Is it truly #VtubersAreOverParty ??

We see so many drop out of the scene and now give a retrospective on their individual disillusionment. I took time to research this and contemplate on predictions that I had been making for the past year as to why this would happen 🧵
What I found while compiling testimonials both in private and searching here on Twitter is not shocking.

What we are seeing is a spike in realization of what it takes to be a VTuber alongside things like burn-out, dissolution of cliques, and more I'll dive into
1) Rise n Grind is toxic and accelerates burn-out

What you will see if you ask VTubers not just now, but before and likely in the near future is that it takes a lot of work to be successful in this new field.

The way in which you work matters a lot.
If your expectations going into a new industry that you also have a hand in forming is driven by excitement and perhaps naivete of what brought you into this field in the first place.

Most VTubers idolize the VTubers that inspired them to begin with and wish to emulate them
What you are doing is chasing a facade of success that doesn't apply to your context. What makes one person and corporation successful will not apply to you. Realizing this will cause existential dread and burn out. A sense of worthlessness for hours put in without any gains
If your mindset is simply: "Just make more content, just stream more, just do what the successful people do", then you aren't paying attention to your own unique situation, data sets, your own community/audience, or the quality of your content
When expectations don't meet reality, yeah, it sucks ass. I've been there. I've been making content for 7 years. I'm at peace with the value of failure.

Those who are at peace with failure will not be deterred by it, but rather understand it as a learning opportunity.
To Rise n Grind and idolize Work as an aesthetic rather than do the sensible thing of working with SMART goals, individualizing your pathway, remembering your own context, doing what you can to segment and stand out, etc, is just foolish.

Work for work's sake is stupid
2) Careerism

Many folks dropping out of the scene are people who went into this with the hopes of turning this into a lucrative career.

They saw booming markets, came in, struck out. This is a classic tale of Gold Rush stories.
This is not to say that VTubing is not a career to take at all! This is to say that a lot of folks dropping out are what I call "Prospectors".

The Prospector cares not for the fans who bring them up, cares not to individualize and differentiate, but only cares for a quick buck
The Prospector will not last long in any market or industry. This is quite common to see and will always show such patterns with new markets (see Tech Industry for ongoing failures and uninspired products).
Not as prevalent but still present are burned out hobbyists. This is a loss that we should be more conscientious of and work harder to prevent.

Hobbyists are vastly outnumbered by careerists and prospectors combined. The value of hobbyists is a topic for another day
3) Dissolution of cliques

This one is much simpler and straightforward. No industry, market, field, hobby, etc is without human interaction. Human interaction involves dealing with one another for better and for worse.

Drama is normal. Time passes, cliques and communities die
What kills cliques and communities is not cAncEl cUltUre, but really a lack of respect for boundaries, lack of communication, lack of respect for one another and ourselves, the list goes on in this tune.

Immaturity and privilege are what kills interpersonal relationships
What could be fueling this could possibly be the sheer volume of drama, abuse, scamming, etc that plagues this scene. Those aren't all solid reasons depending on who you ask, but rather I can imagine they are just things that pile on the stress
4) Barrier to entry has been raised over time

No matter how many popular tweets and threads are made, there is no escaping the writing on the wall to what aesthetics are most preferred by current VTuber Fans™️: anime, Live2D or well made custom 3D models, and a few other things
What doesn't prevent one from success would be being male as we see a number of success stories from small, mid size and larger VTubers. What does prevent one from success is unsaid but clear: being proud of one's marginalized identities. These are rampant in society at large too
The skill curve it takes to reduce costs is growing exponentially to keep up with current market demands that include technical prowess with VRoid/Unity/Blender or Live2D and one's art skills. Those who can utilize these skillets and utilize them well are who currently remains
This currently prevents indie talent from entering the scene even if it can be "free" to start VTubing. While it is true that you can be Pre-Debut, PNG, and 3D without custom work, you are currently dealing with barriers to grabbing the attention of the main VTuber fandom
One of the main barriers to catching the attention of VTuber Fandom is competing with corporate talent from Hololive, Nijisanji, and popular indies like VShoujo, Snuffy, etc

This specific market has always intersected and drawn from the Anime Community™️, which is a can of worms
You either utilize the power of memes and get damn good at it, get good at voice acting and acting in general to be able to keep up an act, have intuitive understanding of what anime fans want and excelling at emulating anime tropes and trends

It's a red ocean with few winners
Bonus points if you're good at singing, dancing, and also can afford MMD, producers and mixers for music videos, which can be done for free but is yet another barrier to entry is being able to have these music production skills.

