Spike Protein from Virus or Vaxx is a toxin in the body and can "wake up" other latent viruses and bacteria and cause them to show symptoms, like swollen testicles or inflammation of the skin
• SARS-CoV-2 spike protein induces HERVs.
In #LongCovid we know from the work of #IncellDx that the spike protein either from virus OR vaxx stays in the cells (monocytes) of the Pts. 20/30% of the time. The #S1 subunit dysregulates the autonomic nervous system, and can "awaken" latent viruses:
If you want more proof of what the spike (from virus or vaxx) does in the body, do a Twitter search of my handle and one or more of the following #'s #Spike #SpikeProtein #S1 #S1Subunit #toxin #Toxic or just #pandemicplaylist
It doesn't stay in the muscle:
Influenza does something similar, shutting down the body's immune responses, and allowing other microbes in the body to cause further disease.

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18 Sep
🌬️Rock You Like a Hurricane🌬️

By profiling 18 immune cell dynamics at day 1 post-vaxx, we identified 6 cellular dynamics that CORRELATED WITH the ADVERSE EVENTS as well as the induction of neutralizing antibodies at later time points
This study identifies the REDUCTION of>
NKT-like cells in PERIPHERAL BLOOD as an additional correlate of high antibody titers and SEVERITY of SYSTEMIC SYMPTOMS; these findings accounted for higher magnitudes of both events in FEMALES and lower magnitudes in the ELDERLY. The most striking finding...was to identify the>
REDUCTION of DC3s and CD11c- AS-DCs as the SPECIFIC CORRELATES for ADVERSE EVENTS, and the COMBINATION of 2 PARAMETERS successfully PREDICTED the vaxxed who suffered from ADVERSE EFFECTS.>
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18 Sep
Don't Come Around Here No More

We detected serum Spike Protein (up to 35 DAYS POST-VAXX) and sACE2 in all Vaxxine Induced Thrombocytopenia Thrombosis patients, and respectively in 2 and 3 out of 7 vaxxed Healthy Controls. ONLY PLATELETS FROM one NON-VAXXED HC expressed ACE2.>
VITT sera MARKEDLY ACTIVATED PLATELETS and this activation was inhibited by both anti-SP and anti-FcγRIIA blocking antibodies. The thrombus showed positive immunohistochemical labelling of platelets using an anti-SP antibody with REDUCED ACE2 expression, compared to a thrombus>
from a pre-pandemic stroke patient. Markers of ENDOTHELIAL DYSFUNCTION, NETs and hypercoagulability state were PRESENT IN ALL VITT sera.
#EVIDENCE that DNA vaxx-encoded SC2 Spike Protein is detectable in VITT sera (several weeks post-vaxx) in a platelet-rich thrombus...
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17 Sep

A marker for the severeness and disease progress of COVID is overexpression of serum amyloid A (SAA) to levels that in other diseases are associated with a risk for SAA AMYLOIDOSIS...SAA amyloidosis could also be a long-term risk of SC2 infections...we study>
the effect of a SC2 protein segment on SAA amyloid formation...we find that the presence of the 9-residue segment SK9, located at the C-terminus of the ENVELOPE protein, increases the propensity for SAA FIBRIL FORMATION by 3 mechanisms: it reduces the stability of the>
lipid-transporting hexamer shifting the equilibrium toward monomers, it increases the frequency of aggregation-prone configurations in the resulting chains, and it raises the stability of SAA fibrils.
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17 Sep
💉Dear Peter,💉

Imagine a scientific system that functions in the same self-referencing, idea-laundering way academia does, with all of its associated institutions and journals bullying HCW and Pts. into compliance for profit. #TheVaxxed #BabyGotVaxxed #FauciLiedPeopleDied
These PharmaBros/Public Health Officials accomplish this by passing off their #ProfitMotive in a pandemic as knowledge;...as if these terms describe facts about the world... And while some of these ideas may contain bits of truth, they AREN’T SCIENTIFIC. By and large, they’re>
the musings of #PharmaBros and #RegulatoryCaptured PHO's. Here’s how it works: First, various PharmaBros and PHO's have strong financial impulses about something....they convince themselves that the clinical concept of NATURAL IMMUNITY (a medical term) is merely a story>
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17 Sep
🏀Super Balls is Super Wrong🏀


Why Colbert's Science is Junk🍒
.Stephen @colbert's #GeezerScience and"Expert!" @LateShowColbert @CBS @CBSNews refuting of @NICKIMINAJ's very credible anecdote is the
Pharma-Media-complex bullying an individual
who dares to challenge their narrative.
Big Pharma has big balls @CBSSports but not big brains.
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