Seeing so many people graduate and drop VTubing at once is sad to see. Makes it seem like it's truly #vtubersareoverparty

However, I see the #VTuberUprising still. There're so many debuts happening daily, it makes the head spin!

Here's some professional tips to be a #Vtuber 🧵
Before I begin, please support me during my ongoing crisis by either purchasing a professional Marketing & Branding consultation that is 50% OFF at $37!!!

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If you haven't already read it, I analyzed and pointed out the reasons why so many VTubers are dropping out of the scene at the end of Summer 2021. Give it a read before reading ahead so that you can heed my warnings and learn from other's experiences 💜
1) Basics aside, I'll summarize a theme of my VTuber Guide that I wrote last year: reorient your perspective entirely.

You are not a "VTuber™", you are a person. You are not a "content creator™", you are a person with intuitive self-expression
You are not anime.
You are not a piece of ass to appease horny simps.
You are not Hololive.
You are not VShoujo.
You are not the person you idolize.

You don't HAVE to be a certain way to become popular and grow.

You don't HAVE to be "seiso™"

You only need to be yourself.
Let go of the expectations that you feel pressured by. They are phantasms that are more in your mind than they are reality.

You have a choice. Your individuality is beautiful. You are beautiful.

We all need work as people, as entertainers getting better at our craft
Reorient your perspective on VTubing to be less like other VTubers and to be the best that you can be.

Your audience is a reflection of yourself. Your community is a reflection of the time and effort you invest into nurturing and creating memories and experiences together
My professional motto as a VTuber manager and consultant is: "We are in the business of creating fandoms".

Yes. FandomS. Plural. There are enough people in the world for everyone to get what they need. What limits you is your own imagination and ability to do introspection
What makes a trend trendy is a shared happiness and yearning to share that experience with one another and try it for ourselves.

That's all there is to trends. If you are a trend chaser, you are the one participating rather than creating.

To be a trend setter is to be yourself
In 1992, Henry Jenkins produced invaluable sociological scholarship outlining Fandom as a concept.

Fan is short for “fanatic”, root word “fanaticus”, which essentially means to be a devotee (to a religious degree). Textual poachers, tv fans and participatory culture. Henry j
Jenkins points out that we, as fans in fandom, are not passively consuming media. We are always active participants whether we like it or not. We are “poachers” in the sense that we consume media and actively create our own unique experiences and meaning to that media
This, of course, is in the context of hobbyists who discuss among one another and share interpretations via self expression such as role play, fan fiction, and just so much more that most of us have grown up with.

You know who you are, weebs and gamers.
That being said, these dynamics are present, but are transformed to become objects of trade—to purchase art, model rigging, our time and services as entertainers and support roles and structures (groups, agencies, communities, etc).

We replicate a financial incentive together
With this transformation, we tend to put the cart before the horse and get lost in how others make money rather than focusing within ourselves and how we can better engage in self-expression and participate in the ART of VTubing rather than see it as a mere career path
This influence has its obvious source: corporations. To corporatize is to standardize and to wipe out competition for profit. In the process of standardizing a craft as young as VTubing, the VTuber Agency represses self-expression to mass produce talent—a tragedy for Art.
In a scene as young as VTubing, we may live in a Capitalist system, but that doesn’t mean we need to all act like corporations to have fun. To try to act like Hololive, for example, is abandoning your own talent—no two ways about it. What makes you unique is undermined.
In short, simply let go.

Let go of what you THINK is the path to success and let go of WANTING success and growth.

The moment you do this, the moment you discover yourself and improve on the quality of your art, this is the moment that success will find you.
2) Performance & Spectacle

The “current meta” for VTubing is, without a doubt, anime-dominated (more specifically Kawaiisa). This remains true so long as you stay within the confides of this “bubble”.

The art of entertainment is that it both transcends and utilizes us as well
You are as good as you can put on a show for yourself, in other words.

We are in the business of fandom, but we are also in the business of Show Business.

