Alright Folks, that thread was a little long and I've had many questions.. First let me explain "Accountability".. I'm sure many of you have gone to Church and experienced what it's like to get Baptized.. The Pastor makes a visit with whomever is to be Baptized ...cont
And explains the importance of being ready for the event.. Any misconceived notions that you'll be saved are quickly put to rest once you are aware of the implications.. You see, like religion, which is manmade and should not be paid any attention to, ..cont
The Universe is conscious and fully aware of your presence.. From birth you are monitored on your progress.. As you go thru childhood and eventually reach adulthood, there are many mistakes made.. Depending on how good your parents are...cont
These mistakes can very from real small to real horrible.. OK, it's acknowledged that you didn't know better and Karma turns a blind eye, cautiously watching your next moves.. Now that you've learned your lessons (respectfully) if you repeat the same mistakes,...cont
Karma reacts instantly, and YOU pay the price.. That price depending on the severity of the repeated mistake.. This goes for everything happening in your life.. From the thoughts you produce each minute, to the physical actions you perform.. Nothing is missed.. cont
If you dive down the Rabbit Hole, beware that doing so will educate you of the reality of a lot of things you were taught differently about.. This is where your Belief System comes into play.. Sure, you've all gone thru it.. The parents insisting you go to church..cont
With the indoctrination you receive during grade school, and the forced attendance at a church every Sunday, you develop a belief System to include Religion and how you believe society is put together.. Big Bad Bummer.. WHY?? ..cont
First of all, what you were taught in school is 40 percent manufactured, 30 percent exaggerated and 30 percent pure Bullsh#!.. Now what are you going to do?? What are you going to rely on for your decision making process ?? The only thing you can do is...cont
Throw everything in the trash can that you think you know, and start over from scratch.. It's the only way.. If you hang on to any part of your belief system due to how much you love Jesus, you will be restricting your ability to comprehend new information...cont
Let me tell you, I was raised in a Protestant family.. Forced to attend every Sunday at church.. I would sneak outside and do whatever until it was over.. I always wondered about that, but, after 25-30 years of research about religion, I figured it out...cont
I won't go into the details, just to say I learned how corrupt and deceitful religion actually is.. The most important lesson I learned was NEVER to develop a Belief system.. EVER!!.. Its the main tool used to control you... I know, I know, you love Jesus and he loves you..cont
Like I said, I won't get into discussing Religion, it's too controversial with too many variables.. What I will say however, "You Need To Reconsider Your Beliefs".. Now, considering the fact that "Anything is Probable", that statement should get you excited....cont
Whatever is happening in your perceived interpretation of reality, can be consciously changed by you.. HOW?? Learn how to become Totally Self Aware".. That's the first step.. While practicing that exercise, learn how to reprogram your subconscious.. cont
Your subconscious has the perfect blueprint of a healthy productive life for you. But because you were given the gift of freewill, your subconscious does whatever you want.. Whatever you think or speak is manifested into reality.. The perfect Blueprint is swept aside..cont
So, being that you control your subconscious, consciously or not, it's important that your subconscious receives the right instructions.. While you lay in bed, getting ready for sleep, talk to it.. Tell it exactly what you want.. From health to wealth, all of it...cont
If you perform this exercise religiously every night, you'll be surprised at what transpires.. If your wanting something ridiculous, don't be disappointed, but it ain't happenin.. You need to stay within your means...

• • •

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