The audit would have been, but for the seditioneweaseling, entirely laughable. It is still mostly laughable.

That is worth remembering today, when they bring out their crowd of unserious hacks and crackpots - a list that includes the "I invented email" frootloop.
It is also worth remembering that their methodology, practices, and techniques were so awful that their results cannot be taken seriously.

"In other words," he added, knowing the plea to be futile, "let's not make 'it turned out Biden won with even more votes' a talking point."
For clarity, yes, the quote in the prior tweet comes from my inner monologue.

Seriously, the real number is about 8,675,309 times more likely to be the one @maricopacounty originally counted than anything CyberNitwits came up with.
For the rest, I suppose we'll have to wait to see the comedy show later in the day.

• • •

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24 Sep
Good afternoon, all -

Mike Lindell and his pillow company are continuing to litigate the Dominion lawsuit in approximately the manner one might expect from a group of creative buffoons who are engaged in an effort to invent new ways of irritating a federal judge.
Their latest innovation, which is radiating big "the appeal was accepted" energy, is styled as a "Defendant Michael J Lindell's Notice in Lieu of Filing Answer."

I'm not an expert on federal civil procedure, but I'm not positive that's a thing.…
By the way, I just went and checked. Today is their deadline for filing an answer. So this - whatever the hell this cockamamie thing is purporting to be and I'm still not totally clear on what that is - is apparently being filed instead of their answer.
Read 11 tweets
23 Sep
This filing will probably be the topic of tonight's Litigation Disaster Tourism Hour on Twitch. (Yes, I'm leaning into @AkivaMCohen's term, and branding at least one stream a week accordingly.)

It's a remarkable filing in many ways, not least because it's possibly case-killing.
Or at least case-killing as to Trump's involvement.

There are nominally other plaintiffs, but the manner in which these cases have been litigated often makes that very easy to forget.

(Yes, there are potential ethical issues there.)
The plaintiffs argue that Trump's account was a government account, and therefore the forum selection clause in the terms of service cannot apply. It is possible that this argument might have some merit.

But did those lawyers remember the rest of their CASE?
Read 8 tweets
22 Sep
Good evening, everyone -

Donald Campbell has filed his objections to the fee requests in King v. Whitmer. On the whole, the filing looks to be pursuing a reasonable and careful strategy.…
I'm not going through the filing in extensive detail tonight, but I'll hit the high points.

First - and wisely - they're not objecting to the State's exceptionally reasonable (and low) fee demand.
Second, I think they are correct on this point. I don't think they can recover fees on appeal from the trial court under any of the court's sanctioning powers.
Read 10 tweets
21 Sep
Good evening, everyone -

New O'Rourke v Dominion filing.That's the Colorado case where sanctions were awarded against the plaintiffs' lawyers. The same lawyers who, it should be added, wanted "nominal damages" of $1,000 per voter nationwide.

The new filing is...special.
When I say "special," I mean really special. Second Amended Vacation Notice special. "Why do you have socks on your ears and clownshoes on your hands" special.
It's a short, two-page motion asking the trial court to delete some things from the docket.

You see, they somehow managed to accidentally file their entire opening brief, the entire record on appeal, and a motion to extend time because the filings were late in the wrong court. ImageImage
Read 6 tweets
8 Sep
Book I'm reading for my thesis right now argues that the major legal tension between fanfic authors and the authors of the source material involves the economic and moral rights of the source authors on the one hand, and free expression on the other.

Not sure how much I agree.
I think that's mostly true, if perhaps a bit simplistic. But I don't know how much the economic rights play in from the perspective of the source authors.

When I've heard source authors discuss their views on fanfic, moral rights almost always seem to come first.
The concern often seems to be that the source authors aren't comfortable with other people making their characters do things they don't approve of. Economic concerns seem to lag far behind. Can't remember hearing too many authors discuss them very much.
Read 6 tweets
2 Sep
I'm a little left of Marc (although centrist especially on jurisprudence and institutions) so I hit that point a year or two ago.

You recover some. But there's no doubt that there are now five SCOTUS justices whose commitment to the rule of law is entirely situation-dependent.
The extent to which all of this is foundationally shaking - at least for competent lawyers who think issues through - is hard to explain.

But very real.
It's one thing to have a jurisprudence that is more open to intervention and interpretation.

It's another to have a jurisprudence that no longer bothers to explain its reasoning, and which is quite inconsistent from case to case.
Read 4 tweets

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