Newsom defeated a recall effort by campaigning against Trump and Trumpism. But this isn't a cynical strategy. It's evidence voters understand that Trump is an ongoing threat to democracy.…
It's tempting to roll your eyes at the Trump-centric campaigns of Newsom, as well as Phil Murphy and Terry McAuliffe. But the truth is that Trump is going to be the 2024 nominee and the danger he represents has not disappeared.
The Gen. Milley story is a reminder that Trump — who nearly all Republicans have pledged fealty to, and who is a shoo-in for the 2024 nomination — is an enemy of democracy and a danger not just to national, but world security.
Trump got worse since his failed coup. He is more determined than ever to, as he unsubtly threatened, make sure "we're not going to have a country left in three years."

Unfortunately, his next effort is being aided by election tampering by the GOP across the country.
But speaking out about Trump and Trumpism is not enough. If Democrats don't pass legislation to protect democracy, we're in real danger. Newsom survived because his state is deep blue. But the rest of the country is not so lucky.

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15 Sep
The handwringing about Milley's actions misses the point, which is *there are no good options during a coup*. By nature, a coup like the one Trump was attempting, is a breakdown of normal government lines of authority. And unfortunately, that creates impossible choices.
Milley had an impossible choice: Reject the rule of civilian authority over the military, or support a coup leader who is actively trying to end democracy and install himself as an autocrat. BOTH are illegal. So, given two bad choices, he let human decency guide him.
When people say democracy is fragile, that's what they mean. Once a coup is active, the concept of "legal" vs. "illegal" choices becomes gray, if not impossible. Mutiny against the president was a defense of the people. It's a tough call — no one should be forced to make it.
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14 Sep
Seeing this gambit spread, and it's a good example of how right wingers don't believe their own arguments, but just fill the air with noise to shut down all critical thinking.
We know this for one simple reason: Time scale. Even if being non-obese offered the same protection as vaccination (and it doesn't — nothing works as well as the shot), it takes months and years to lose weight.

It takes 3 weeks to get two doses of the shot. Do the math.
And, of course, people who roll out this gambit show that they're eugenicists at heart, who clearly see covid as a way to take out people they consider inferior. Never mind how many right wing talk radio hosts it's wiping out. That's what rationalization does to your brain.
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13 Sep
Biden's vaccine mandate is pitting the GOP's death cult against the business community, which is desperate to put this pandemic in the rear view mirror. And so far, the death cult is winning.…
The vaccine mandates are good for business, because they take the guesswork out of whether or not a company should impose a mandate. Plus, the end of the pandemic will be a boon for business.
Corporate leaders oppose the pandemic, which is bad for their bottom line. Culture warriors, however, are clearly on the side of the virus. That pits the two GOP constituencies against each other.
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12 Sep
Apropos of nothing in particular, one of my biggest pet peeves on the left is the assumption that everything in politics is about money. In reality, everything in politics is about power and status — and money matters because it is useful for power and status.
You see this crop up a lot when people make evil or baffling decisions — progressives assume someone benefits financially, even without evidence. And if that doesn't turn up, they just assume it must be there. But often it's perfectly explicable behavior in the power/status lens.
I blame liberatarians, who poisoned generations with their false ideology of "rational self-interest," with "rational" being defined in mostly, if not exclusively, financial terms, because it's easy to measure. But all self-interest is emotional, to be Twitter's David Hume.
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10 Sep
I appreciate what Paul is trying to argue here, but ultimately, where he's wrong is in imagining Republicans are for freedom in any meaningful way.

What they are is pro-dominance, spcifically white men dominating everyone else.…
What they claim as "freedoms" are just ways to exert dominance: Using guns to intimidate others. Being able to insult and degrade others without those people being able to speak back. Being able to infect others with covid. Forcing pregnancy on others.
The vaccine debate exposes this. In any common sense view, the pro-freedom side is clearly the vaccine side. Our daily lives are objectively less free because of anti-vaxxers. They are a very material, visceral threat to our freedom.…
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10 Sep
Reflections on the meaning of “terrorism” 20 years after 9/11, now that the main threat is from white supremacists — and their leader is a former president.…
Two decades after 9/11, Republicans are committed to electing a man who incited a terrorist attack on the Capitol to the White House. Image
Sadly, white supremacist and Christian fundamentalist terrorism has been a chronic problem in the U.S. Image
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