It’s happened

Michelle took new adhd meds and a sleeping tablet. She needed to sleep, adhd meds can keep her awake so she did a sleeping pill to counteract that and now she is quite, quite high by mistake

Here is a thread of weird things due to accidental/ legal drug abuse.
DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF. I got here by mistake. Don’t mess with drugs from your doc to get high with. That’s bad. What I did? Accident.

Got it? Good. Let’s get straaaNGE
The reason Batman don’t use his billions to save Gotham is because he is GC and doesn’t believe that should Gotham self identify as a safe nice to live place.

Down with gatekeepers. Even the bat.
Watched scrubs earlier.

They cut a scene on Disney + where Elliot Reid shows her breasts to a teenage boy at his request because he is dying.

Thought this was strange to I realised that Elliot Reed commuted sexual misconduct on a teenager.

The 00’s were weird as hell
Typing is getting harder. Expect more mistakes.

So I’ve been very sick. Maybe now I’m medicated I can go into that a bit.
I lost hope in people. I gathered amazing people to Plot a thing. Something big, something our community could see. It didn’t work. People got into difficult conversations and one of the main ones wanted to include the LGB alliance
My heart broke.I spent a week trying to break through, to stop this from happening, I got drunk with the person to turn it around. In the end I gave a ten minute speech outlining why this would be a disaster

Did take. Left then. I would rather kill a project than do LGBA helping
Broke my heart. Looking into the abyss of trans discourse. Scared people, Angry people, coming to me to tell me horrors. The things people have told me about their lives have stayed with me.
And then there are those who died. I tend to find (not through asking, people tell me) later that the death was a suicide

I’d more often than not find out that they either listened to the Pod or followed us. Complicated response from that but they stayed with me too.
I saw how things were going, hearing all this suffering and my project plan to help has fallen a part.

And then so did I
My depression was like milk chocolate. I was chest deep and had to Wade in thick mind chocolate to do things.

It was a failure.
I lost trust in cis people as a whole for few reasons.

Wasn’t fair in them seeing as it was mostly cis people who overturned Bell/Mrs A v Tavistick
Been playing metal gear solid lately.

There ya a character who is infected by the arm of his old boss. He screams a lot. Also there is a lot more bird poop than I thought there would be in a video game
Why can’t they build into maxi skirts some shorts to avoid chub rub?

Maxis are the most comfortable clothes I’ve ever worn. Exactly for the thighs at the end if the day.

Ladies, you know.
Been looking to date people. I’m straight, trans and have no idea for to do any of that. I read a book on it and it said I should bow my head, make myself smaller and barely talk

I threw that book into the sun. I will be big and I will really and the men won’t be able to resist
Living in a Wes Anderson movie looks fun got a day but sometimes you have to be in places with less auteur aesthetic dimensions.

Can’t be good for us the amount Wes flattens us so we can appear waifs
Why aren’t train tickets the same as buying anything else.

One constant price before you buy.

Just give me a ticket that was the same price LAST WEEK
The sopranos is a bad show. If I wanted to see a bunch of narcissistic, amoral nightmares I’d go see my parents. At least they werent over written
I’m done. Thanks for reading the thoughts of a brain that shouldn’t have shared them
Not done.

I interviewed Miranda yardley years ago for a long defunct podcast and it was awful.

She is without a doubt the most boring person I’ve ever met.
She made a big deal about how transphobic abuse is just homophobia. I thought it was nonsense and was vindicated when two guys outside the pub called ya tr**ies

Miranda is a dense person who thinks she’s a genius. That’s the truth
Why do non binary people always have the best bags? Cool backpacks, Awesome messenger bags, just, all so cool.

Non binary people are who should look to if you want to find a special bag
Vimto is delicious and underrated in the squash war
If you made it this far, well done. Here you can ask any questions you like and I’ll answer.

They will be bad answers.

More random crap

I still think about when I saw end game on opening night where cap is facing off against the thanks horde and the portals arrive. I cry with joy half the time when everyone shows up.

Being basic is just the fucking best. We get to enjoy things unironically
All tv shows made before 2015 need to come with a notice that half the content will feel awkward now after me too, blm and all that.

JD asking Turk in scrubs if he can use the N word is now a totally different scene now compared to when it first came out as a result.
Climate change is scary.