Video editing and graphic design are necessities
Finally, with all of this in mind, the number one barrier to entry is time. If you want to self-produce everything from the ground up, it's like combining at least two full time jobs into one, which just isn't feasible for working class folks, the poor, and even a ton of others
5) Burn out and mental health in tandem with ongoing events in the world that force people to drop this for higher priorities

We are in a post-vaccine era where things look drastically different already than it did with 2020, an admittedly surreal and absurd horror show
VTubing has been around with Kizuna Ai for a while. It wasn't until the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted everything in our lives and forced us to cope and drastically alter our lives.

I chose to write a LN, many took up VTubing which I too also took up last Fall
The Re-Open movement that plagues the world has succeeded in rushing us back to normalcy--an ongoing desire that most of the world desired to the point where tens of millions would prefer so many of us be sacrificed just so some folks can drink mimosas at brunch without masks
Many folks who entered the VTubing scene are college students. Many of them have returned back to attending classes in person and find their lives returning to normal despite normalcy being dead and completely different--an absurdity that we are pushing thru anyways
This absurdity is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful things that young people face in their lives as a whole. VTubing as a career or even as a hobby is not even at the forefront anymore.

It was, at best, a temporary escape to cope with extreme absurdity and surreality
These would be the current main reasons so many are dropping out. There are a handful of other reasons, but these are the top 5 and I'm going on for far too long about this.

I want to provide solutions in another thread since this one is so long as it is!
Thank y'all for reading!!

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I have some announcements to make tomorrow about me, my business, my VTubing, etc

Today has been life altering and the abusive situation at home with my father and I has taken a turn for the worse

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This is what my mental health day was in need of today and I feel ashamed that I needed to take a break and not help people I have business with.

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I’ve got unique thoughts on this🧵
From a professional standpoint as someone who manages, consults and cares deeply for VTubers, Cimrai just about covered a lot of what I could’ve and probably would’ve said myself

This professional perspective is missing with a lot of indie talent
I come from a similar background as a content creator doing this for 7 years, but also had my start in a similar aspect as clippers like @UsVtuber. My best friend @RinaHoshinari did too with his FB page geoing hella viral for posting a McD’s anime ad and getting it shared by McDs
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What I care about with whoever hops on today and crosses the picket line are intentions
#twitchblackout is a protest and boycott about Twitch's incompetence and negligence to marginalized creators who wish to escape from the world just like everyone else. However, as we know by now, we don't get that kind of luxury. Fandom and hobbies are a battleground

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The war? None other than the notorious "Culture War". Hate Raids are a continuation and an attempt to reignite this bullshit yet again.
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I ask that everyone take a breather and read what is being said. The main thing is an issue--an oversight I also apologize for.

BPD does not make someone a "bad person" or inherently abusive.

If you were involved or know of this case, please hear me out🧵
It was crucial to point out Seluna's SPECIFIC, UNTREATED SYMPTOMS that she KNEW about and CHOSE do to NOTHING about DESPITE having access and ample time and chances to work on it.

We are talking about a woman who WEAPONIZED her hospital stay. That's SPECIFIC to HER, not all BPD
The wording in the mental health section was advised and written by Bridgey. I oversaw it and edited it.

The current wording will not be changed to avoid suspicion of tampering the document.

This was an oversight. Both Bridgey and I take full responsibility for it and apologize
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If you’ve been hate raided, would you mind showing me in your Twitch Dashboard: “EXTERNAL SOURCES” under the stream summary of the stream you got raided in, if I can collect enough data, I might be able to uncover something with light investigation the source(s) of hate raids
Please like, retweet, and even tag or dm someone who has been hate raided. I would like to help in what ways I can
I wanna create a heatmap to determine the worst offenders of hate raids. If it’s not 4chan, then we deduce from there other likely sources like lolcow, Kiwi Farms, certain FB groups and discord servers that have this kind of reputation, and more. We need data
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