The only time a post of mine has been actually removed from 8Chan's /qresearch/ board was when I asked "Are we being treated as Directive 51?"

A thread:
On September 23rd, 2021, Fauci states: "we could also avoid a dark, bad winter if we get people vaccinated to a very high degree"…
On November 9th, 2020: Biden states "We're still facing a very dark winter."…
What is a Dark Winter and why are two media-shielded officials of authority using this phrase?

Is it because it's a reference to Operation Dark Winter?…
Dark Winter is a system-wide simulation of a bioweapon attack on America. Image
And here we are, with all of our domestic intelligence agencies still disagreeing about the origins of COVID while China's media lapdogs provide them with endless narrative protection. Image
Riots in 2020 are never associated with COVID as they are simply categorized as political in nature. Meanwhile, Australia has a fully Chinese-backed boot to their collective throat.

The media's traditional tactic of humiliating people into compliance isn't working. Image
This simulation had already concluded that inept government management, when paired with mandatory vaccination of military personnel, would reduce US strategic flexibility abroad.

Many soldiers are refusing the vaxx and are being forced out.

But this was known in advance. Image
Weaponized immigrants at the Texan border are being setup for race-bait narratives by collaborator journalists in the hopes to spark federal overreach into federalizing National Guard.

Don't let your empathic friends treat media narratives as surrogate children. Red pill them. ImageImage
Skeptical/unvaccinated nurses unable to get jobs helped the shortage, but that is blamed on "the unvaccinated selfishly using ICUs" instead.

The collaborator media is faithfully playing out everything Operation Dark Winter has already discovered. Image
Nicki Minaj's cousin's vaxxballs, growing afrocentric vaccine hesitancy, and government officials wanting to blow dart the blacks will offer government a chance to demonstrate goodwill by solving all "fairness and equity" issues regarding vaccinations. Image
Florida and Texas are now widely seen as de facto "quarantine zones" in the official narrative.

The shutdown of the economy in response to lockdowns exacerbated all of the weaknesses in the global supply chains.

This leads us back to my "Are we being treated as Directive 51?" Image
Let's explore a Tom Clancy (a very successful predictive programmer via storyteller) property called "The Division"

Here is the "DARK WINTER" trailer revealed at E3 in 2013, showing the linkages between supply chain failures and epidemics:

In The Division, you play as an activated member of a continuity of governance effort called Directive 51.

Think of it as a Hail Mary that activates those who could be conditioned by predictive programming, then provides direction, training, and support for the activated.
It doesn't just activate civilians.

It also activated military as well.

For the most part, neither know they have been trained for activation.

It's like pick-up groups in MMORPGs or Call of Duty, but for continuity of governance.
It's spontaneous organization.

Those have been obsessively pushing the "vaccinated are on the right side of history" narrative supremacy are the same people who have been going to war against spontaneous organization for a long time.…
There are additional factions helping suppress spontaneous organization.…

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