But not nearly as scary as this gif

• • •

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23 Sep
Some thoughts on where we are and where the U.K. community may be going.

A thread on why the trans community is in a similar position as LGB people were in 1987.

Cn: Transphobia (obvs)
In 1987 the U.K. was having a media lead moment about gay people. HIV was killing many, but the media made a stink about a book featuring gay parents being in schools.

75% of the U.K. population believed being gay was mostly or always wrong (social attitudes survey 87)
Powerful people in the media and in politics demanded something to be done to ‘protect’ young people from becoming gay and therefore contracting HIV. Section 28 was the answer, a law that banned ‘promoting’ homosexuality in schools, libraries etc
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21 Sep
We’re watching the U.K’s party leaders decide if transphobia is bad or respectable

So far, those who think transphobia is ok

@UKLabour (Duffield stuff) @Conservatives (everything except Crispin Glover and Caroline Nokes) @TheGreenParty (transphobe in leadership race)

Party leadership who believe transphobia is bad

@theSNP and @LibDems

There will be exceptions in the party, but as leadership goes, most parties are now at least both siding this and therefore saying transphobia is just as valid as trans people

Compared to 2015 when I started out, all party leadership were broadly on side. In 2016 all supported GRA reform (which the tories wanted to do then..,I know right?)

5 years of shitty press radicalising hundreds/thousand has resulted in a massive step back

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20 Sep
LGBT groups tied to political parties will always choose party first.

This is why the LGBT Conservatives said nothing about Kemi Badenoch and why LGBT Labour went full Duffield.

This is why I (Michelle) have huge issues with party loyalty trumping principles.

Political party activists are there for the party.

A political party's ideas can change drastically depending on who are in leadership positions. Just look at David Cameron's Conservatives (gay marriage!) to Boris Johnson's Conservatives (...fuck LGBT people)
A person who is party first can so easily find themselves pushing for policy that is terrible.

I am of the belief that, in these times, trans people have to be trans first because if you are party first then you will be supporting transphobia.
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19 Sep
This is a thread about why the Sunday Times report about Rosie Duffield is probably bollocks and the result of weaselly words

CN: All of the above and transphobia, references to non-binary people being blasted by Duffield and get the idea.

The Sunday Times has a report about Rosie Duffield

Headline & subheading: "Speaker’s anger as extremists terrorise Labour MP Rosie Duffield

"Threats after feminist branded ‘transphobic’"

What kind of threats? Death threats? Violence?

Let's take a look at the article. THREAD
Opening paragraph...we learn from this that she has received "online threats"

So we know how she got them. Not clear yet on what kind of threats. If they were death threats or threats of violence...wouldn't they be in the headline? Maybe not. Let's keep going. "The Speaker of the House of Commons has made an unprec
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18 Sep
Trans folks: "We want to get from -5 to 0"

Transphobes: "How dare you ask for 5. You can't take that 5 away from us"

Trans folks: "How are we taking anything from you?"

Transphobes: "Because the idea of you being at 0 personally offends us"

The media: "Trans people steal 5"
Trans folks: "But we didn't even get the 5..."

Transphobes: "But you being at 0 in itself is offensive to us. Therefore you are taking 5 from us"

Trans folks: "That makes no goddam sense"

The media: "Trans folks respond with online abuse to different opinions"

Trans folks:
The media: "Trans people have 8, we should remove 8 and bring them to 0 like everone else."

Trans folks: "No we fucking don't. Still at -5"

Government: "We will work to strike a balance"

Trans folks: "Are you going to take away 8? We only have -5!"

*No response for 7 months*
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18 Sep
Hadley Freeman promoted the idea that trans people shouldn't be allowed to access public spaces that human beings need to participate in society

She's now quit columns, bemoaning how some take opinions they disagree with as a sign that the person with them is a bad person (1/5)
Earlier this year she put out a column specifically about how she has lost friends because she is anti-trans and how this isn't right because people should be able to disagree and still be friends.

(2/5) Byline from the Guardian article with a picture of her next
How disconnected from reality do you have to be to think that holding the opinion that a minority is less deserving of accessing public spaces because they are that minority...isn't going to make a some people think "this is a bad person"?

Especially a trans person!

Read 5 tweets

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