Whoopsie 👀
TFW I can email Erik Prince’s mom.

#DDoSecrets just published the full directory of the #CNP 😍
This should be fun.
Holy shit. Corsi? You mean Mike Flynn employee Tracy Beanz’ partner in running “Q” in 2018? lmfao
Unsurprisingly, basically every person in here is doing very sketchy shit.

What is this? Turns out that not only do the dominionists think they are prophesized to occupy Jerusalem, they think they get Iran too.
This feller runs “Communio” which spies on congregations to “determine the relationship health of your members” to see who might be getting divorced so they can then do “outreach” and do “multi-channel campaigns” to prevent it.
There’s nothing surprising about two of the shittiest Members of Congress being here.

As a reminder Tom DeLay was House Majority Leader, convicted and sentenced for violating election laws through money laundering before it somehow got overturned through appeal.
ICYMI, this idiot @TomFitton who is unable to fit in his shirts and ratfucks people for a living is on the Executive Committee of the #CNP.
This asshole.
Frank Gaffney is one of the most despicable ratfuckers in American history. OG birther and one of the most virulent islamophobic propagandists on earth.

Currently does work for Newsmax, run by CNP member Chris Ruddy.
This lady is Secretary of the #CNP and also does a weekly column for the Moonies newspaper, The Washington Times.
Impressive power couple.
Managing director of bloodthirsty death merchants @NRA
Chief Political Correspondent for the Moonies
Looky here. It’s sitting Congressional Insurrectionist @JodyHice
There’s something different about these folks from the last 150 pictures I looked at. 🤔

President of the virulently racist Heritage Foundation. OK, wow.
I would like to be assured that Sherry’s role volunteering management of White House correspondence is over. 🤨

I’m sure Marc being in charge of the “Satellites and Intelligence Program” at Boeing is fine.
As I may have mentioned, dominionist theology is fundamentally antisemitic. They believe they are entitled by God to occupy Jerusalem, that Jesus will fly down to get them there and Jews will be “Left Behind.”

Here’s a dominionist selling foot massages in Jerusalem.
I have his cell phone number. What do I do?
What would Jesus do? 🤔
I have to give a shout out to the man who founded the #CNP and wrote a fuckton of violent sci-fi/fantasy books about the Rapture — dominionist Tim LaHaye.

His wife Bev is still alive and writes some sort of Christian anti-romance novels. 🤷‍♂️
Imagine being someone responsible for so much death. For a grift. How come he hasn’t gotten COVID yet?
This picture is so old I’m surprised it’s in color.

If you’re unfamiliar, Leonard Leo / @FedSoc is one of the most destructive forces in modern US history. This guy is both a Knight of Malta and Opus Dei and helped put six extremist Justices on SCOTUS.
This is the guy who brought Mike Flynn into America’s Future which is an old #CNP shop that suddenly had a lot of money when Flynn showed up. America’s Future gave CyberNinjas over $1M for AZ fraudits.
I fell asleep when I got to “M” 🤷‍♂️

It’s important to remember that the #CNP has been running anti-American dominionist psyops for decades.

Remember the Tea Party? That was the #CNP
This monster took over the @NRA from ancient traitor Ollie North.
Attorney General for Ronald Reagan, @FedSoc Board member, and one of the dirtiest ratfuckers in history, Ed Meese.
Speaking of the Federalist Society, here’s the current president. I know I’m only halfway through the alphabet but does anyone sense a pattern here? 😂
If anyone has ever watched this guy get platformed on @CNN and wondered what is wrong with him, now you know.
This muppet.
The Family Research Council supported the Ugandan government when they passed laws that punished homosexuality with death.
This guy took bribes with Jack Abramoff.
This guy was head of the OSS, started the CIA. Got fired by Carter for insubordination and went on a multi-decade mission to destroy democracy. He was deeply involved in Iran-Contra through the “World Anti-Communist League.”

Also partners with Mike Flynn in “America’s Future.”
Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Vice President (Pence.)
Did his strategy include avoiding getting hung at the Capitol? If so, good job. 👍🏼
If there is one person who represents the corruption of democracy it’s this despicable seditionist who’s married to Justice Clarence Thomas and pulls his strings.

Ginni Thomas has decades of ratfuckery but most recently helped plan and fund the insurrection.
This shitwit. Just look at what he calls pizza. It’s really all you need to know. 😕
Miss Wetherington lives by Mike Flynn in Florida and has been involved in numerous anti-vaxx psyops. I’m sure this is a coincidence. J/K.
A few member interests:
“Homosexual issues”
“Judeo-Christian Values”
“Radical Islam”
“Creationism/Intelligent Design”
Credit where it’s due. Brent Allpress published a redacted copy of the directory last year. He does excellent work.

Thanks Brent!

• • •

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24 Sep
I am sorry to say that another one of Mike Flynn’s cult rallies for old white people has begun. 😕

I checked in and found this constitutional scholar describing the violent insurrection on 1/6 as “When We The People question election integrity, we end up in jail.”
Seth Holehouse says literally everything in the world is fake.

There’s an old saying: if you’re at a poker table and can’t figure out who the mark is — it’s you.

Seth is a member of Falun Gong and works for Epoch Times which explains the empty look in his eyes. And the manbun.
Something’s off about this picture. 🤔 Image
Read 40 tweets
23 Sep
I needed this good news.
Extremely interesting selection here. 👀🇺🇸 Image
Bannon covers the Willard and co.
Meadows covers the White House.
Kash Patel covers the Pentagon.
Dan Scavino knows all about QAnon.

Solid start.
OK, look. The only way this works is if they make arrests when all of these people commit Contempt of Congress.

Bannon knows he’s caught. So does everyone else. He will do ANYTHING to stay out of prison. You must make arrests @January6thCmte. Image
Read 8 tweets
23 Sep
Yep. Guess who’s in the Federalist Society? The Director of the FBI. #FireWray
He here is right out there as a member of a theocratic operation to take over the Judiciary — which they have succeeded at, wildly.

Fuck this guy.
While we’re at it fuck this guy too.
What the fuck?
Read 6 tweets
23 Sep
Maltego as a disinfo weapon is a new one to me.

I took a video of a 500-page PDF of hundreds of either impossible to read or impossible to understand graphs generated from the OSINT tool Maltego.

The goal is to “map the Coronavirus Complex.” Pause the video to (try to) read.
Please gaze upon the first graph. It’s pure art.
There are a LOT of lines that is for damn sure.
There are also two arrows, with labels.

From this we are to surmise… what?
That YGL and the Gates Foundation are landing on an alien planet? Image
Apophenia: the tendency to perceive meaningful connections between unrelated things.
It has also been described as symptomatic of the beginning of schizophrenia.

Disinfo ops like this or “Q” purposefully induce it to make you vulnerable to indoctrination. Image
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22 Sep
Flynn says 1/6 was “a terrible disappointment” which is not a lie. He helped plan it for months and wanted it to succeed.

“We’re not at that juncture yet. Who knows down the road?” means “we’ll get ‘em next time.”
The people who attacked the Capitol called themselves “digital soldiers” which is a term invented and trademarked by Flynn in 2016.
Read 4 tweets
22 Sep
Mike Flynn is promoting what appears to be a cult family picnic this weekend near Sarasota where he lives. 🚨

It advertises “bounce houses” as part of the festivities.
What “activities?”
Ah, got it. It’s a rally for cult members with guns.
And bouncy houses.
Read 8 tweets

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