This is a thread about why the Sunday Times report about Rosie Duffield is probably bollocks and the result of weaselly words

CN: All of the above and transphobia, references to non-binary people being blasted by Duffield and get the idea.

The Sunday Times has a report about Rosie Duffield

Headline & subheading: "Speaker’s anger as extremists terrorise Labour MP Rosie Duffield

"Threats after feminist branded ‘transphobic’"

What kind of threats? Death threats? Violence?

Let's take a look at the article. THREAD
Opening paragraph...we learn from this that she has received "online threats"

So we know how she got them. Not clear yet on what kind of threats. If they were death threats or threats of violence...wouldn't they be in the headline? Maybe not. Let's keep going. "The Speaker of the House of Commons has made an unprec a quote from the speaker of the House.

"Without fear of harm"

What kind of harm? Maybe they will mention what kind of harm later... goes over her history of transphobia. Only women have a cervix...that trans women should be excluded from public spaces required by human beings to function in society...same old same old...
Okay, the threats are apparently serious enough that Duffield will not be attending the Labour Party's annual conference.

Okay...let's take another chunk and see if it tells us anymore about the threats....
.."threats of intimidation"

What does that mean?

What the hell did these "militant" trans activists threaten to do to Rosie Duffield?

How have we not got that yet in a news article that is...ABOUT THAT? Hoyle said: “Parliamentarians, who have been elected to sp
Then some more quotes from Duffield where she says she believes those who "attack her views" are mostly straight white men and some women who want to be "very woke".

So...that's about people who attack her views.

Okay, is disagreeing with someone....a threat now?
Okay..a few things here...

...if you wanted to not be the centre of attention, why are you talking about it to the fucking Sunday Times?

And don't think you are going to be attacked? Attacked physically?

If they were death threats, bomb threats, threats of physical you honestly think the Sunday Times is going to leave that out?

Nobody would leave that out. They got to get subscribers, they got get peepers on their content!
It goes on, covers stuff that isn't specifically about Duffield, it talks about about how an MP received anti semitic abuse and a mention that every female MP has had a lot of abuse, stalkers and police involvement with obsessed people.
So..."militant trans activists" have done "threats" (not specific) and the article about it likens her being called a transphobe by many (because...she is) with being stalked, and further up puts it in the same catergory as the Capital Hill attacks and the murder of MP Jo Cox.
Then...she attacks non-binary people. Because of course. The Sunday Times paints this as her not refusing to speak out on the issue of...whether we should be allowed to use public facilities that humans need to participate in society.
Okay. So...

...I would bet all the money in my bank account that this got cooked. And the "threats" are just trans people pointing out she is a transphobe. Which SHE IS.

And the Sunday Times are now portraying trans people speaking out as "militant" and "threats"
If they were death threats, threats of violence or threats that could they not include that?
People must be leaving this report thinking that trans activists are militant and dangerous even though they didn't have the stuff to corroborate it.

So they mix and conflate with trans people being like "no, you're a transphobe" with threats and make us look dangerous.
Last time I remember seeing this trick was when Julie Bindel, in The Sunday Times again, claimed a trans person "violently assaulted her" but in the piece admitted that she was not violently assaulted by an stretch of the imagination. She was screamed at by someone at a distance.
Guess what everyone reading that thought happened.

Guess what everyone without a subscription, who only had a headline, thought had happened.

The Sunday Times have done similar things since 2016. being vague JUST in the right places to give trans folks the worst name they can.
This is the scariest report I have seen since I started doing this.

Because it is doing what they have always done

Twist our words into the worst thing they can.

Only this time, it's about making trans peoples words look like terrorism
Think it should go without saying, but online threats are bullshit. Nobody should do them. We have had them, alot (actual threats of death and violence) and they suck.

But...if this was that they would have fucking said so.

They want us to shut up.

Don't. Ever. Shut. up.

• • •

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Trans folks: "We want to get from -5 to 0"

Transphobes: "How dare you ask for 5. You can't take that 5 away from us"

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Hadley Freeman promoted the idea that trans people shouldn't be allowed to access public spaces that human beings need to participate in society

She's now quit columns, bemoaning how some take opinions they disagree with as a sign that the person with them is a bad person (1/5)
Earlier this year she put out a column specifically about how she has lost friends because she is anti-trans and how this isn't right because people should be able to disagree and still be friends.

(2/5) Byline from the Guardian article with a picture of her next
How disconnected from reality do you have to be to think that holding the opinion that a minority is less deserving of accessing public spaces because they are that minority...isn't going to make a some people think "this is a bad person"?

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Thread from a cis journalist who is good.

Response fromthe NHS: "We just stapled together the same thing we've been sending out for months when it comes to any questions about trans kids"

Response from Paul Conrathe (Keira Bell legal team goblin man): "We are going for gillick"
Hmm....they are going for the whole gillick competence thing eh?

Almost as if that was the plan the whole goddam time.

Gillick Competence is a thing used to measure a childs ability to consent to medical treatment. It became a thing because a kid wanted birth control.
Considering that both Paul Conrathe and Alasdair Henderson (Bell's barrister) are pro life christian fundies it is ASTONISHING to hear that they want to destroy the thing that allows under 18's to have abortions and get trans healthcare.

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Everything we say gets twisted by cis people who hate us.

“Trans people broadly aren’t considered viable sexual partners”


“Trans people want to coerce people into sex, rapists!”

“We need access to certain public spaces, public toilets, abuse refuges, the same as everyone else”


“You want to open the door to every sex offender/commit sexual offences yourself”
“JK Rowling is arguing that Trans people shouldn’t be allowed to access certain public spaces because they are trans”


“You are attacking a woman for having opinions!”
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Maybe cis people, famous or not, need to really think about what JK Rowling actually said and maybe ask why trans people would be so angry

We didn't attack her because of a 'difference in opinion'

She told the world that we shouldn't be allowed in certain public spaces

It has been over a year and still random journalists are asking random famous people for their opinion on the whole JK anti trans stuff and STILL this same line gets trotted out

"The attacks on JK Rowling just for having an opinion, ghastly"

They never look at what she said.
So here it is, what she said boiled down from 4k words to...some words but less...

Trans women shouldn't be allowed in single sex spaces
Trans men, adorable but probably deluded and autistic
Trans kids aren't real
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I have been at a location where asylum seekers are placed to wait until the home office deals with their applications to remain in the UK. I have talked to many residents and talked a lot with a transgender resident. Here is a thread about what I have seen, been told and thought
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Here is tonight’s dinner. It’s not great. It was served cold. It went uneaten. It looked worse in person…
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