Today, the @ElectoralCommUK registered Britain First as a political party

#BritainFirst is a far-right, fascist political organisation formed in 2011 by former members of the BNP. The BNP was created from the NF

If it can be shown to insight racial hatred, could it be barred?
In 2015, Bannon told #CambridgeAnalytica’s @chrisinsilico to build a psychological warfare tool to hollow out democracy & rive open divisions in societies

It worked

The far-right are not only on our streets & TLs but increasingly pulling strings of power
In 2017, Bannon asked #Farage to be part of a "convening authority" to "knit together a populist nationalist movement around the world"

He mentions Modi, Orban, Sisi, Duterte

We can add Trump, @BorisJohnson & @jairbolsonaro to that list, & several others
Far-right nationalists are now trans-nationalists, connected globally & fuelled by huge sums of dark money, advanced tech & a network of ideologues (Bannon, Mercer & Thiel etc)

They may stay in the shadows but their vision is increasingly mainstreamed.
According in fascism experts like @TimothyDSnyder, politicians around the world are reviving century-old fascist tactics

They use populist rhetoric to stir-up divisions & harness the power of tech, big data & social media to achieve their nefarious goals.
“Democracy, which depends on shared truths, is in retreat, & autocracy, which depends on shared lies, is on the march” @SachaBaronCohen

The Age of Reason is under assault, but the people in the shadows embrace science & technology

It’s their route to untrammelled wealth & power
Our society is based on science & technology, but few people understand anything about science & technology

According to Carl Sagan, this is a “combustible mixture that will one day blow up in our faces”

I hope I’m wrong, but I fear that day has come

#PalantirPlan summarised👇
“It’s one thing to know that Peter Thiel espouses far-right views, it’s another to see how he directly enables them to run free.” @mehdirhasan on Facebook/Trump scandal

Palantir rptdly taught #CambridgeAnalytica who were funded by Mercer & run by Bannon.
“And so by malice, stealth & brutishness a pattern is set

Less & less transparency

Less & less scrutiny

Less & less accountability

Until they are entirely unleashed to bundle aside the truth and speak only their truths”

Last week, Anna talked to me about life under fascism👇
“Open confession of dictatorship is far less dangerous than sham democracy. One can defend oneself against the former; the latter is like a creeper attached to the body of a drowning man.” WILHELM REICH

The 1933 Reichstag fire shows how quickly fascism can hijack a modern nation

• • •

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28 Sep
“In the mid-1960s, I was a young NHS houseman in London specializing in obstetrics. One day I was called to A&E / ER to see a young woman who was bleeding...”

@Newsweek piece by retired doctor on how things were when abortion was illegal in the UK.
#AbortionBan #Texas #SanMarino Image
On Sunday, #SanMarino joined 50+ countries that have improved access to abortion in the past 25 years

It was decriminalised in South Korea (2021), Argentina (2020), Ireland (2019)

But other places - e.g. #Poland & #Texas - are swimming against the tide.
Women & girls pay a high price for restrictions on abortion. They pay with their health, their well-being & even with their lives

Last January, abortion in #Poland - already only available to women in extreme circumstances - was further restricted.
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26 Sep
1/. Polls have just closed in San Marino where people have been voting in a referendum on decriminalising abortion

#SanMarion along with Malta, Andorra & the Vatican, it is one of the last places in Europe where a total ban on abortion is still in force.…
2/. #BREAKING: Residents in #SanMarino - a majority Catholic state surrounded by Italy - have voted overwhelmingly to legalize abortion, overturning a 150-year-old law that had criminalized it

This good news comes two days before int’l #safeabortionday.…
3/. #SanMarino joins more than 50 countries that have improved access to abortion in the past 25 years

It was decriminalised in South Korea (2021), Argentina (2020), Ireland (2019)

But other places - such as Poland & Texas - are swimming against the tide
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22 Sep
1/. A Dutch judge has just thrown intn'l human rights law & Art.1 of the constitution out the window by ruling that police can target people based on “skin colour & race”

The Marchaussee, one the Dutch police forces, can continue to use "ethnic profiling"…
2/. The ruling by a court in The Hague came at the end of a case brought by @amnestynl & a coalition of NGOs against the use of ethnicity in stop & searches by Dutch border police: a clear violation of the prohibition against discrimination

...Or so they & their lawyers thought
3/. Ethnic profiling & other forms of discriminatory policing are common across Europe

This year, a coalition of NGOs including @amnestyfrance @hrw & @OpenSociety launched a first class action demanding that authorities in #France stop #Controlesaufacies
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20 Sep
"#Aghanistan’s fall into the hands of the Taliban"

Briefing by @amnesty @fidh_en, & @omctorg documents the human rights crackdown since the #Taliban's seizure of power giving the lie to their claims that the rights of Afghans would be respected

Contact ImageImage
“We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off, Iran” GenerWesley Clark)

Military action against #Afghanistan was a stepping stone ahead of the illegal invasion of Iraq!
A climate of fear now exists in #Afghanistan

The threat faced by human rights defenders is very real

Their offices & homes have been raided

They & their colleagues have been beaten & tortured by the Taliban

@amnesty's new report paints a dark picture.…
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14 Sep
In June, a man had his hand blown off when French police fired explosive grenades to disperse a rave

Today, as @amnestyfrance publish a report on illegal force & impunity, Macron will announce a plan for more police accountability.…
"As the clouds of tear gas lift, a clearer picture has emerged which shows police used excessive force against largely peaceful protesters, journalists & even children."

2018: @amnesty on excessive use of force by police at #GiletsJaunes protests. #France
#Macron’s announcement that he plans to set up an independent body to investigate complaints against the police is something @amnesty have long been calling for

But amid the rest of his announcements at
#BeauvauDeLaSecurite, it feels like window dressing
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14 Sep
1/. “Today’s hearing didn’t focus at all about the allegations against #PrinceAndrew

His lawyer - a man who defended Armie Hammer & several high profile #MeToo defendants - argued Andrew hadn’t been served with the papers...despite evidence that he had.
2/. “He’s clearly just making Virginia’s lawyers jump through every possible hoop."

In a sign that his delaying tactics are not likely to work, the judge told #PrinceAndrew’s lawyer: “I think we’re making this a lot more complicated than it really is”.
3/. The reason that #PrinceAndrew is so keen to avoid addressing the substance of the allegations becomes apparent when looking at the summons

It’s full of detail, including travel logs & facts like #JeffreyEpstein having 12 different contact numbers for Andrew. (via @WakeHill)
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