Maybe I'm wrong on this but I assume if the American conservative Catholic bishops were like "we're telling the pope to fuck off and doing what we want and becoming an arm of the Republican Party" they would lose access to the Church's property and bank accounts etc?
The Catholic bishops are conservatives in part because they are fancy lad rich boys but that also means they're not gonna take an ideological stance that results in a schism that would lead the Pope to cut off their credit cards?
The real pope is whichever of the two guys can call up the banks that have the American archidioceses' accounts and get the money transferred back to the Vatican. I suspect that's ultimately Francis?
Again maybe I'm hazy on the legalities here but The Catholic Church doesn't have bylaws, it's ultimately a sovereign state and the Pope is their absolute Monarch!
I assume there are at least a couple of lawyers and accountants working at the Vatican who have gamed this out ahead of time but who knows

• • •

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17 Sep
lmao Image
California homeowners love posting pictures of a house it looks like a registered sex offender lives in that is on the market for $980,000 and declaring that it would be a shame if it turned into 4 new homes instead.
We must preserve the house your parents told you to skip when trick or treating
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16 Sep
Absolutely. These protesters should put their faith in our democratic system and instead put their energy into defeating Brett Kavanaugh the next time he's up for reelection.…
Ah, I see. Well, elections have consequences, gotta respect the will of the majority I guess. Image
Idk appointing yourself unelected King Of America For Life seems like a pretty sweet deal overall, I don't know if it's a good look to insist that no one is allowed to be mad at you about it after the fact when there's nothing else they can do about it.
Read 4 tweets
16 Sep
This actually strikes me as an excessively generous interpretation of the motives of opponents of rental registries.
Rental registries make it much more obvious when landlords are breaking the law - both violating tenant protections and when they are falsifying financial documents! Both of which they like to do!
The thing the many landlords allegedly do where they have one set of books for their taxes (which say they don't make any money) and another set of books for when they are applying for loans (which say they make tons of money): hard to do if rents are public record!
Read 4 tweets
15 Sep
Anyone have any numbers on the relationship between multi-level-marketing sales in an area and an increase in GOP vote share?
Yea I don't know how you get good data on this
Anyway I'm especially interested in this with regards to heavily Hispanic or Spanish-speaking parts of the country, to be more explicit.
Read 4 tweets
15 Sep
The "save our seaport" shit always cracks me up because it's so disingenuous.

South Street Seaport has some historic stuff in it but is mostly a kitschy tourist-centric urban renewal project from the 1980s and one of the least beloved places in the entire city
Besides the usual "never build anything" activists, there's a bunch of very wealthy and well connected people who don't want their views of the East River blocked by a new building and there's not much more to this story than that
I grew up in Columbia, MD so am something of a James Rouse superfan, so have to admit I likely have a much higher awareness of what kitschy mall projects he developed than a normal person would
Read 11 tweets
15 Sep
I suspect that the actual upshot of the CA results is that the people who control GOP propaganda organs ease up on the anti-vaxx, anti-mask, anti-mandate stuff, as it dawns on them that having Covid still be a salient issue by 2022 will kill them with college-educated voters
Or maybe they say "lol its just California" and keep trying to mutate a new strain to ruin Biden's Presidency, but so far this strategy of theirs to keep the virus going seems to be badly backfiring.
Yes, it's definitely possible that the inmates are running the asylum here as the right wing media ecosystem has gotten more and fragmented and extreme
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