• • •

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Jan 19, 2023
@ryaninstapleton @quinnthegm WotC is welcome to update it, and to use their updated version for One D&D.
But the promise of the license 23 years ago was that you could use any version, and (as confirmed by their own FAQ) was that anyone could use any version for any content released under any version.
@ryaninstapleton @quinnthegm So, Pathfinder 1st and 2nd ed, Starfinder, 13th Age, Mutants & Masterminds, Open d6, and many other RPGs were made using OGL 1.0a.
So if I want to produce more material for Starfinder, or even if *Paizo* wants to, it must* be under OGL 1.0a.
(*I'll get to exceptions)
@ryaninstapleton @quinnthegm Those games were made by other companies because WotC promised they could be, as long as they followed the OGL's rules, and WotC could never force anyone to use a different version of the license.
Thousands of products were built while relying on that promise.
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Dec 29, 2021
Top Ten Uses For a Dead Space God.
10: Launch Platform.
This space god was 300 miles tall. That means the top of even just 2/3 of the head, gets you into the Mesosphere. You can use terrestrial devices to haul a rocket to the top, and save on the fuel needed to get to space.
Top Ten Uses For a Dead Space God.
9: Space Station
A dead space god has to be made of pretty stern stuff, right? Makes sense to inhabit the corpse, especially since it likely has a thriving tourist trade and regular scientific, religious, and mining expeditions.
Top Ten Uses For a Dead Space God.
8: Adventure Location
Okay, you can do this with nearly any dead god, not just dead space gods, but it still counts.
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Sep 17, 2021
Today, veteran creator and one-time WotC co-worker Keith Strohm said to me "Many industry pros and fans look to you because of who you are and how you communicate."
Then, I have something I have to say. Something difficult, and complex, and likely unsatisfying.
I believe @Paizo as a company, has been a force for good in the game industry and in the world. This is why I have noted again and again they have my support.
Does this mean they are perfect?
No. It does not.
There are problems, both internally and with interactions outside.
Further, I accept that there are people I know, trust, and am impressed by who disagree with my about Paizo, as a company.
I understand where they are coming from.
I just think it can be improved, and does more good than harm. In my opinion, much more.
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Sep 13, 2021
Because the Irmagin once nearly conquered the world, those most powerful of spellcasters are now bound to 5 irrevocable oaths, rules known as the Pentarex.
First, each Irmagin is bound to one of five Eldriseals, and that Irmagin's magics cannot affect anyone bearing it, or any structure linked to it.
Second, all Irmagin are required to be physically vulnerable, defined as--without magic--being unable to do all the things needed in a year to care for themselves. As a result, it is common for those with such limitations at birth to at least try their hand at the Unlimited Art.
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Sep 23, 2019
So in my quest to write #101Mimics, I've already done 1-25 (), 26-50 (), and 51-75 ().
Now to do the last 26!
Want to support my in these endeavors? Throw a dollar at my patreon! patreon.com/OwenKCStephens
76. Mimic wall with graffiti. Even ancient fantasy cities have graffiti, and a mimic being such a wall could send secret messages in the images, clean up when guards are nearby, and possible even start a gang war.
77. Mimic sewer grate. Look if PCs hear a threating voice from JUST inside the sewer and children have gone missing? They’ll search the sewers, not the grate.
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Sep 18, 2019
26. Mimic is a single wheel in a rented wagon. It can thus "fall off" at any time to make the wagon vulnerable to ambush, and attack from inside the defensive perimeter once the ambush begins.
27. Mimic weapon rack. With luck, you disarm yourself and give it your weapons before the fight starts, and it's certainly armed.
28. Mimic as obviously trapped secret door. Everyone moves away from the rogue in case the trap goes off, leaving the rogue alone with the mimic.
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