I've noticed that in this election the policies specifically directed to people with disabilities have not been well discussed. Let's look at the platforms and see what is there along with what we can deduce from their costing. /1 #exln44
Let's start with the NDP xfer.ndp.ca/2021/Commitmen…

On page 28, the NDP commits, in the section of a livable income, to "lifting every...person living with a disability out of poverty...." Now they don't define poverty, I don't know if they will use the MBM or the LIM (I doubt the LICO) and if it will vary by jurisdiction./3
There is also no information on how they will define disability for eligibility for this benefit.

Some of this then will have to be deducted from costing. From the costing document, they commit to the following profile which doesn't reach $5B until the fifth year.

That costing tells me that either the definition of disability will be very narrow (e.g. DTC or CPP-D) or the benefit will not in fact lift everyone out of poverty (just those near the threshold) or this is a supplement to existing provincial disability programs /5
How do I come this this conclusion? Well using the back of an envelope if we were to provide a GIS level income ($1800/mth) to 1 million beneficiaries we would lift 650,000 people out of poverty at a cost of $7.5B/yr /6
As a result, it is not clear on how to square the words with $ and with the complexity of defining and assessing eligibility for a disability benefit. We also have no idea if the 'livable income' will be met by one program or piecing together several fed/prov programs. /7
As someone who has been involved both in BC and with @Disability_WP trying to design a workable and imlementable programs that achieves the objective of eliminating poverty I can tell you all these details matter and it is not clear to me what exactly the NDP are proposing. /8
Onto the Liberals, now they have a disability statement. liberal.ca/wp-content/upl…

Here they talk about creating a new Canada Disability Benefit modelled after the GIS. While the did table legislation about this benefit, the legislation included no details. /9
I see no additional details about the potential CDB in the platform. The statement commits to reducing poverty among Canadian with disabilities which I know means using the MBM because that is in the Poverty Reduction Strategy. /10
I don't see any costing in the platform for a CDB. Not sure why, but possibly because they will be consulting heavily with the community to design the CDB. If I take them at word about the GIS narrative then see my tweet above about such a plan. /11
I have to wonder if costing is not here because the Budget 2021 said the following which really means the disability community will continue to wait for much needed income support /12
So much like the NDP plan we are lacking important details to truly understand what is being committed to. But it sounds like something in the order of $7-8B for this program. /13
The CPC's plan is to double the disability supplement in the Canada Workers Benefit, which only goes to people with disabilities that can work, and where the household income is below the threshold that allows you to qualify for the CWB. /14
Unfortunately, the cost is not separated from the companion proposal to double the CWB for everyone. They do say it will help nearly "90,000 disabled workers". Let's just say that is a very small proportion of those with disabilities. /15
Their other plan is to make it slightly easier to qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, which again only benefits those with disabilities with taxable income and whose tax owing allows for the use of the DTC to reduce it. The cost of this is 👇/16
I am not going to review any other plans because these are the plans for the two parties either of which will form the basis of the government and the one party in place to support if that is a minority government. /17
But it is pretty clear if you are a person with disability that would qualify for income support only the LPC and the NDP have some sense of plan here, but not enough details to know what exactly is on offer. /fin

• • •

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15 Sep
I am seeing that some people are confused about how to compare the CPC proposal for a refundable tax credit for child care vs the LPC/NDP proposal.I'll run through this using a fictional new family. /🧵 #Elxn44
I also start by assuming that if elected, any of these parties will actually finally fulfill their childcare commitment. We have a reason not to trust any of them on this file, but let's assume they are serious this time.
Let's also assume that in the case of the LPC/NDP, that all jurisdictions sign onto a bilateral agreement with the non-negotiable conditions of an average 50% fee reduction by December 2022 and an average of $10/day.
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15 Sep
Several months ago I sat down with @BestEvidencePod to talk about the BC BI report. There are BI advocates that go out of their way to only read the headline and not the 540 pages. Robbie though comes to this with knowledge of the details. Pod comes with a transcript /1
Since engaging in this work I’ve been slowly revealing details about me and my life that actually mean I come to the table with lived experience, albeit with more experience than I’ve revealed thus far. This is why I am a big advocate for intersectionality in policy discourse
I also care a lot about policy stability and many of our big, can’t touch programs, arose out of radical incrementalism. I also understand systems better than most and know what changes we need to make first before something is truly possible
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15 Sep
Thanks to @ArmineYalnizyan for her 🔥🔥🔥🔥.we need to make sure we understand everything here and the key aspect is there are long waitlists at licensed childcare providers because that is what most parents want.
Like many parents, I’ve cobbled together various types of ECE and child care, not by choice but because of Necessity. And it is harder to cobble it together when you do not live in a city with any family members
What is neglected in this conversation is that no province p, even Alberta, provides any subsidies that parents can access to unlicensed care. When public funds are used, damn straight we demand quality and transparency
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14 Sep
Tuning in because when one election ends, another ramps up
The first question is of course on property taxation. Calgary's property tax system is and has long been broken.
Will attracting businesses back to Calgary to fill our downtown core fix the property tax system as Grace Yan says? Nope, nope, nope.
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14 Sep
Today is a National Day of Action for Child Care. We need to invest public funds to build a robust, accessible, affordable, high=quality Early Childhood Education and child care system. /1 #elexn44
In this election there are some talking about out of control inflation yet somehow many of those talking about inflation and affordability never mention child care. Here is the CPI series for all items and child care (18-10-0005-01). /2
Notice how starting in 2007 the index for child care services separates from the trend for all items, growing faster. Investment in a rich ECE system in Canada is long overdue and is essential infrastructure in our modern economy /3
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8 Sep
Sigh. Green Party platform commits to its usual Guaranteed Livable income though fascinating to document how they revise their strategy to getting it down each time. 1. No implementation details
2. Thinks it can replace all the programs that have been designed and implemented to fill gaps. We did a very comprehensive analysis of programs. There is no such thing as one size fits all.
Also the UBI pilots they cite....ARE NOT BASIC INCOME PILOTS.
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