What does the Atkins diet and Japanese Diet have in common?

While one favours the consumption of more carbohydrates.

The other favours consumptions of fats.

Truth is they both work.


Because they somehow eliminate FRUCTOSE.
Japanese eats a lot of complex carbs, potatoes, rice, Beans, lentil, couple with a lot of chicken and seafood.

Atkins on the other hand favours low carb, cucumber, asparagus, Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower

Fats, animal fats, butter, ghee, coconut oil, olive oil In huge amount
They some how manage to eliminate fruits, fruit juice, carbonated drinks, refined carbs bread, pasta, Semo, vegetable oils.

Atkins Diets also known as Keto diets has been very effective in reversing metabolic diseases

Diabetes, high triglycerides, low HDL, HBP, Fatty liver etc
I have said this before FRUCTOSE is not needed by your body.

It's only metabolised to make up for glucose deficit.

But we always in a fed start( our energy stores full)if you keep consuming this fructose

It converts to Triglycerides, triglycerides is micro fats needed by
Your cells for energy.

HDL work is to deplete this triglycerides carrying it back to your liver.

What happens when you are constantly in fed states.

You keep secreting hormone called INSULIN, it's principal work is to promote Storage.

Fructose itself doesn't need insulin
Because it's metabolised directly by the liver.

Frequent consumption of FRUCTOSE lead to Non alcoholic fatty liver Diseases.

The liver is this state is overwhelmed with fats so it pushes it around your belle and internal organs

A dangerous fat called viceral fats
Japanese started having metabolic issues when they started consuming western diets which favours the consumption of SUGAR.

One of the healthiest population started getting Sick.

Because of the poison called Sugar.

If you check back history when sugar was very minimal or
Non existent, people just had infections to contend with pneumonia, influenza, salmonella, Malaria.

Now we are having a pandemic that's not getting enough attention.

Pandemic of metabolic syndrome, with a rise in sugar addiction

It's spiralling out of control
Nutrition was never to be complicated, in short I have been more bothered about what to eat and what not eat.

Varieties should be in terms of natural, whole and delicious foods you enjoy.

If your favourite foods is ultra processed and contains sugar

Unfavor it
Try to remove any food that contribute a lot of FRUCTOSE to your body

This post as usual is to stimulate your reasoning and help you make better choices as regards to your health.

Not a medical advice.

Read and share.

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13 Sep
The day I dropped a tweet that people should eat maximum of twice a day, it was full of mixed reactions.

First forward it today people that stick it out are having the best time of their lives fit and metabolically healthy.

The human body is more suited to starvation
That's why it's quite easier to gain weight.

Ancient fruits was more of a blessing than curse

The liver ability to convert fructose to fat was to help cover for calorie deficit during a hunt for food.

Today's food is to dense in calories we don't need.

Modern fruits
Contains more fructose.

We have wheat and derivatives

Starch grains all forming a pivotal part of our diets.

Truth is we can't eat our way to good health, but we can achieve a lot with fasting.

When you start eating for nourishment over Energy

You become more in charge.
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10 Sep
Cholesterol is part of your body metabolism.

High cholesterol is not Dangerous

High LDL is not dangerous.

Where the problem is when you have high triglycerides to low HDL.

That's when you are at risk of stroke or cardiovascular disease
Cholesterol is a very pivotal part of your transport system, hormones cell membrane among others.

A healthy liver produces up to 80% cholesterol for you body

The rest being sourced from your diets, which account to less than 30%

What causes cardiovascular Disease is Plaque
This plaques are made from sugar debris, other blood impurities.

The function of HDL is to pick this debris and impurities and carry it back to your liver.

For recycling or removing it from your blood.

LDL is work is to carry cholesterol from the liver to cells that's needs
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10 Sep
Red Meat

Whosoever pushed the agenda that red meat is unhealthy must have been really influencial

I mean I was even taught in school, i believed it's true for so many years.

Until some accidental learning just last year.
Red meat is the best source of natural iron.

Followed by liver

Combine red meat with bell peppers and green leafy veggies you have blood iron in abundance.

Metabolism of heme iron can't be complete without vital micros like copper and vitamin C.

Best absorbed naturally
Iron supplements can help with improved iron markers.

But the problem is whether the iron is useful

Iron toxicity is implicated in so many diseases including some cancers and weight gain.

For Iron to be effectively utilized by the body, there must be presence of
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9 Sep
If your boiled eggs comes out like this.

It's belongs to the trash, I repeat

Trash it

It can be infected with Botulium toxins

Botulism is very deadly.
If you are not in my Telegram you missing a lot

I drop so much stuff there that I don't drop here

After the 4000th person, it becomes a paid channel

Join and RT, please t.me/joinchat/WQvK7…
Botulium toxins is also in same group like Aflatoxin from Rotten Tomatoes.

Pretty stable even other extreme heat

Whether you fry or boil you still in Danger.

Egg is 60 per one, but I'm not sure you ready to treat botulism

Usually Fatal
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3 Sep
Unlearn this things.

-Fat is bad for you.

-You only need 1 egg a day

-Fasting will make you weak and malnourished

-Protein harm your kidneys

-Fruit is a lifesaver

-Red meat is bad for you

-Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Fat is not bad for you.

Seed oils and margarine are bad , fat is necessary for cholesterol and growth, and sex hormones synthesis.

All your cell membranes are made from fats.

Extra fat is necessary for your child's optimum health

Choose from
-olive oil
-pure palm oil

Don't eat low fat foods
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8 Jul
Hidden hunger

A weird situation

Find out why

Hidden hunger is a situation where you are deficient in vital micronutrients which are necessary for general metabolism

Common ones are
-Vit B12

A lot of people are deficient in one or two of this

Others more
But here is the most interesting part

**gulps water**

You know with hidden hunger don't know they have it because how can you eating well, but you are hungry.

It's doesn't make sense, does it?

But consumption of
-high energy turnovers
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