While reading @kafkaguy's book "Pedogate Primer" I was made aware of Kristin Snyder, who was part of the NXIVM cult. Her suicide note reads: "I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off." (cont'd)
"I still have feeling in my external skin, but my internal organs are rotting. Please contact my parents ... if you find me or this note. I am sorry life, I didn't know I was already dead. May we persist into the future.''
This feeling of your internal organs rotting or feeling empty is connected to the type of dissasociation which comes from trauma. Cults obviously instrumentalize this for purposes of control. If you consider the connections NXIVM had to prominent ppl like the Bronfmans
is it really a bridge too far to say that maybe in some of the other endeavors funded by the wealth, such as media, trauma conditioning such as this is also used?

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15 Sep
It really comes down to this-Saudi Arabia, a major US ally since the end of World War 2, has more or less been proven to have played an outsized role in 9/11, they have also been proven, with cover & help from the USA, to fund most of the Islamic terrorism in the world.
Don't really understand, especially when you consider the evidence that more or less proves Osama bin Laden's Cyclone-era org was working directly with the CIA in the run up to WTC bombing '93 through Al-Kifah Refugee Center, what other conclusion we're supposed to draw re: 9/11?
Like forget everything else, forget the evidence or supposed lack thereof for explosive charges, building 7, Larry Silverstein, insider trading, etc, etc. In light of this shit exactly what the fuck are we supposed to think about 9/11, especially when you also consider PNAC? Idgi
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15 Sep
It's kind of weird to me that a lot of lefties will take most of what Edward Bernays or Walter Lippman say about public relations & propaganda at face value but if you bring up someone like Estabrooks or Joly West who were just as credentialed & elite, they dismiss it as crankery
I guess the difference is that Noam Chomsky talked about one couple & forget to mention the other, despite being so well versed in Cold War politics. I wonder why that is? ImageImage
Something I don't get about anit-conspiracists is their claim that if things like JFK or whatever happened nobody would ever talk about it & if a few people did that means the public writ large would necessarily be made aware or care.
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13 Sep
I understand the idea that capitalists at this point in the game want & are trying to engineer a form of capitalism without internal contradictions & I don't doubt that they are experimenting with this at this very moment but I don't see much evidence of success personally
You can call me an optimist or whatever if you want but I just don't see how "neo-feudalism" can exist as such. I think people look at the Great Reset stuff & history since the end of the Cold War & get overly pessimistic about the future
Like, you could manufacture something that could reasonably be called "neo-feudal" I guess in one part of the world, but you would have to do it at the expense of the great majority. There is still the seeds of class conflict there. Why the doomerism?
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12 Sep
A vegan mutual pointed out to me, when we were talking about my current research into child abuse, that there's an element to it which stems from Big Ag/Factory Farming IE children being conditioned to be less sympathetic about animals raised for food. ImageImage
I am not a vegan personally (was vegetarian for about a year & still don't eat red meat regularly) but I think that you definitely have to acknowledge how much the development of Big Ag has inflicted both ecologically & psychologically
I think the argument that Big Ag has to be this way obscures how much waste it produces just because that is either more profitable or more sustainable on the business end while often being apocalyptic on the ecological side.
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12 Sep
archive.is/CSruV "The number of Americans quitting their jobs previously hit historic highs in 2019, before the pandemic hit. But the current set of record highs comes alongside record levels of job openings & historically high hiring"
"Taken in total, June marks yet another month of more workers than ever quitting their jobs — especially in traditionally low-wage industries. If the last three months are any indication, that's a trend that's still holding strong" Image
"A July survey from Joblist, first reported by Bloomberg, found that one in three service workers wouldn't return to the industry, and half wouldn't return to their old roles. They wanted better pay, conditions, and benefits."
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12 Sep
Gonna state some facts relevant to 9/11, Bush, the War on Terror etc. You can think what you want about them, I just feel that they should be considered today. The first is that John Ellis, Bush's 1st cousin, was the one at Fox News who called the 2000 election for Bush
It's difficult to believe now, but Jeb Bush, George W's brother, was at one time a relatively influential force within GOP politics, & was the governor of Florida at the time of Election 2000.
The company tasked with counting the votes, Database Technologies, purged 1000s of voters from the rolls, including a large number of black voters not likely to vote for Bush, as part of a gambit to supposedly prevent ex-felons from voting. Database's contract was worth $4million
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