Found a glorious TikTok account: "Design Secrets", which explains the technical and psychological design rationale behind everyday things.

Here are 14 gems 🧵
1/ MOVIE THEATRE SEATS & CURTAINS are red because it is the first color the human eye loses sight of when lights dim (or in darkness).

With this effect, people focus on the show instead of surroundings.
2/ DRAIN PIPES are U-shaped to create a one-way valve that lets water flow but also traps dangerous gases.

◻️ Water flows down
◻️ The U-shape collects some water, creating a "seal"
◻️ Gases from the plumbing can NOT pass up to the sink because of the "water trap"
3/ SWISS RAILWAY CLOCKS run 1.7% faster than normal clocks, meaning the second hand hits the top of the clock after 58 seconds (instead of 60 seconds).

This gives a train 2 full seconds to arrive at a station "on time", which helps maintain the illusion of punctuality.
4/ LONDON PUBS have funny names ("Elephant & Castle", "Bat & Ball", "The Red Lion", "The Owl and The Cat") because many are centuries old...

...when a large part of the population was illiterate, so owners "named" their pubs after recognizable objects that could be seen.
5/ AIRPORTS BAGGAGE CLAIM is often placed as far away from the arrival gate as possible.


To limit how much passengers "wait around" for luggage. The extra distance gives workers time to unload luggage while passengers are walking to baggage claim.
6/ PHARMA PILL BOTTLES are this type of orange because the color blocks out UV lights (which can damage medicine).

But the color is also transparent enough for people to see how much meds they still have.
7/ TENNIS COURTS almost always face north-south (instead of east-west).

This is because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, which would be blinding for someone serving a ball at those times of day.
8/ EMERGENCY EXIT DOORS only *push* outwards.

This standard was implemented after a Boston restaurant (Coconut Grove) caught on fire in 1942.

Hundreds of people died because the exit doors were *pull* only, which couldn't open with so many people pushing up against it.
9/ AIRPLANES are mostly color white. Here is why:

◻️ White reflects sunlight (prevents overheating)
◻️ Paint is expensive ($50-200k to paint a 747)
◻️ Paint is heavy (more weight = more fuel)
◻️ Easier to spot cracks
◻️ In case of ocean crash, white contrasts w/ water for search
10/ DRINK GLASSES at bars and clubs are all see-through.

It's psychology 101: everyone can see how much booze you have left in your glass and if you walk around the club with an empty drink, you look like a cheap you buy another one (or bum one from your friend lol).
11/ CONVERSE SHOES have fuzzy fabric on the soles.

It's for tax reasons: Import taxes on shoes are 25%. However, if half the sole is fabric, it's classified as a "slipper" and the tax is 2%.

This is known "tariff engineering" and happens in many other industries.
12/ AIRPLANE WINDOWS have rounded corners.

The world's 1st commercial jet (106 Comet) had square windows. The corners on these windows caused stress fractures and resulted in fatal crashes.

Rounded corners distribute the stress more evenly, helping keep integrity of the frame.
13/ THE EAST SIDE OF MANY CITIES are poorer than the west.

Majority of cities are located in the middle latitude of the globe, where winds typically blow *west to east*.

With pollution blowing in that direction, wealthier residents moved to the west side.
14/ If you enjoyed that, I do interesting threads like this 1-2x a week.

Follow @TrungTPhan to catch them in your feed.

Here's another one that might tickle your fancy:
15/ We will discuss these baller designs with @jackbutcher on the next episode of Not Investment Advice (NIA):…
16/ Here is the most popular Design Secrets TikTok: “Why cartoon necks have collars”.

Def follow this glorious account:
17/ Here is the Twitter account for the Design Secrets creator: @SvilenK.

h/t @IvanNikolow for pointing out.

• • •

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16 Sep
This is so frickin cool
This YouTube comment nails it:

🔗 Image
Anyways, here’s a related George Lucas tweet:
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14 Sep
Mailchimp just sold to Intuit for $12B.

The Atlanta-based email marketing firm has taken no VC money.

Even more impressive, its CEO and co-founder Ben Chestnut has the cleanest “Experience” section in the history of Linkedin:
Built it for 21 years!!

💎🙌 should be renamed to 🌰 🙌
Great nugget from @alexrkonrad.

In 2015-16, Mailchimp valued at $2B by a NY PE firm.

Chestnut left that number on peice of paper in his safe for his wife to use (and shop Mailchimp) if anything happened to him.

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12 Sep
This is Lex Greensill.

He founded Greensill Capital to disrupt "supply-chain finance", a $500B industry supporting global trade.

A year ago, Greensill was headed for a $30B+ IPO. Now, it's worth $0 (oh, and Softbank was a big backer).

Here's the story 🧵
1/ First, what is supply chain finance (SCF)?

Let's say you supply widgets to a car company. Typically, you give CarCo 90-120 days to pay its invoice for the widgets.

Waiting for the money sucks, though. You have working capital needs that the CarCo money could help cover.
2/ Let's say your invoice to CarCo is $1000.

A bank or finance firm will offer you this SCF deal:

1⃣ Advance you $990
2⃣ Take on the credit risk of CarCo's bill owing
3⃣ At 90-120 days, the bank/financier collects $1000 from CarCo and profits $10
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11 Sep
When a startup claims it has “AI” or “ML” and then you take a look at the actual tech
Or as @elonmusk would say:

“I discourage the use of machine learning because it’s very difficult: 99.9% of the time, you do not need it.”

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9 Sep
You've def heard of "The Hero's Journey", the narrative structure dating back to Homer's Odyssey in ~7th century BC.

A great way to learn the framework is comparing scene-by-scene images from 2 modern classics of the story type: "Star Wars" and "The Matrix". #TheMatrix

0/ The "Hero's Journey" was coined by Joseph Campbell, an American literary prof.

He studied ancient myths and found many shared a similar character arc (AKA the "monomyth").

It follows 12 stages, with a hero venturing from an "ordinary world" to a "special world" and back.
1/ Ordinary world

The hero's normal life before the adventure begins:

◻️ Luke Skywalker lives on a farm in Tatooine
◻️ Neo is a corporate slave in The Matrix
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6 Sep
As you know, Elizabeth Holmes is on trial for defrauding investors and patients.

Her blood-testing startup Theranos raised $700m+ and reached a $10B valuation before imploding.

Why exactly did Theranos technology (nanotainer, Edison, miniLab) fail, though?

Here's a breakdown🧵
1/ Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford at 19 and founded Theranos in 2003.

One of Theranos' founding myths is that Holmes had a "traumatic fear" of needles and blood.

Her idea: create a system that could run all medical tests on a single drop of blood (via a finger prick).
2/ You're def familiar with the more common blood test method she tried to disrupt.

Known as venipuncture, a phlebotomist draws "whole blood" -- aka blood with none of the components (plasma, platelets) removed -- from a vein.

Then, these samples are sent to a lab for testing.
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