I think this is literally the first time I've changed my avatar in 12 years on this site
I know a bunch of those who follow me are fellow IATSE members so really want to encourage all of you who are to vote YES on the strike authorization vote!
Unlike many causes I advocate for on here, securing a good union contract will directly give me more money so for once I feel strongly enough about this one to jump on board with the avatar campaign.
If it actually comes down to a strike, I'll do it

• • •

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21 Sep
5-over-1 discourse is very frustrating because they are both a badly-flawed housing typology that is also obviously better than every other housing typology that's legal to build under United States building and zoning codes.
So if you point out problems with them you end up validating some degrowther who thinks buildings that cast shadows are evil or self professed communist decrying the monotony of identical apartment blocks
But there really are problems with them! Or at least ways in which they are obviously suboptimal, mostly relating to compromises made to accommodate fireproofing or the parking deck.
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20 Sep
Something I'm more or less absolutely sure of is that when Dems decide to temporarily suspend the filibuster to pass the debt limit increase, they will extend it to like February of 2023, setting up this whole thing again but with a GOP Congress this time.
Why? I have no idea why, this is just how they treat the issue for some reason.
I don't know why we should expect otherwise but weirder things have happened
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20 Sep
I think it's like 80% chance the stupid bipartisan bill passes, 15% something resembling the $3.5T reconciliation bill passes too, 50% that a completely gutted reconciliation bill passes, 0% that the bipartisan bill fails and reconciliation passes.
People will say that Schumer and Pelosi got played, which I guess is fair in some sense, but the "moderates" hold all the cards because they are much happier with the shoot-the-hostage-and-pass-nothing scenario than the administration, the leadership or the progressives are
At the end of the day the donors that drive Sinema and Manchin's decision making process don't want the stuff that's in the reconciliation bill to become law and also want Dems to lose the midterms and I don't know how you get around that if Sinema/Manchin want to listen to them.
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20 Sep
Eric Adams is gonna be President in 2024 or 2028 because when he runs his opponents are gonna be trying to explain landlord tax deductions and Rodneyse Bichotte and it's all gonna seem incomprehensible to people while he's like "I used to actually be a cop you know"
Increasingly convinced that Adams will be President of the United States but can't figure out which party he runs for the nomination of. I'd say 3:1 Dem but who knows
NYC Mayor is a famously terminal office but I am now Adams-pilled and convinced that because he is so weird he breaks all previous rules about politics
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19 Sep
There is an extremely obvious solution available for this crisis if we want to think about it for even a few seconds.
I suppose it would be less obvious if the government did not already operate a vast network of establishments that will watch your 5 year old every weekday how we could possibly solve the "what to do with my 2 year old every weekday" but they do?
Big difference is that daycares should be smaller and more local than how we currently plan elementary schools but frankly elementary schools should be too
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19 Sep
Watched AFTER HOURS (1985) the other night for the first time and am choosing to believe this was an ahead-of-its-time allegory about the Soho rezoning plan
when you propose allowing new construction inside the boundaries of the historic district
If these two hate density so much they should just move to the midwest and get a big house in the suburbs damn
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