It also discusses a future "Genetic Aristocracy" which evolved out of the elite's ability to pay for gene editing & implantable silicon brain enhancement tech.

Pandemic➡️Gene Therapy Vaccines➡️Gene editing➡️Transhumanism

The WEF not only predicted a pandemic in this 2008 paper, but a "Genetic Aristocracy"

The prediction comes from the possibility that the elites will be able to access new technology like gene editing & implantable "silicon brain enhancement technology"

Is this our future?

I believe the end COVID goal of the ultra elite central planers is the rollout of 4th Industrial Revolution technology

As radical as 4IR tech is, the world needed a global problem to usher it in

The pandemic opened the door for the new mRNA biotech & eventually DNA tech👇

After mRNA and DNA vaccines are rolled out and accepted by mainstream society, Genomics/gene editing/CRISPR tech will take the stage.

Will this lead to designer beings?

Will women want to birth babies when growing them in a lab is an option?

Is this good or bad?

What's the end result of the 4th Industrial Revolution?

A technocratic transhumanist world order fully connected to a super-intelligent AI. The anti-god.

Don't believe me? Check out this thread 👇

check out the other predictions from this '08 paper as well. Seems the predictions are shaping up nicely...

• • •

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22 Sep

What if we could UNITE A LARGE MAJORITY of freedom loving people throughout this country and demand accountability from our gov't?


Do you agree or disagree??

Demand #1. #auditDC 👇


Demand #2. Audit the alphabet agencies! Yep, I said it (If I die, i didn't kill myself)

#3. Demand answers on Jeffrey Epstein and investigate anyone who had a close relationship with him.

#EpsteinAnswers 👇👇


Demand #4. Investigate Fauci and his funding of 'gain of function' research.

Answers to those 4 things will probably unlock answers to many other questions...

"As freedom loving populists, we demand answers of our gov't"

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21 Sep
WEST EXEC ADVISORS - Ever heard of them? Did you know there are 20+ connections between this firm and the Biden admin?


They are secretive about clients and have a direct connection to the WEF. Follow along...

According to the Intercept, Blinken advised and/or worked with over a dozen corporations during his time @WEAdvisors Blinken has also filled his staff with former West Exec employees.

But that's just the 1st part of the revolving door. There's more...

The 2nd part of the revolving door between West Exec Advisors and the Gov't 👉35/40 CURRENT West Exec Advisor employees previously worked in gov't.

Are these the middle men/women between the gov't and corporations? Why are they so secretive about who they are working with?

Read 7 tweets
14 Sep
"Will the future be human?" A video thread of Yuval Noah Harari @ the World Economic Forum meeting, 2018

We are living in the last generation of homo sapiens...

"We will learn to engineer bodies, brains, and minds. This will be the main products of the economy."

"those who control the data, control the future not just of humanity, but the future of life itself."

World Economic Forum Meeting 2018
SPEAKER: Yuval Noah Harari
If "the info-tech revolution merges with the bio-tech revolution what you get is the ability to hack human beings."

World Economic Forum Meeting 2018
SPEAKER: Yuval Noah Harari
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13 Sep

The 4IR will “usher in economic, social, & cultural changes of such phenomenal proportions that they are almost impossible to envisage” & “it will change actually us, our own identities”
How do you kickstart the 4th industrial revolution when the 🌎 is stuck in 3rd Industrial Revolution tech, systems, & thinking? One thing’s for sure, It would probably take a global event. PLUG👉Event 201, a Pandemic Scenario Fall 2019 👇
The Pandemic exercise sponsored by the WEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, & Johns Hopkins University is not necessarily something to be alarmed by. Even fauci warned of a surprise outbreak in 2017. They've been ready for a pandemic for a while.
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11 Sep
NIH (National Institute of Health) Director Collins
says, the moderna vaccine :

"started at the federal government in our own vaccine research center"

"We do have some particular stake in the intellectual property"

Joe Biden wants us to trust these people?

NIH (National Institute of Health) had a stake in the moderna vaccine (see 1st post). Director Collins says vaccine creators don't see this as a money maker 🤥

"I dont here any of them say this is a money maker"

"nobody sees this as a way to make billions of dollars"

NIH Director says Moderna didn't see this as a money maker? Are you sure? Or, are you just saying that because the NIH had a stake in it? (see first post)

🧵3/6 Image
Read 6 tweets
1 Sep
A THREAD on Klaus Schwab’s grim future for humanity. From his book “The 4th Industrial Revolution” published in, 2016.

Schwab promises the 4th Ind. Rev. will “usher in” mass changes to our current system.

The question is, what kind of changes are we looking at?

The 4th Industrial Revolution will fuse together “digital, physical, and biological technologies”. Klaus Schwab says these changes will “enhance human labour and cognition”

The ultra elite envision humans merging with technology...the next stage of human evolution...

Klaus Schwab envisions a transhuman future which will usher in “the ability to edit biology” and says it “can be applied to any cell type, enabling the creation of genetically modified plants or animals, as well as modifying the cells of adult organisms including humans”

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