it’s funny how now we get 10 billion stories about life under Taliban rule when there was none about what it’s like to live under a US sponsored Afghan pedophile warlord that kidnaps children with helicopters and is a guest speaker on CNN
we had to send multiple soldiers back to the states because they became so enraged by what they saw they laid hands on the warlords or their lackeys and that was not considered conducive to our "allies"…
it was so common, we had to tell the troops explicitly to do nothing and not assist the Afghan families who begged us to help

part of the Taliban's appeal to the populace back in the 1990s was that they banned the practice of warlords taking child slaves…
the US-based private military contractors that we let loose in Afghanistan were also involved in trafficking of children

embarrassed, the Afghan government asked the US to do something but the DoD said they couldn't due to contractual obligations…
another fun note, The Kite Runner, written by Afghan-American author Khaled Hosseini who had not lived in Afghanistan since the 1970s, cast the practice as "traditional" and made a Taliban leader, a participant and the main antagonist

Laura Bush called it "really great"
this despite the fact that Taliban made it an offense punishable by death

under the lens of orientalism, the practice is laundered as traditional, when it only emerged in its modern form in the late 19th century as Afghanistan became part of the imperial "Great Game"
the modern form is attributed to Emir Sayyid Mir Muhammad Alim Khan, the last ruling direct descendant of Genghis Khan who ruled an area over central asia including Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, it's said he had a massive harem of boys and girls
however in 1920, a disciplined corps of Red Army soldiers arrived and the Emir fled. During his flight to Kabul, he started periodically shedding dancers from his child harem one-by-one in the hopes that his pursuers had the same predilections and would slow down
have i mentioned that the Emir's daughter, Shukria Raad Alimi, worked for Voice of America, the US's radio propaganda outlet, as an editor and presenter for VOA's Dari Service (Dari is a Persian dialect spoken in Afghanistan)
like we call it a centuries old practice but it was banned in the Ottoman Empire in like the 1850s and the primary progenitor of the modern form we have like color photographs of the dude taken in like 1911, it's "centuries old" but like barely

• • •

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14 Sep
the strange end to the circumstances of the Lin Biao incident. a tremendous figure in Chinese military history half-heartedly attempts a coup, gets into a plane, flies in circles, and crashes in Mongolia, sparking endless speculation
its believed that by 1971, Lin Biao had become deeply passive and inactive. Soviet doctors diagnosed him as bipolar in 1953 but his family rejected the diagnosis. Mao and Lin drifted apart, and he refrained from public appearances and any speaking unless he had to.
with his ill health, his wife Ye Qun and his son, a general in the Air Force, Lin Liguo began manipulating the old man and his name to get things done. They hatched Project 571, a plot to kill Mao and take over the government with loyal PLAAF units.
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LSS (Low, Slow, Small) targets such as multicopter drones and modern airplanes can be easily targeted by future laser systems. therefore, we must consider defenses against these systems now such as highly reflective paints and ablative armor

white paints like anti-flash white are the most basic defense against future laser weapons, but they may carbonize under directed energy attack

perhaps mixing in glitter or reflective metal or mica chips into the paint would help redirecting some of that energy
for larger vehicles, ablative armor in the form of paints with special behaviors may be considered. I believe the Russians now paint their new nuclear missiles with a type of paint that generates copious amounts of smoke when heated

this smoke disperses laser energy
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fluid nightmare transitions are great because even if i worm my way out of one nightmare, it seamlessly transitions into a new one

from trapped in a secret snowy mountain base with a creature, to a mean girls murder mystery plot, to just marauding teens attacking people
the final one involved me taking a survivor from the mean girls mystery murder plot into a Victorian-ass looking haunted mall. i didn't realize this mall was actually a zone where there is no death because moments later i was shot in the face by one of the teens
i felt my face get blown apart and fall down the stairs, then i felt my face restitch itself back together and waking up in a start at the bottom of the stairs as all the toyhouse maids and shit were staring at me
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i try not to give concrete numbers because people see those as a target to hit, not a guideline. But if we're talking about 120/122mm caliber guns and mortars, on average to achieve neutralization of hastily dug in troops you need about 150 rounds per hectare of enemy
obviously, defer to your forward observers if you need more or less

and remember what you learned in class, neutralization means to disrupt the enemy and temporarily prevent them from achieving any combat maneuver, about 30% casualties
equipment is included in that 30% number, even if everyone survives, if their vehicles are wrecked, they are incapable of motorized maneuvers and therefore ineffective except in their local area

even if all you did was throw tracks and pop tires, that's a few hours of repairs
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in order to maximize the chaos to the CIA and State Dept, we should all be spreading wild rumors that the Cuban Brain Beam is like a bioweapon or a US Army vaccination project gone wrong, or some other nonsense that's difficult to investigate
maybe it's an ancient paleodisease that we can't detect that was sucked up from the ancient reservoirs in the California deep groundwater and only affects those State Dept and CIA personnel that ate imported foods from the US that went bad
have we considered maybe Elon Musk's new satellite constellation in their orbits just coincidentally happens to be above all the US embassies where people are getting sick? Perhaps the specific frequency of his satellite internet makes sensitive people sick
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if you're wondering about the fungal superbug, Candida auris was first discovered in 2009 in Japan and by 2011 a disease causing variant was discovered in South Korea. It is highly resistant to various antifungal drugs and is often misidentified as other candida infections. A diagram showing how they currently believe Candida auris f
Climate change is turning the entire planet into a petri dish selecting for microorganisms that can only grow in warm, wet environments like the insides of our bodies, agriculture exposes them to antibiotics and antifungals, and finally these rare rural diseases migrate to cities
The COVID-19 pandemic provides the final hit, the lack of PPE and all these people with weakened immune systems and respiratory systems are stuck together. Living inside wet-warm reused PPE, it hops into weakened patients and evolves into more human tolerant versions
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