Understand this and look into case studies of success in Show Business and experiment, but have fun with others
No matter how much we try to predict things thru data, we will all be at the cutting and bleeding edge of the performances we give and ever so slightly try it differently, better even.
Spectacle is an important concept moving forward even for the biggest indies who aren’t growing as quick as they want or are stagnating.

We desire to appear as our idealized selves. In Show Business, we fake it until we make it with this in mind

If you can take advantage of this phenomenon or subvert it, then you will stand out naturally and quickly. Success should come easy to you if you are able to understand these kinds of concepts, learn how to utilize characteristics like charm, the “it” and “wow” factors, etc
2A) “It” Factor

The “it” factor is another way of saying: charm + charisma + desirability + understanding + genuine interest in other people by actively listening and learning others = magnetic aura
I should also quickly mention that you don’t need to be well read to have these kinds of things or find success. Most successful people have no idea who Guy Debord or Henry Jenkins are. What they know is an intuitive understanding of people, how to adapt, and how to have fun
2B) “Wow” Factor

The “Wow” factor is awe. It’s jaw-dropping. It can move one to tears. It can be as significant in a less intense mood as move one to share you around via word of mouth.

It is a quality that is, put simply, awesomeness itself.
When was the last time you were moved to tears? When was the last time you were so inspired by something or someone that you looked inward and reoriented your life to discovering that feeling once again? When was the last time you were speechless as a reaction to someone?
My tip for discovering YOUR “Wow” factor is to stop chasing that feeling to experience the SAME awesomeness you had experienced before. Realize that was a unique moment for you and you alone. Look back and sit in simple appreciation that it had happened and seek new experiences.
I will also reiterate that you need to also not emulate your idols to the point where your individuality is gone. It is tacky and lackluster like poorly fried chicken that’s too soggy from grease and ugly with poor breading.

Grow as a person. Love yourself and others will too
2C) Performance

Like I said, we are in the business of both show business and creating fandoms.

What creates a spectacular, awe-striking performance is to understand that the world is absurd and to dare to express yourself to your heart’s content…
Note: spectacular

To be spectacular is to be Spectacle. If a hater calls you an “attention whore” or some bullshit, your response should always be to make a show out of it. Become bigger than life, yet remain humble and grounded.

Be flexible like water
Note that how you put on a show need not always be direct or crude. Your next performance can very well be a “fuck you” response rather than screenshotting on Twitter and being heavy handed.

Play to your audiences and your own strengths as well as your enemy’s weaknesses
3) Work with others and learn/remember who lifts you up.

This is simple, yet daunting. To be apart of a community is to share experiences and to have fun with people similar to you. As you grow, don’t forget the folks who got you where you’re at. You also should befriend OGs.
Utilizing and rolling with the punches of Parasocial Relationships is the name of the game. It comes with the territory of this art and occupation. We are accessible like public toilets where people can feel like they can regain some semblance of control in their lives.
Like a public toilet, people can fling shit on the wall and make whomever enters in next miserable. The ability to exert power is exhilarating and addicting. The ability to regain control is ethereal and addicting. No matter how much it’s cleaned, it will dirty once again
This is a fundamental absurdity we have to deal with in Fandom. We are all poachers. We are all miserable wretches undergoing our own battles and colliding with one another. We are all grappling with contradictions.

The answer is to embrace absurdity.
Mindfulness is good for personal growth. Mindlessness is good for dealing with others and the world around us.

Turn off your brain and take that leap of faith to get started. Turn the brain back on after you start and finish the marathon that is content creation
It is this journey that Friedrich Nietzsche calls “Will to Power”. Abandoning the expectations around you, starting anew, seeing life as it is rather than what you and others want it to be, seeing one another as we are is fulfilling
It is thru this journey in a long, cold, dark tunnel in which we find a light among many paths out of this abyss within ourselves and with one another when we all take this transformation out of surreality, with absurdity, with our beautiful selves.

This is the New Vtuber Meta

• • •

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Yes, a battleground.

The war? None other than the notorious "Culture War". Hate Raids are a continuation and an attempt to reignite this bullshit yet again.
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