CW: abuse, domestic violence, trauma, transphobia

I have some announcements to make tomorrow about me, my business, my VTubing, etc

Today has been life altering and the abusive situation at home with my father and I has taken a turn for the worse

Today I was assaulted 🧵
This is what my mental health day was in need of today and I feel ashamed that I needed to take a break and not help people I have business with.

I feel ashamed of my body, my confidence for once in a decade has tanked, and I suffer from psychosis and other issues bc of abuse
A lot of issues that I have because of this abuse affects everything. It makes me work too much, it makes me have self defense mechanisms in inappropriate moments with people I love, and just so much more that ruins relationships.

I have been abused all of my life
I won't go too far into details. Trauma dumping is not what I want to discuss and it isn't necessary right now for y'all.

What I want to discuss is my situation and what is going to be happening now. Another thread will be made with mentioned announcements
In the event that Im doxxed or some monumental online event happens that affects my friendships and acquaintanceships, I want to preface right now saying that if you "grieve" for my past self being "dead" now, I forgive you.

It's transphobic, but I understand.
I came out to my parents about me being trans some time ago and they actively CHOSE to ignore my heartfelt plea to accept me and try to FORGET that I am trans. As much of a sweetheart and victim that my mother is, even she cannot accept who I am still, but can't ignore it anymore
Now that I am a full year into HRT and that everything about me physically has changed, everyone has to come to terms with what I am: a woman. That's all there is to it and yet, this grief of a dead son has isolated me from my family and now, with my father, resulted in violence
The language used around is distant, cold, yet reinforcing of this dead identity that not even I am familiar of anymore. They among other friends (even those that mean well) are speaking to a shadow--a facade rather than to me.

To those who speak to ME, thank you.
Despite deadnaming me, misgendering me, and purposefully digging into me, my father drilled into me that if I am to remain here at home, I am to pay rent, other bills and home renovation costs, and that I must adhere to a dress code. Yes, at 26, I am treated like this.
So much emphasis that I must "be a man" and "man up" while at the same time having a dress code even if feminine. This is a minor example of such contradictions that I live with and why I walk on eggshells with everything and everyone. I never know when I will be harmed
Quick tangent: don't ever belittle issues of gender. Gender norms are violent things and I am literally feeling the brunt of it right now. I am bruised and exhausted. This is a reality folks can deal with. Don't ever let anybody tell you that cishetnorms arent held up by violence
Despite all of this, I have contingencies. I have strategies, back up plans, and more that I've thought out all year preparing for things to get worse here at home for me. So please don't worry about me needing a place to go. I have places to go and I have plans.

I need help
A lot of plans that I had up until today were under the assumption that violence would not happen and that a complete and total impasse would occur. Today is such a day where I must begin to shift gears and accelerate plans.
I ask for patience while I adjust my priorities and schedule. My highest priority is, once again, moving out ASAP.

I will be asking a number of you for help in the coming weeks. I want to aim to have enough to move out and be comfortable somewhere else by the end of October
Thank y'all for sticking around with me and for being so patient with me. I know I can be ditzy, forgetful, that I can lose motivation and procrastinate, that I can melt into a puddle and need time.

I'm not the easiest to work with or be around. So thank you.

• • •

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I ask that everyone take a breather and read what is being said. The main thing is an issue--an oversight I also apologize for.

BPD does not make someone a "bad person" or inherently abusive.

If you were involved or know of this case, please hear me out🧵
It was crucial to point out Seluna's SPECIFIC, UNTREATED SYMPTOMS that she KNEW about and CHOSE do to NOTHING about DESPITE having access and ample time and chances to work on it.

We are talking about a woman who WEAPONIZED her hospital stay. That's SPECIFIC to HER, not all BPD
The wording in the mental health section was advised and written by Bridgey. I oversaw it and edited it.

The current wording will not be changed to avoid suspicion of tampering the document.

This was an oversight. Both Bridgey and I take full responsibility for it and apologize
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