To add to this point, which I think is important to all young artists, especially dissident ones: the way forward will be one not approved of either Internet “trads” nor their detractors. What is needed is a mix of indulgence and reflection. Let me explain 1/?
The first impulse of many dissident artists right now is to return to mythmaking, faerie stories, pulp, and similar. This is fundamentally a good impulse. People need stories that show the good: they need to see that knights can triumph over the dragon. 2/?
But this can only be part of the whole project. Timeless ideals need to be contrasted with modern spirit and sentiment. And thus comes the need to present a vision of darkness to contrast with the light. 3/?
The spirit of the age must first be diagnosed, and the obvious observation is that we live in an age of unfettered and disordered Eros. I will elaborate: 4/?
The fault in many so-called “trads” comes in painting Eros as an evil force, but this is not true. Eros is more than just sexual attraction, it is love of beauty, and that can have a powerful effect on the soul. 5/?
You won’t win hearts by calling people “degenerate.” Eros must instead be understood as ordered or disordered. 6/?
Have you ever been in love? Deeply, madly in love? Then you understand what true Eros is. It is that feeling that your world has been made brighter, more complete, that you yourself have become more complete thanks to your beloved. 7/?
This is because the completion and contentment one feels with a lover is a reflection of the greater completion that comes from God’s love: Eros is a reflection of the Agape (unconditional love and charity) that is God’s love. 8/?
Ordered Eros is built on self-sacrifice to your beloved, which is most evidently seen during marriage: one devotes themselves entirely to their spouse, and vice versa. What wouldn’t you do for the one you love? 9/?
Thus is the same with Agape: you sacrifice base pleasures and sins out of love for the Lord, and the Lord sacrificed Himself for you. 10/?
Where Eros becomes disordered is when it becomes self-serving, than therefore base. Sexual attraction is not a bad thing, but when the person you desire become an object to be used for personal gratification, it is now a disordered impulse. There is no love for them in you. 11/?
P0rnography exacerbates this with the rise of categorical Eros. Love and desire are not really thoughts, or words, but rather movements in our hearts and souls. P0rn turns these movements into categories, hence the rise of “mommy gf” or “tomboy gf” and the like. 12/?
We live in a time of vicariotica: we are surrounded in disordered desire, yet we also separate ourselves from it. We have turned the orgy into a spectator sport, engaging with sex less through vicarious insertion and more through voyeuristic indulgence… 13/?
Gen Z is living in a time of unparalleled “sex positivity,” but many choose to opt out entirely: we aren’t having much actual sex anymore, but we still consume it everywhere. And it’s making us miserable. 14/?
Lot of people like to dogpile the “trads,” but they are closer to the truth then many would like to admit. Greek statues and wheat fields won’t save the West, but seeking real beauty can bring us closer to the truth. 15/?
Yet we recoil from having our addiction (and let’s be honest, we are addicts) pointed out. Let people enjoy things! It touches a nerve and shows a vision we’d rather not see. 16/?
And so my solution: you will not “save the West” with finger wagging or moralizing. What will help break the chains is art, real art that moves the soul. And thus my main point: 17/?
The art that portrays our modern spirit will have to harness our disordered Eros, and to do this it must mimic the masturbatory cycle so many are caught inside: desire, indulgence, and guilt. I will speak of fiction, since that is what I know: 18/?
Many young writers like to start with ideas: a character will represent this or that ideology, and the story will talk about XZY. This is not the way you should start. People don’t want a lecture, they want a story, so give them a story. 19/?
Start with characters. Make them real, make them rounded. How can you do this? Give them flaws. Give them an obsession that will ruin them. Good stories make us love their characters because they feel real. Make people, not mouthpieces. 20/?
Since we wish to write about an age of disordered Eros, we need to put our characters through a cycle. They must desire something first. Sex is a good starting point. Let this desire be their obsession. 21/?
Now let them indulge in it. Let the reader indulge too. Give them the highs. But don’t make it comfortable. There needs to be room for reflection, especially in the heart of the reader. You can do this with cognitive dissonance. 22/?
Combine what is erotic with something disturbing, either action or circumstance. A good example is Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. She indulges sexually with adult men to cope with her childhood abuse, which makes the film’s erotic presentation uncomfortable. 23/?
Combining Eros with horror makes the reader/viewer feel disgusted with themselves: on one hand they are aroused, but they feel filthy for being so. It makes them feel like a creepy voyeur. This allows them to self-reflect about their own desires. 24/?
The character can turn themselves around after much suffering and loss, and provide a light for the reader. Or they can fall victim to their own tragic flaws, and make the reader wonder if they would’ve had the strength to do otherwise. The choice is yours. 25/?
Probably the best example of this sort of indulgence/reflection cycle is the music of Kanye West. At one moment, he can be whipped up in the throes of ego and sexual desire, only to reflect about his own neurosis and failings. This is the spirit of our age! 26/?
To confront the darkness of this age is not easy, because it will mean confronting your own inner darkness as well. But the process may very well help you to come to terms with it, and grow. The same will be the case for your audience. 27/?
Most of the modern creative industry is just that, an industry, pumping out HR corpo-nonsense to uphold the way of things. It is a duty of young artists therefore to create the real picture of this era, in all its darkness. And to provide the hope that things will be better. END

• • •

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